Updated:                      July 27, 2019

Length:                       Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway Northern Section; 28.1 miles 

                                     Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway Central Section; 4.7 miles  

                                     Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway Southern Section; 5.5 miles  

                                     Albany South End Connector; 1.5 miles

                                      Albany-Rensselaer on-road Connector; 3.3 miles

                                      Monkey Wards Way Connector; 0.7  miles

                                     Route 787 Path; 1.1 miles

                                     Cohoes Heritage Trail; 1.6 miles

                                     Schuyler Flatts Cultural Park Loop Trail; ¾ miles     

                                     Alco Heritage Trail; 1.9 miles           

Difficulty:                   Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway Northern Section; Easy to Moderate. Mostly paved trail with some on-road detours. Mainly flat except for a hilly section and a steep detour section.

                                     Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway Central Section; Easy-Moderate. CYCLE TRACK and paved path. On-road section.

                                     Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway Southern Section; Easy. Paved, flat trail.

                                     Albany South End Connector; I haven't checked it out yet.

                                      Albany-Rensselaer on-road Connector; Moderate. Mostly on-road route. Not recommended for kids on bikes.

                                      Monkey Wards Way Connector; Easy. Flat paved trail.

                                     Route 787 Path; Easy. Flat paved trail.

                                     Cohoes Heritage Trail: Moderate. Route consists low traffic on-road sections, paved/stone-dust sections and a short section of paving stones and grass. Some hills.

                                     Schuyler Flatts Cultural Park Loop Trail; Easy. Flat paved trail.                

                                     Alco Heritage Trail; Easy. Flat paved trail.


To start from Kiwanis Park [Northern Section]; Take exit 26 off of I-90 to Route 5S. Follow Route 5S to Kiwanis Park on your right.

To start from the Lock 7 parking lot [Northern Section]; Take exit 6 off of I-87 to Route 7 west. Route 7 is known locally as Troy Schenectady Rd. Travel about 3 miles west on Route 7 to Rosendale Rd on the right. There will be a Lock 7 sign here also. Follow this road down and bear left at the sharp curve. River Rd heads right, but you continue left. Travel about 1 ¾ miles to a sharp left in the road. Here, travel straight onto Lock 7 Rd. The first parking lot is on the right next to the Bike Path. The second parking lot will be on the right for the Lock and the third lot is up the hill at the boat launch. A paved path takes you from the boat launch parking lot to the bike trail. Turn right onto the bike path and see clues.

To start from Niskayuna Lions Park [Northern Section]; Take exit 6 off of I-87 to Route 7 west. Route 7 is known locally as Troy Schenectady Rd. Travel about 3 miles west on Route 7 to Rosendale Rd on the right. There will be a Lock 7 sign here also. Follow this road down and bear left at the sharp curve. River Rd heads right, but you continue left. Immediately look right for the park entrance.

To start from the Colonie Town Park Trailside parking lot [Northern Section]; Take exit 7 off of I-87 to Route 7 east. Then take Route 9 north and look for Old Loudon Rd on your left a few miles up. After turning up Old Loudon Rd, take you’re second left onto Schermerhorn Rd. Take this road to the parking lot on your left where the trail crosses.

To start from the Alexander Street parking lot [Central Section]; Follow I-787 north from Albany past Route 7 and take your first left on Tibbits Ave to Cohoes Rd. Head right and take your first left on Bridge St. Turn right on Lincoln Ave, then left up Alexander St. Follow to a small parking lot at the end of the road. 

To start from the Cohoes Falls parking lot [Cohoes Heritage Trail]; Follow I-787 north from Albany to Cohoes. Cross Route 32 to New Courtland St which turns into Mohawk St. After a mile look left to spot the parking lot for Cohoes Falls.

To start from Schuyler Flatts Park [Central Section]; Take exit 7west from I-787 to Route 378 west. Take the first exit right to Route 32 (Broadway) and then right again heading north on Route 32. The Schuyler Flatts Park entrance will be on the right side of Broadway. The parking lot is next to a Shelter.

