Last Updated:      April 24, 2021

Length:                Boston Harborwalk; 47 miles (when completed)

                              Reserved Channel Walkway; 1 mile                           

                              Bunker Hill Monument Loop; 1.2 miles                           

Difficulty:            Easy. Flat, paved trail.


Take exit 15 off of I-93 to Columbia Rd and head east to Columbus Circle. Head north on Day Blvd to reach the Fort Independence parking lot. Head south on Morrissey Blvd to reach the Dorchester Shore Reservation parking lot which is located on your right just past the entrance for JFK/UMass.

Boston's Harborwalk is an inviting public walkway along the waterfront, with parks, public art, seating areas, cafes, exhibit areas, interpretive signage, water transportation facilities, and a wide range of other amenities. When completed, the Harborwalk will stretch some 47 linear miles along wharves, piers, bridges, beaches and shoreline from Mystic River in Charlestown to the Neponset River in Dorchester, as well as, the East Boston shoreline. I describe the Harborwalk starting from the Dorchester Shore Reservation and heading north to Boston and include descriptions of the Dorchester-South Boston-Fort Point Channel-Downtown/North End & Charlestown sections. A short section currently has been completed in East Boston. There are several connections to other bike paths along the Harborwalk which I provide links to. For more information visit; BOSTON HARBORWALK .

Harborwalk; Dorchester-South Boston:

Starting from the Dorchester Shore Reservation parking lot [Dorchester]; Restrooms and picnic tables are located here.

Note; There is a separate ˝ mile paved path here, which follows crescent-shaped Malibu Beach around a small saltwater bay.

Turn left out of the entrance, following alongside Morrissey Blvd and cross over the Blvd at the cross-light. This brings you to the Harborwalk; Dorchester section.

Note; Right takes you South, where you can hook up with the Neponset River Greenway which also utilizes sections of the Harborwalk. The section between the UMass Boston/JFK Library and Tenean Beach is partly on-road or along narrow paved trail. It is currently under study in 2021.

Heading North (left) along the narrow paved trail, you'll come to a path on your right leading to the Dorchester Vietnam Veterans Memorial. A must visit, as a path from the memorial leads you up to a bench area overlooking the bay. You come to the UMass Boston/JFK Library entrance after 0.4 miles. Here a wide paved trail takes you alongside the bay past UMass. You pass a large picnic pavilion and many fisherman as you round the point and eventually come to the backside of the JFK LIBRARY at 1 ˝ miles. JFK's sailboat is here, next to a large flight of steps leading up to the front entrance. Great views of Boston's skyline. This is also under the flight path to Boston's Logan Airport, so there are a lot of planes flying low overhead. The paved trail ends here and continues as a stone-dust trail. Continue along the stone dust trail until you hit the paved trail at 1.8 miles. Turn right onto the trail and head back along the bay. Here along Harbor Point is a gazebo and views of the JFK Library to your right and Fort Independence across the bay to your left. Next, you come to a large granite map of Boston Harbor surrounded by benches. Old Harbor Park is part of the Harbor Point housing development, and is a welcoming, beautifully maintained portion of Harborwalk. Its many amenities -- benches, shelters, and lighting -- make this portion of Harborwalk one of  Dorchester 's finest. Old Harbor Park is well situated, with a stunning view of the downtown skyline as well as a view of the egg-shaped waste digesters on Deer Island. Interpretive signage on this portion of the Harborwalk conveys tales of fishermen and shipwrecks. A large medallion-map of Boston Harbor and the Harbor Islands is very popular with children for stone rubbings. You pass a Jefferson Memorial type rotunda at 2 ˝ miles and come to the Old Harbor Reservation. This is part of the Harborwalk; South Boston section. Here, beaches surround the harbor. At 2.9 miles you reach the McCormack Bath House (restrooms & a cafe here) where a separate boardwalk for pedestrians follows Carson Beach. Across Day Blvd is Moakley Park. The trail takes you past the Curly Recreation Center, a row of yacht clubs and at 4.4 miles to Marine Park & Pleasure Bay.

