Last Updated:      August 01, 2023

Length:                Brook Path; 3.4 miles

                              Charles River Path; 3.3 miles

                              Crosstown Trail (Cochituate Aqueduct); 5.6 miles

                              Sudbury Path (Sudbury Aqueduct); 6.2 miles

                              Morses Pond Loop Trail; 1.2 mile Loop

                             *Loop Trail*; 14.3 mile Loop                                        

Difficulty:            Brook Path; Easy. Paved & stone-dust trail. 

                              Charles River Path; Moderate. Difficult for kids on bikes. Combination of hard packed dirt w/hilly, single track Mt bike trails. Some paved sections.

                              Crosstown Trail; Easy. Wide hard packed dirt trail w/some on-road sections, including downtown area.

                              Sudbury Path; Moderate. Wide, single track dirt and grass trail w/some hills. Some on-road sections.

                              Morses Pond Loop Trail; Moderate. Combination of dirt, single track Mt bike trails w/some paved sections.


To start from the Northern End of the Charles River Path; From I-95 take exit 21 to Route 16 (Washington St) and travel west. 

To park in town; Just after crossing the Charles River into Wellesley, take a left onto River Street. A parking lot is located on your right across from the river. Metered, but free on weekends & holiday's.  

To park at the Northern End of the trail; Continue along Route 16 (Washington St) for 0.2 miles from the Charles River and take a right on Ledyard St. Turn right on Greenlawn Ave which becomes Boulevard Rd. Continue straight to the end of the road next to a town/brick building. A parking area is on your left.

To start from the Western End of the Crosstown Trail; From I-90 take exit 117 to Route 30 E. Take your first right on Speen St and follow to Route 9 E. Travel 2.2 miles and turn left on Oak St. Follow for 0.7 miles and turn left on Erie Dr. Take your next left on Huron Dr. Pass by the 2nd industrial building on your left where you can access the trail down the driveway. Park along Huron Dr. 

To start from the Eastern End of the Sudbury Path; From I-95 take exit 20 to Route 9 (Boylston St) and travel east. Immediately bear right along an access ramp that parallels Route 9 above. Take your second right up Chestnut St. The trail starts on your right across from Summer St. Park along Summer St. 

To start from the Center of the Brook Path at the Wellesley High School Stadium parking lot; From I-95 take exit 21 to Route 16 (Washington St) and travel west into Wellesley. Just past the Wellesley Shopping Center along your left, turn left down State St. Just after crossing the trail, turn left into the parking lot.

You may also access the Crosstown Trail and Brook Path from the MBTA Commuter Rail Line's Wellesley Hills Station & Wellesley Square Station. See; MBTA for more information. For information about taking your bike on the train. See; MBTA/BIKES .

The Wellesley Trails are five bikable trails located in the towns of Wellesley, Newton and a pinch of Needham. For more information check out; WELLESLEY TRAILS . All trails are marked with colored arrows along their routes, which helps a lot with the many detours. Two of these trails follow the paths of the Sudbury & Cochituate Aqueducts. See; Cochituate Aqueduct Trail & Sudbury Aqueduct Trail

Here's a quick overview of each Trail:

Charles River Path: Explore the banks of the Charles River and climb eskers in the Town Forest. The trail starts in Wellesley, crosses the Charles River into Newton Lower Falls to the Mary Hunnewell Fyffe Footbridge at the Cordingly Dam. It crosses over the footbridge back into Wellesley, and snakes along the Charles River to Ouellet Park. It enters the Town Forest and proceeds over an esker to Longfellow Pond. It then climbs steep eskers along Rosemary Brook, ending at the Sudbury Aqueduct. Trail is marked with red arrows. Connects to the Sudbury Path

Sudbury Path: Follows the Sudbury Aqueduct from Newton Upper Falls to Wellesley College in Wellesley. From Newton Upper Falls the trail follows the Sudbury Aqueduct over Echo Bridge in Needham, near Hemlock Gorge, into Wellesley, where you can access the Charles River Path. It then passes through the Town Forest and joins Wellesley Ave at the Wellesley Country Club. The trail then meanders through Babson College and Olin College in Needham before rejoining the Sudbury Aqueduct as it re-enters Wellesley. The trail crosses the historic Waban Arches and ends at the Wellesley Centers for Women - Cheever House on Washington St. Trail is marked with blue arrows. On-road connection to Brook Path.

