Last Updated:       July 10, 2013

Length:                 Spicket River Greenway; 2.7 miles

Difficulty:             Easy. Mostly flat paved trail or sidewalk. 


To start from Manchester Street Park; From I-93 take exit 43 to Route 110 east. Bear left on Woodland St and follow to a traffic circle. Follow around to Manchester St, travelling underneath the old RR bridge and take your first left into the Park. Note; There are no Park entrance signs.    

The Spicket River Greenway is an urban trail connecting various parks and trails along the Spicket River. It consists of paved off road paths, as well as, utilizing sidewalks through Lawrence. It connects to the Methuen Rail Trail at its northern end and the Lawrence Heritage SP; Canalwalk at its southern end. A wide White Stripe guides you along the myriad of twists and turns through urban Lawrence. For more information visit; SPICKET RIVER GREENWAY .

Starting from Manchester Street Park; From the parking lot travel past the community garden and playground along the paved trail to a promenade that overlooks the Spicket River with the old Arlington Mills across the river.

Note; Heading straight (North) the paved trail passes by a spur up to the Methuen Rail Trail on its left before crossing an old RR bridge over the river to the Polartec parking lot after 0.1 miles.   

Heading right (East) the paved Spicket River Greenway follows a wide white stripe alongside the river. A granite post marks the trailhead. Travel between the refurbished old brick Mill buildings, across an old iron bridge by a dam and out to Broadway at 0.3 miles. A cross-walk takes you over to a sidewalk where you head right through a commercial district.

Note; If biking I would suggest riding on-road along Broadway and then crossing over at Daisy St. The sidewalk is narrow and not a good fit for bikes.

Turn left at Daisy St where the trail continues along a sidewalk (Bikes; on-road). Pick up the paved trail as you skirt William Kennedy Community Park with the river back on your left. Informational signs located along the trail. Pass by a promenade overlooking the river before crossing Hampshire St and continuing alongside the river. Turn left when you reach Bennington St, cross the river and turn right on Erving Ave. The paved trail continues along the river, past Hayden Schofield Playstead, up a short boardwalk to Lawrence St. 

Note; The trail splits and follows both sides of the river. However, it follows a sidewalk along Erving St if you continue straight.

Turn right and cross the river, then left to pick up the paved trail as it travels through a Greenway alongside the river. Cross Short St and continue along the Greenway.

Note; The trail splits. If you bear right out to Chestnut and Short Streets you can cross over to access O’Neil Park.

Continuing straight you’ll pass by an outdoor amphitheater before reaching Jackson St. The trail follows a sidewalk (Bike; on-road) left along Jackson St, then right along Avon St. Right on E Haverhill St to a crosswalk over to the median. (building a feature here?). Crosswalk over Newbury St and left to Brook St. Here you’ll find a promenade overlooking the Spicket River. Head right along Brook St where you pick up the paved trail as you enter Dr Nina Scarito Park at 1.8 miles. Again the trail skirts the park alongside the river passing by a playground, pavilion and community garden before rejoining Brook St. Follow the sidewalk left (Bike; on-road) up to Union St and continue left. Take your second left down Summer St where you'll pick up the paved trail through Misserville Park. Basketball courts and Skateboard Park. Exit back onto Allen St and head left out to General St. Turn left along General St, crossing over the river. Cross General St when you come to the entrance to Lawrence General Hospital. This will bring you to a paved trail that travels past a parking lot, over the river, through a Greenway and out to Canal St at 2.6 miles.

Note; If you continue right along Canal St you'll spot an iron arched bridge on your left across Canal St that crosses over the North Canal at 2.7 miles. From there you can check out the Lawrence Heritage SP; Canalwalk .