Note; A 1 mile trail heading right from Marine Park follows the causeway around Pleasure Bay to Fort Independence on Castle Island, but biking is not allowedOriginally freestanding, Castle Island has been connected to the mainland since the 1930s, when streetcars brought bathers to Pleasure Bay Fort  Independence, located on Castle Island, is a five pointed granite structure. The current structure is the eighth fort to occupy this site and contains over 172,687 linear feet of hammered stone and was constructed under the direction of Colonel Sylvanus Thayer between 1834 and 1851. CLICK HERE FOR MAP .

From Marine Park you head left along Day Blvd around Pleasure Bay. You come to East Broadway at 4.7 miles, where the Farragut Statue resides inside the intersection.

Note; It’s only a ˝ mile detour to check out FORT INDEPENDENCE on Castle Island. Just continue straight.

Just after the statue, a cross-walk will take you over Day Blvd and up East Broadway along a double-wide sidewalk. Take a right down Farragut Rd (double-wide sidewalk), passing by the tennis courts and you'll come to East 1st St. Here you'll pick up the wide paved 0.3 mile trail as it travels left through Thomas J Butler Memorial Park (Map Board, informational signs & water fountain). Exit the park where a sidewalk then takes you alongside East 1st St past the East 1st Dog Park. Continue on-road (narrow sidewalk) to Summer St 5.6 miles. Head right up Summer St along a BIKE LANE (wide sidewalk), passing by the Conley Terminal on your right to the Reserved Channel at 5.9 miles. A small Pocket Park on your right overlooks the Channel. Across the Channel is the Raymond Black-Falcon Cruise Terminal.

Note; The Harborwalk continues along Summer St (BIKE LANE) across the Channel to the Raymond Flynn Marine Park entrance on the right at 6 miles.  However, I took a more scenic & longer route along the Reserved Channel Walkway.

The Reserved Channel Walkway starts across Summer St (Use the cross-light behind you by the entrance to Conley Terminal to cross this busy street). The paved Reserved Channel Walkway (Informational signs) travels west alongside the Reserved Channel before turning south along a boardwalk out to E 1st St at 6.4 miles.

Note; The center section was still under construction as of April 2021.

Head right on-road along E 1st St (narrow sidewalk available) to Pappas Rd. Here the Reserved Channel Walkway resumes (Map Board). The cement trail starts out alongside Pappas Rd before following a narrow greenspace alongside the Channel. Informational signs. Come to an intersection and turn left, continuing alongside Pappas Rd out to Summer St. Cross-light over Summer St. Head right a short distance and you'll come to the  Raymond Flynn Marine Park after 7.2 miles. Map Board. Head left along a short path to a circle, then head right to a crosswalk. Continue right to a Green painted path that follows along the Reserved Channel. Need to turn left at the West Gate to the Black Falcon Terminal (No access; cruise ship dock) up to Black Falcon Ave and turn right. Travel between the Black Falcon Terminal on your right and the Boston Design Center along your left.

Note; One-Way so use Caution. Sidewalk available. 

This brings you out to Drydock Ave. Follow the blue painted path right back to the Reserved Channel, where you can look across to the Conley Container Terminal. Follow the blue path left alongside the Channel to Boston's Main Channel at 8.1 miles, where you'll have great views across Boston Harbor of Deer Island, East Boston and Logan Airport. Popular fishing here. Continue around the pier along the blue painted path past 4 large cement silos back to Black Falcon Ave and turn right. Follow the blue painted path to the small Drydock Pocket Park. To your left is a Drydock for ships. Return to Dry Dock Ave and head straight. The Boston Design Center is along your left. Places to eat. BLUEbikes bike rentals available here as well. Come to Tide St and head right to the intersection with Northern Ave at [8.9 miles].