Brook Path: A level and partially paved path along the Caroline and Fuller Brooks. This trail parallels Washington St. from Wellesley Hills to Dover Rd. but avoids the congestion and traffic of the downtown area. Trail is marked with pink arrows. Connections to Crosstown Trail.

Crosstown Trail: A trail that takes you on a journey across Wellesley following the Cochituate Aqueduct. Start near the Saint James Church. The trail goes along the aqueduct bordering Morses Pond and through Wellesley College's North Forty. The trail then runs to Post Office Square, goes behind Town Hall to Morton Park, and then along Washington and State Sts. to the Wellesley High School stadium parking lot. It continues along the Cochituate Aqueduct across Hunnewell Fields to Washington St. and Woodlawn Ave., where it rejoins the Cochituate Aqueduct. The trail continues along the aqueduct past Indian Springs Park and the Warren Building. It rejoins the aqueduct, and ends at the intersection with the Charles River Path. You have the option of using an on-road detour to explore more of the aqueduct in Newton. Trail is marked with green arrows. Connection to Morses Pond Loop Trail.

Morses Pond Loop Trail: This loop trail travels through a Pine grove, along a ridge, then down past Morses Pond, Ice House Pond and the Town Beach. Half Mt bike trail/half paved trail. Trail is marked with purple arrows. Connection to Crosstown Trail.

Trail Descriptions:

Note; You may check out each trail individually or combine trails for longer trips, as they all interconnect. We completed a *Loop* the first time we biked these trails; *[Part of Loop]* Starting from the Northern Section of the Charles River Path, heading south to the Sudbury Path, then west to Washington St and detouring to the Southern End of the Brook Path where we headed north to connect to the Crosstown Trail and finally heading east back to the Charles River Path. Total trip; 14.3 miles.

Charles River Path:

Starting from the Northern End of the Charles River Path in Wellesley; *[Part of Loop]* The Charles River Path starts from the Boulevard Road parking area in Wellesley

Head back out along Boulevard Rd and you'll spot red arrows on your left where the trail picks up. This section of trail is narrow and contains tree roots so you may wish to continue along Boulevard Ave. When the road curves right rejoin the trail, travel into the woods and over a small bridge. The trail turns to stone-dust at 0.3 miles as it opens up with views left of the Charles River. This brings you down to an intersection.

Note; Left takes you over the river via an old RR bridge and out to Concord St in Newton Lower Falls after 0.1 miles. Future plans call for continuing the trail north along the old rail bed as the RIVERSIDE GREENWAY which is part of the BLUE HERON TRAIL and Charles River Bikeway .

Head right after checking out the bridge via either the stone-dust trail or paved parallel trail. This brings you past another parking lot (metered) and past two granite columns to Route 16 (Washington St) at 0.5 miles. You'll find a Map Board located here. Turn left to pick up a crosswalk over this busy road, then head left along Washington St (no shoulder). Cross River Street and you'll come to the Finley Dam & fish ladder, all part of the Charles River Reservation

Note; There are some picnic tables & benches located alongside the river if you follow the paved trail right alongside River St. This will also bring you to the River Street parking lot.

Continue straight across the Charles River via the Washington St bridge into Newton Lower Falls. Just past an old historic stone building on your right and before a small parking lot the trail turns right and crosses over the Mary Hunnewell Fyffe Footbridge at the Cordingly Dam and back into Wellesley. Another fish ladder is located on the other side. 

Note: This is also the start of the CHARLES RIVER LINK TRAIL .

Straight ahead is the old stone Eaton-Moulton Mill building. Head left through the parking lot and out across Walnut St. No cross-walk. A narrow paved path takes you through Benjamin Mills Park and along the river. More picnic tables and benches are located here. When the trail takes a sharp right turn, just before a parking lot, continue straight along a narrow, hard-packed dirt trail. After 1.2 miles you'll come to the intersection of the Eastern End of the Crosstown Trail (Cochituate Aqueduct ) which comes down from the right. This is where you'll return if doing *[Part of Loop]*.

Note; The Cochituate Aqueduct continues left across an old stone bridge over the river. Possible future crossing for the Cochituate Aqueduct Trail into Newton.