Note; To your right is Dry Dock Plaza Park, a platform that overlooks the dry-dock. 

Note; A BIKE LANE follows Northern Ave west through this industrial park to the Northern Ave traffic circle at [9.2 miles]. This is a shortcut.

Continue straight along Tide St, which becomes Codfish Way. This brings you to Shoreline Rd and Boston's Main Channel. Across the Channel is Boston Logan Airport. Head left and continue straight along Seafood Way. This brings you to a sharp left.

Note; The Harborwalk* picks up straight ahead but currently (as of April 2021) consists of loose gravel and quickly dead ends.

Head left along Seafood Way to Fid Kennedy Ave and head right. This takes you past the Ted Williams Tunnel Vent # 6 where a portion of the paved Harborwalk* comes in from your right. This is where that unfinished section from Seafood Way would emerge at 10.2 miles. Continue straight to Pier #1 ? under construction (as of April 2021). 

Note; The Harborwalk** will continue from here in the future and connect to a finished section that travels behind the Leader Bank Pavilion.

Head left out to the Northern Ave traffic circle at [11.7 miles]. Pass by the Leader Bank Pavilion where a portion of the paved Harborwalk** comes in from your right. Map Board. This is takes you around the outdoor amphitheater to the unfinished pier where it currently dead ends. Continue along Northern Ave (BIKE SHARROWS) and you'll come to the Boston Fish Pier. You can ride around this pier but lots of trucks, not worth it.

Note; From here you may take a quick detour across Northern Ave to the South Boston Maritime Park. Here you'll find a seasonal cafe with outdoor seating, benches and a light sculpture. From the opposite end of this tiny park, you can see the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. Next, cross over D Street to Eastport Park and view a not-to-be-missed sculpture garden with whimsical pieces laid out along winding paths. The kids will love it! Head back out to and across Northern Ave. 

Northern Ave turns into Seaport Blvd. Pass by Seaport World Trade Center (Pier under construction as of April 2021) and come to Pier 4 at 12.2 miles. Here you'll pick up the Harborwalk again on your right. Wide cement pavers take you back out to the Boston Main Channel. These next sections are the most complete and scenic. Lots of sitting areas, places to eat, overlooks, BLUEbikes bike rentals. Includes some boardwalk and an open grassy Park. Travel underneath the overhang for the INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART . The trail is dotted with interpretive signs and sculptures as it takes you around Fan Pier to the Fort Point Channel. Here the Harborwalk joins with the South Bay Harbor Trail. A brick and cobblestone path then takes you past interpretive panels and ship silhouettes which present the history of Fan Pier and Boston Harbor. The Moakley Courthouse overlooks the Channel and is an impressive building itself. This brings you to the Old Northern Ave Bridge on your right after 13.1 miles.

Note; The Old Northern Ave Bridge had been used as a pedestrian bridge to reach downtown Boston, but was closed because of safety concerns. Plans are in the works to build a new pedestrian bridge here in the future. In the design phase as of 2021. See; NORTHERN AVE BRIDGE for information.

Continue straight across Northern Ave past the BARKING CRAB restaurant. This brings you to the Seaport Blvd Bridge. Travel underneath the Seaport Blvd Bridge and alongside Fort Point Channel. Here, a boardwalk takes you past Children's Wharf Park and the BOSTON CHILDREN'S MUSEUM, where you'll find plenty of tables and food available and up to Congress Street after 13.3 miles.

Note; You have two options from this point:

A. You can check out the Harborwalk; Fort Point Channel section which also doubles as part of the South Bay Harbor Trail. See; Harborwalk; Fort Point Channel Below.

B. You may continue along the Harborwalk; Downtown/North End-Charlestown sections by heading right across Fort Point Channel. See; Harborwalk; Downtown/North End-Charlestown Below.