Continue straight, down a short set of stairs and soon the Charles River Path heads into the scrub. You emerge on a gravel road. Turn right up Charles St and you'll pass by Ouellet Park at 1.6 miles, where a map board and parking lot are located. At Cedar St turn left and follow the paved path. When the road splits, continue along the path if hiking (stairs involved). However, if biking, bear right and follow cedar St up a short ramp and over Route 9. Use the cross-lights over Worcester St, then right across Cedar St. The paved path then heads down alongside Worcester St and then along Route 9 before turning left back into the woods at 2.3 miles. Follow the arrows carefully as you travel through the Town Forest along a hard packed dirt trail, as their are many turns. A right up a steep knoll brings you to an overlook of Longfellow Pond. The trail weaves up & down through the woods and contains some roots and rocks. After 2.8 miles you come to the Longfellow Pond parking area. Head right through the parking lot and exit out and across Oakland St where a small boardwalk directs you up a steep knoll. You travel along a hilly berm before descending down to the intersection of the *Charles River Path & Sudbury Path* after 3.3 miles

Sudbury Path:

Starting from the Eastern End of the Sudbury Path; [Re-zeroing Mileage] The Sudbury Path (Sudbury Aqueduct) starts from Chestnut St across from Summer St in Wellesley and heads west.

Note; The Sudbury Aqueduct travels east through Newton, however, it is very fragmented and not really worth the effort.

A narrow, fenced in, paved path leads from Chestnut St to Echo Bridge

Note; Stairs to your right lead down to Ellis St where you can check out the stone arches of Echo Bridge, as well as, HEMLOCK GORGE RESERVATION. If biking, you can access Ellis St from Chestnut St.

A short set of steps lead down to the bridge with black iron railings high above the Charles River. Another set of stairs on the opposite side take you up to the dirt and grass trail along the aqueduct. At 0.3 miles you'll need to take an on-road detour to by-pass I-95. Head left down Reservoir St (residential), then right along Central Ave passing underneath I-95. Turn right up Saint Mary St and pick up the aqueduct again on your left at 0.6 miles. Here, the trail travels along a berm out in the open before crossing Cedar St and along the entrance to Eliot School. Bear right to pick up the trail again along the right and follow the aqueduct through the woods to Hunnewell St at 1.6 miles. USE CAUTION as their is no cross-walk here. Continue along the wide grassy berm via a single-track dirt trail and you'll come to a brick "Intake" structure. You can feel the cool air from the aqueduct flowing through the bars in the windows. The trail heads downhill and comes to the intersection of the Southern End of the *Charles River Path & Sudbury Path*at 1.8 miles. *[Part of Loop]* After crossing Brookside Rd the Sudbury Path heads up a short hill leads you up to another "Intake" structure with marinates on top. The trail then comes alongside Wellesley Ave.

Note; The Sudbury Aqueduct continues across the road but is now part of the golf course.

Head right on-road (narrow shoulder) past the Wellesley Country Club. Just past the pool house on the right is an historical monument to the town and the Minuteman. When you reach the Forest St intersection, you'll need to turn left into Babson College and then take an immediate right up a service road next to the main building (with the college name on it). A wooden post located at ground level near the roads entrance lets you know your on the right path. Travel around the backside (look for arrows on light poles) and bear left along a paved path which weaves through the campus. You'll pass by the Olin School of Business in Needham before heading left over College Dr, then traveling right up along this road. After passing by the athletic center follow the green cross-walk right away from the campus. Just before you exit the campus the trail heads left over Woodland Hill Rd and back into the woods along a wide, hard packed dirt trail. At 3.4 miles you'll come to a paved path. Turn right, then head back into the woods past a green "emergency phone". Here the dirt trail is narrow and hilly before emerging at a large parking lot in Needham

Note; You can check out Olin College by heading straight and then turning left into it's courtyard surrounded by glass fronted buildings.

From the parking lot, turn right and follow the grassy path along the gas line to the bottom of the lot where the trail re-enters the woods. This dirt trail winds through the woods and comes to a T-intersection where it heads right. You come to another T-intersection and head right back along the Sudbury Path (Sudbury Aqueduct). When you come to a berm the trail bears left alongside it before exiting out to Great Plains Ave. Head right along the wide shoulder.

Note; The Sudbury Aqueduct continues on the other side of the road, however, if your biking it's easier to continue along the avenue to the first road on the left. Head down this road, which is the entrance to the Recycling & Disposal facility, and you'll pick up the Sudbury Path (Sudbury Aqueduct) again on your right back in Wellesley.