Harborwalk; Fort Point Channel:

        A. To check out the Harborwalk; Fort Point Channel/South Bay Harbor Trail; [Re-zeroing Mileage] From Congress Street;

Note; If you’re riding bikes, you may wish to detour around the next two sections as there are stairs involved. Head left up Congress St, past the BOSTON FIRE MUSEUM, then right along A Street. Cross Summer St and take your 2nd right down Necco Street. This will bring you back to the channel and the corridor exit after [0.4 miles]***

Cross over Congress Street and head down a ramp following an open corridor alongside the channel. A set of stairs brings you up to Summer St. Cross the street where another set of stairs head down through a corridor of the old Boston Wharf Company building. You emerge out alongside the channel next to Necco Street after [0.1 miles]***. Continue along the channel and you'll go around the tiny Binford Park. Informational signage along the trail. Spot the buoy, which is part of the South Harbor Bay Trail. To your left is the Gillette headquarters. You come to the Dorchester Ave Bridge at 0.6 miles. Bear left to a cross-walk in front of the guard house (this is the entrance for the US Postal Service facility) and cross over Dorchester Ave.

Note; The trail continues left, but detour straight to Rolling Bridge Park. A short Loop Trail takes you around this small park and includes a pedestrian bridge over Cabot Cove. The park contains benches, interpretive signs and a big, red painted arm of the Old Colony Railroad Bridge that formerly occupied this site. At the time of its construction in 1898, the Old Colony Railroad Bridge was the largest rolling drawbridge of its kind. In addition, stones are arranged in a seating pattern to mimic a circular configuration of another bridge that occupied a nearby site. The trail then returns you to Dorchester Ave.

Follow the Separated BIKE LANE along Dorchester Ave and up to W Broadway/Traveler St.

Note; There is access to the Broadway T-Station from here. 

Note; You have 2 Options from here. You may continue following the Separated BIKE LANE along Dorchester Ave to W 4th St, heading right over the RR Yards for South Station Transportation Center & Bass River to the South Harbor Bay Trail underneath I-93 to Eastside Frontage Rd or

Turn right along W Broadway/Traveler Street Bridge (Kelly Bridge) and cross over the RR Yards for South Station Transportation Center & Bass River to the South Harbor Bay Trail underneath I-93 to Eastside Frontage Rd. The South Harbor Bay Trail continues left.

Note; Underground at Ink Block is located on your right. Underground at Ink Block is the transformation of an 8-acre underpass located between Boston’s South End and South Boston neighborhoods into an active urban park. The mural project features colorful murals with graffiti-inspired street art from local artists. The area also has walking paths, as well as benches and chairs to relax and take in views of the Bass River and RR Yard.  For outdoor fitness, this spot hosts cycling classes. There is also a fenced-in dog area located at the park. 

Continuing left the South Bay Harbor Trail travels through Channel Park (below the I-93 artery) to the West 4th Street Bridge at 1.1 miles. This is where the Harborwalk; Fort Point Channel ends. The South Bay Harbor Trail continues across W 4th St heading down to Eastside Frontage Rd. Here a set of cross-lights take you underneath I-93 and out to Albany St at 1.4 miles. 

Note; The rest of the South Bay Harbor Trail, which brings you to the Ruggles Street T-Station and Southwest Corridor Greenway is slated for construction, as it is in poor shape. Has not started as of April 2021. See; South Bay Harbor Trail .

Harborwalk; Downtown/North End-Charlestown:

        B. To check out the Harborwalk; Downtown/North End-Charlestown  [Re-zeroing Mileage] Follow a BIKE LANE along Congress St across the Channel. 

Note; You pass by the BOSTON TEA PARTY SHIPS & MUSEUM .

Turn right along the brick lined Harborwalk; Downtown as it takes you along Atlantic Wharf. Map Board. You travel through an open aired corridor at Independence Wharf and emerge at the intersection of Atlantic Ave & Seaport Blvd.

Note; The ROSE KENNEDY GREENWAY is across Atlantic Ave. 

Continue right along Atlantic Ave (BIKE LANE) coming to Old Northern Ave on your right after 0.4 miles.

Note; The Harborwalk picks up on your right down Old Northern Ave, however, there are stairs involved. If biking, continue straight along Atlantic Ave and take your first right along the brick pathway between the buildings. This will bring you to Rowes Wharf.

Turn right on Old Northern Ave back to the Harbor and the Old Northern Ave Bridge. The Harborwalk continues left down the stairs.

Note; The Old Northern Ave Bridge had been used as a pedestrian bridge between downtown Boston and Fort Point Channel but was closed because of safety concerns. Plans are in the works to build a new pedestrian bridge here in the future. In the design phase as of 2021. See; NORTHERN AVE BRIDGE for information.

Travel along the Harbor to Rowes Wharf and the Boston Harbor Hotel. Check out all the large yachts. The trail travels out and around most of the wharfs. Next comes India Wharf and then Central Wharf  where you encircle the NEW ENGLAND AQUARIUM . Travel out to the end of Long Wharf and back along the Marriott Hotel and this will bring you to the Christopher Columbus Park after 1.6 miles. 

Note; If you head left through the park you can access the ROSE KENNEDY GREENWAY  and Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

Next comes Commercial Wharf and Joes American Bar & Grill. This is a great spot to grab some food, as they have outdoor seating and you can keep an eye on your bike. We skipped this wharf, mostly full of car parking. You now enter the Harborwalk; North End section. Turn right around the Lewis Wharf and Sergeant Wharf out to Commercial St (A separated BIKE LANE follows all of Commercial St). Turn right again out around the harbor to Burroughs Wharf. The Boston Fire Dept. has a sub-station here with some fire rescue boats. When you reach the US Coast Guard Station at 2.9 miles, you have to head back out to Commercial St, as their is no access allowed. Head right past the Coast Guard's entrance and you'll come to Langone Recreational Complex and Puopolo Park. Pass by the wading pool and ball field and then turn right past the bocce ball fields and playground to reach the Harborwalk. From here you have good views of Charlestown and the Boston National Historic Park across the harbor, as well as the Bunker Hill Monument. You come to the base of the Charlestown Bridge at 3.5 miles.

Note; You have two options to connect to the Harborwalk; Charlestown section:

First Option; You can turn left up to Commercial St, then right to N Washington St and travel over the Charlestown Bridge to Chelsea Street in Charlestown after 0.4 miles. 

Note; You can make a detour from here to visit the Bunker Hill Monument and return via a loop route. See; Bunker Hill Monument Loop below.  

Head right along Chelsea St and then right down Warren St to Constitution Rd. Pass through the parking gate and you'll return to the Harborwalk; Charlestown section after 0.6 miles. However, because the FREEDOM TRAIL travels over the bridge, there is a lot of pedestrian traffic making biking difficult

Second Option; [Continuing Mileage from Charlestown Bridge] I chose the second and more scenic option. Continue straight underneath the Charlestown Bridge, where a short boardwalk brought me to N Beverly St.

Note; If you wish to access the Rose Kennedy Greenway, turn left up N Beverly St and it will bring you to Causeway St. Turn right and cross over I-93 where it emerges from the “Big Dig” and check out the great views of the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge. To your left across Causeway St is the beginning of the ROSE KENNEDY GREENWAY

From N Beverly St turn right and enter the Charles River Dam & Locks. This is where the Charles River meets Boston's Inner Harbor. The Charlestown Bridge will be up on your right and the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge will be to your left. A metal walkway will take you over the Locks to Paul Revere Park and the Harborwalk; Charlestown section after 3.9 miles.