Follow the wide, dirt & grass trail into the woods and soon you'll come to a "Gatehouse" at 4.3 miles. Fuller Brook travels underneath. Cross Wildon Rd and then a plank bridge where you'll head up a narrow dirt trail to Cartwright Rd. Next, cross over to Beebe Meadow at 4.9 miles and follow a paved trail past wildflower meadows. You'll come to a Map Board next to Benvenue St. Cross over and follow the trail left alongside the street. Cross Grove St for a short on-road section along this residential road. You'll come to **Dover Road at 5.5 miles. 

Note; To shorten the *Loop, you can head north up Dover Rd where you'll pick up the Brook Path on your right.

Head left up a short hill and return to the aqueduct on the right past a gate. The trail travels along a high berm (be sure to watch out for square granite T's along the center of the trail) past the Nehoiden Golf Course on your right. You cross the Waban Arch Bridge at 5.8 miles. Built in 1876, this 9 stone arch bridge crosses Fuller Brook which feeds into the Charles River which you can spot down to your left. Check out the old black iron railings marked BWW, which stands for Boston Water Works. Continue over the bridge and back along the trail before you'll need to detour because of a privately owned section. A dirt trail heads right and brings you to the Wellesley Center for Women parking lot at 6.2 miles and the Western End of the Sudbury Path .        

Note; To connect with the Southern End of the Brook Path, *[Part of Loop]*continue straight out to Washington St, cross over to a paved path and travel left down along the road. Spot a beautiful brick house on your left built in 1866 along the way. Very scenic route. Cross College Rd, then right back over Washington St using 2 cross-lights and head left. Turn right onto Dover Rd (low traffic) and follow until you cross a small culvert. Just past this on the left is the entrance to the Southern End of the Brook Path after 1.1 miles.  

Brook Path:

Starting from the Southern End of the Brook Path; *[Part of Loop]* [Re-zeroing Mileage] The Brook Path starts off of Dover Rd in Wellesley.

Note; Just south down **Dover Road the Sudbury Path crosses.

The stone-dust Brook Path travels alongside Fuller Brook via a greenway with beautiful houses and gardens on either side. When you cross Cottage St you'll find a Map Board and bench. A cross-light will take you over Grove St at 0.6 miles. Cross Wellesley Ave followed by State/Smith St which brings you to the Wellesley High School Stadium parking lot at 1.2 miles. Here you'll find another Map Board, as well as the intersection of the Crosstown Trail, which heads left over a small bridge. Continue through the parking lot and bear left around the fence and track. The trail now consists of stone-dust as it travels through the sports fields of Hunnewell Fields out to Rice St. Cross over to Paine St and follow the paved trail alongside Paine St a short distance. On your right the trail now enters the Caroline Path at 1.7 miles. This is a wood chip (stone-dust?) & boardwalk path that takes you through the Caroline Brook wetland. Several street crossings before crossing Seaward Rd at 2.2 miles where the trail becomes paved as you travel alongside Phillips Park. Come to Washington St and the Northern End of the Brook Path after 3.4 miles. Map Board located here. Head right to a cross-walk, then travel left (West) on-road (double wide sidewalk available) one block to ***Washington Street & Cliff Road. Here you'll pick up the Center of the Crosstown Trail. *[Part of Loop]* 

Crosstown Trail:

Starting from the Western End of the Crosstown Trail; [Re-zeroing Mileage] The Crosstown Trail starts from Route 9 (Worcester St).

Note; The Cochituate Aqueduct Trail continues north into Natick. See; Cochituate Aqueduct Trail .

The hard packed dirt and grass Crosstown Trail heads into the woods along the Cochituate Aqueduct, passes by an old brick pump house and travels alongside Morses Pond. You pass by Pine Point after 0.25 miles, a Pine grove overlooks along the pond. The trail crosses Russell Rd at 0.5 miles and passes through a parking area where the trail widens. After 0.9 miles you cross Turner Road and come to a Map Board

Note; You can check out the Morses Pond Loop Trail from here. See Below.