Note; You may access the Charles River Bikeway via North Point Park by heading left along the paved trail which turns to stone-dust briefly before returning to paved. This will take you underneath the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge where a promenade overlooks the Charles RiverNote; A paved path to your right with whimsical colored street lamps takes you 0.2 miles up to Route 99. Continue straight up the arched North Bank Bridge which take you over the RR tracks and into North Point Park and the start of the Charles River Bikeway and Mass Central Rail Trail; Boston-Cambridge after 0.3 miles.

Harborwalk; Charlestown:

From Paul Revere Park; [Continuing Mileage] Turn right along the paved Harborwalk; Charlestown and head straight to a ramp down to a boardwalk along the Harbor. Head left underneath the Charlestown Bridge and you'll come to Tudor Wharf. Travel around the wharf and follow the wide sidewalk past the hotel to Constitution Rd. Head right through the parking lot to pick up the Harborwalk again near the parking lot exit gate next to the Constitution Marina

Note; You can make a detour from here to visit the Bunker Hill Monument and return via a Loop route. (See; Bunker Hill Monument Loop Below).

Travel around the large marina and Constitution Wharf and you'll come to some old railroad tracks at about 4.5 miles and the Boston National Historic Park

Note; Right brings you to Paul Reveres Landing, a promenade overlooking the USS Constitution.

Head left along the trail, looking right for a narrow paved path on your right. This will bring you to Constitution Rd. Turn right and follow Constitution Rd past "Gate 1" (along the Freedom Trail) and into the BOSTON NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK . Head right down the pier past the Visitor Center to check out the ships (Free entry). Great views of downtown Boston and the US Coast Guard cutters across the harbor. Head back along the opposite side of the pier and turn right past the USS Constitution Museum along 1st Ave. This will take you past another Gate. Turn right past the Commandants House and follow the pier to the Inner Harbor Ferry. Return back along the pier and follow the boardwalk around alongside Terry Ring Way. Be sure to check out the Korean War Memorial on your left in Charlestown Navel Shipyard Park. Continue straight along the paved pier to the end of Pier 4. Head back down the pier past the COURAGEOUS SAILING CENTER and right along the Harborwalk, past Piers 5-7. The boardwalk becomes rough until you pass by Pier 8 and the Shipyard Quarters Marina where the trail turns to stone-dust as it travels through Shipyard Park. You emerge at 16th Street after 6.4 miles. Continue right along a nice wide boardwalk which juts back out into the harbor. To your left is Mayor Menino Park with a large playground. Great views of downtown Boston. The boardwalk then travels back along the opposite side of the V shaped pier. The trail turns to concrete as it passes by the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, then becomes paved as you travel alongside the Little Mystic Channel. Finally you come to Building 114. Built in 1903 as the U.S. Navy's joinery shop, Building 114 is now a state-of-the-art biomedical research facility. The ground floor features an exhibit of the building's rich history, old photographs, boat models, and a display of tools used in boat making. The lobby, open 24 hours a day, has a sitting area with vending machines, public phones, restrooms, a drinking fountain, and a bike rack. Outside, a 25-foot band saw, once used to cut lumber for naval vessels, is displayed next to the Harborwalk. The blade for the band saw hangs from the ceiling of the building's lobby. The trail ends after 6.7 miles by a recreation dock. To continue your journey a slight detour follows. You'll need to travel right past Building 114 out to 16th St, then head right out to Chelsea St, which runs underneath the green Tobin Memorial Bridge (Route 1). Turn left and follow the sidewalk along Chelsea St to a cross-walk right over to a paved path that brings you to Medford St. Follow this path briefly along Medford St where it turns right and passes by a ball field at Barry Playground. The cement path heads left around Little Mystic Channel past more sports fields to the opposite side of the inlet where it crosses a water access ramp for the BOSTON DUCK TOURS amphibious landing vehicles. You then travel around the Little Mystic Access Area parking lot out to Terminal St at 7.7 miles

Note; From here I returned to Paul Revere Park along a different route. Exit the parking lot and head right on the paved path alongside Terminal St. Continue on-road (low volume) to Chelsea St and turn right. Continue on-road to 16th Street. Head left down 16th St, then right on 5th Ave. Cross 13th St and a tree lined paved trail brings you past the beautiful old brick & stone buildings of the Boston National Historic Park. A brief gravel trail brings you on-road along 4th Ave. Turn left on 9th Ave, then just before Building 105 take a right along another tree lined path that travels past the Charlestown Inn and more brick & granite buildings. Continue across 6th St and pass by the round Muster House to 5th St. Turn left and you'll return to 1st Ave next to the Commandants House at the Boston National Historic Park. Follow 1st Ave right out the gate to Constitution Rd. Continue straight along Constitution Rd and you'll eventually travel through a tunnel underneath Route 99 and enter Paul Revere Park. Turn left and you'll return to the Charles River Dam & Locks after 9 miles.

An on-road gap exists to the next section of the Harborwalk; Charlestown. From the Little Mystic Access Area parking lot; I haven't checked out this route yet. Head left on-road along Terminal St (Caution narrow road w/no shoulder). Just past some tennis courts on your left bear right (Terminal St continues left). Notice the old RR tracks embedded in the road. Turn left out to Medford St when the RR tracks continue and the road ends. Head right along a paved sidewalk to St Martin St after 0.6 miles. Turn right into 425 Medford St. Harborwalk sign points the way. This will bring you to the Mystic River where the Harborwalk; Charlestown continues. This is also part of Mystic River Paths .

Bunker Hill Monument Loop:

Hills Involved-Residential on-road; From the exit gate by Constitution Marina head north up Constitution Plaza, across Constitution Rd and up Warren St to Chelsea St. Cross Chelsea St and head left to City Square Park, located on your right. Fountains-statures-historical informational signs, very ornate park. Travel to the opposite side of the park to City Square Rd and cross over to Harvard St. Travel up Harvard St (one-way) past beautiful old brick houses and the John Harvard Mall on your right (playground). Turn right down Main St (one-way) and then left up Monument Ave (one-way). This brings you to Monument Square. The BUNKER HILL MUSEUM (restrooms available) is located on your left. Take the paved ramp up to the BUNKER HILL MONUMENT . About 3/4 miles. The museum and monument are run by the NPS and are free. You can climb the 294 steps up the granite monument. Great views. Return to Monument Square and travel left to the southern corner of Bunker Hill. Head down Winthrop St and through the Commons to Park St (one-way). Take a left off Park St down Warren St (BIKE LANE). Cross Chelsea St and continue down Warren St, crossing Constitution Rd. Pass through the parking gate to return to Constitution Marina and the Harborwalk; Charlestown after a 1.2 mile Loop

Harborwalk; East Boston:

Starting from East Boston's Navy Fuel Pier Pocket Park (intersection of Marginal & Jeffries St; Harborwalk; East Boston.

Note; On-street parking. West along Marginal St is Piers Park and the start of the East Boston Greenway , however, the street is blocked to thru traffic because of an active shipyard.

Travel east through this short park, then head left (north) along a wide cement trail past the sports courts of Porzio Park. Cross Summer St where the wide cement trail continues through the Park and alongside the Boston Harbor. The trail becomes paved as you pass a spur trail on your left. The trail then turns right (east) along MASSPORT Harborwalk Park traveling around this inner harbor. Come to a small promenade at 0.3 miles. 

Note; Left a spur leads to Harborside Dr.

The trail now heads south passing by a picnic pavilion, a Fire Boat dock and Logan Airport Ferry Terminal before ending after 0.8 miles at the Boston Harbor. Sculpture. To your left behind the fence is Logan Airport. This is also where the Ted Williams Tunnel travels underneath the harbor.

Note; There are some more short, unconnected sections of the Harborwalk west along East Boston, but a lot of construction is taking place along the Harbor preventing easy access.