The Crosstown Trail heads back along the Cochituate Aqueduct through Wellesley College's "North 40". You emerge onto Weston Rd after passing by an electrical station. Turn right for cross-light, then right again over Linden St and travel left on-road down Linden St. Turn right when you reach Crest Rd, travel over the RR tracks and you'll pass by the Wellesley Square Station before coming to Central St. Places to eat & shop here. Turn left and travel past a small park to a Map Board at Grove & Central streets. Head left on Grove St towards the Post Office. Just past Wakelyn Way will be a narrow paved path. Follow this path through Morton Park, with it's benches and picnic tables up to Wellesley Town Hall. This is an impressive old stone building with turrets and stone balcony's. Travel around the right side to the front which overlooks a memorial and the Wellesley Library below. The old town hall bell is located here. Continue straight down the entrance and over a wooden bridge. Turn left right after the bridge along a woodchip path along a small pond. When you come to a bench the trail turns right and travels up a grassy hill to a small paved path. Head right out to Washington St. A quick right will bring you to a cross-light. Head left along Washington St to State/Smith St where you need to turn right. This will bring you to the Brook Path *[Part of Loop]* where you'll turn left into the Wellesley High School Stadium parking lot. Another Map Board is located here. Just past this Map Board the trail turns left over a small bridge and along a dirt trail. 

Note; The Brook Path continues straight.

This brings you back up to the Crosstown Trail (Cochituate Aqueduct) where you turn right and follow the wide berm through Hunnewell Fields. Cross Rice St to a single track dirt trail. When you reach Forest St at 3.2 miles you'll head left on-road out to Washington St. You now head right  on-road along Washington St (no shoulder/sidewalk available), passing by the Wellesley Hills Station on your left. If you get a chance, check out the old brownstone station, especially the train platform. Just past the train station is ***Washington Street & Cliff Road at 3.5 miles. *[Part of Loop]*

Note; One block more along Washington St brings you to a Map Board the Northern End of the Brook Path

Head left on-road along Cliff Rd (no shoulder/narrow paved path available) crossing over the RR tracks and underneath Route 9. Come to Garden Rd on your right and turn right. This residential road also has a narrow paved path available. Bear right along Colburn Rd (residential/narrow paved path available) and follow to Woodlawn. Head right on-road (no shoulder/sidewalk available) crossing back over the RR tracks. Come to Fuller Rd on your left and spot a Map Board at 4.2 miles. Stairs lead down to the Crosstown Trail (Cochituate Aqueduct), but if your biking you'll notice a "bike rail" along the left side of the stairs. This allows you to place your bike wheels inside the rail and walk your bike down the stairs. The Cochituate Aqueduct is a wide, hard packed dirt trail that travels through a gully and past an old granite gate house. Cross Croton St and you travel along a ridge through Indian Springs Park. When you come to Washington St, take a quick right to access a cross-light, then back down to the trail past Warren Park and a parking lot. When you reach Walnut St, you need to detour left on-road down to River St at 5.4 miles.

Note; If you parked at the River Street parking lot and did an all encompassing Loop, turn left to return to your car. Parking lot is 0.3 miles down this road.

Cross River St and then head right over Walnut St, then right up Cedar St where the Crosstown Trail (Cochituate Aqueduct) continues on the left. An 1848 block of granite sits next to the trail here. 

Note; Construction was taking place at this site in Sept 2022. Not sure if they are building a parking lot or improving trail?

Head up a grass & dirt trail which then heads back down to the intersection of the Charles River Path at 5.6 miles. *[Part of Loop]*

Note; Future plans to connect to the Newton section of the Cochituate Aqueduct involve the possible use of the Aqueduct Bridge straight ahead across the Charles River. See; Cochituate Aqueduct Trail .

Head left to return to the Northern Section of the Charles River Path, thus completing a *Loop* of 14.3 miles.

Morses Pond Loop Trail:

Starting from the Map Board at Turner Road [Crosstown Trail]; Head South down Turner Rd and you'll immediately come to a trail on your right heading into the woods. The Morses Pond Loop Trail requires a Mt bike as it is a narrow dirt trail with some roots. After passing through a Pine grove you'll head along a short ridge where the trail improves. A steep hill takes you down along the ponds edge to an open grassy area before you come to a paved path at 0.5 miles. Turn right and travel between Morses Pond & Ice House Pond. Right after crossing a bridge you'll need to head left through a black gate to Morses Pond Beach. The paved trail heads past two pavilions and out to a road. turn left and you'll return to Turner Road. Cross over and follow the paved trail up a short hill and back to the Map Board for a 1.2 mile Loop.