To start from Corning City Preserve [Southern Section]; There are two parking lots located here next to the trail. One is at Riverfront Park, while the other is located beneath the elevated I-787. Take exit 4A off of I-787 southbound to Water St. Take a left at Colonie St and follow signs for the Corning City Preserve. I'm not quite sure how to reach the park from I-787 northbound. I believe you use exit 4 ?

To start from the USS Slater parking lot [Southern Section]; From I-787 northbound take exit 4 to Quay St. Turn left on Route 20 to Broadway and head left (south). From I-787 southbound take exit 3B to Broadway and head left (south). Follow Broadway back underneath I-787 and straight ahead next to the Hudson River is the USS Slater parking lot

The Erie Canalway Trail is a network of approximately 300 miles of multiple-use trails across upstate New York. The trail follows the towpaths of both active and historic sections of the New York State Canal System, such as the Erie Canal and Old Erie Canal, as well as, adjacent abandoned rail corridors such as the former West Shore Railroad which was chartered December 5, 1885 , as successor to the New York, West Shore & Buffalo Railway. Called in its day "the eighth wonder of the world," the Erie Canal remains one of America's best known and enduring icons. A marvel of nineteenth-century engineering, the canal, begun in 1817, followed a path already popular to westward-moving Americans, following the Mohawk River through the Appalachian Mountains and then on to Lake Erie. Building the canal was a tremendous feat. Workers had to dig a 363-mile ditch that was 40 feet wide and four feet deep, through rocky hills and swamps and across rivers. What's more, this ditch had to slowly rise 565 feet on its way from the Hudson River to Lake Erie, which it did through a series of locks. Derided as "Clinton's Ditch," after New York Governor DeWitt Clinton, within months of the canal's opening in 1825 the doubters were proven wrong by the canal's overwhelming success. The canal gave rise to additional connecting canals, including the Oswego, Cayuga-Seneca, and Champlain, the last of which actually opened before the Erie Canal. For more information visit; CANALWAY TRAIL or NY CANALWAY SYSTEM

The Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway connects Albany and Schenectady Counties in New York 's Capital district of upstate New York. Parts of the trail travel along sections of the old Erie Canal, while other sections run along abandoned rail lines such as the Penn Central Rail Line. This was America 's first inter-city rail route and had the world's first steam passenger train. See; Erie Canalway Trail; Amsterdam-Utica . The Northern Section runs from Pattersonville/Rotterdam Junction to Cohoes alongside the Mohawk River and sections of the Old Erie Canal, as well as following the old rail bed (Part of the Erie Canalway Trail/Empire State Trail). The Central Section consists of on-road, a Cycle Track and paved trail through Green Island and Watervliet (Part of the Empire State Trail). The Southern Section travels along the Hudson River to Albany (Part of the Empire State Trail). Here you can connect to the Albany County Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail via the Albany South End Connector and the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail (Part of the Empire State Trail) via the Albany-Rensselaer on-road Connector.  For more information visit; MOHAWK HUDSON BIKEWAY .

The Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway is part of the Empire State Trail , a continuous 750-mile route spanning the state from New York City to Canada and Buffalo to Albany, creating the longest multi-use state trail in the nation.


Mohawk Hudson Bikeway [Southern Section]:

Starting from Broadway & Quay Street and the USS Slater parking lot in Albany; The Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway begins at the entrance to the USS Slater parking lot.

Note; This is also the start of the Albany South End Connector which connects the Mohawk Hudson Bikeway south to the Albany County Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail via a 1.5 mile combination of paved trails and separated BIKE LANES known as "Cycle Track". I haven't checked this out yet.  

Heading North; The Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway follows a wide green paved path between Quay St and the Hudson River. Travel underneath Dunn Memorial Bridge (Route 20) and come to a cross-light on your left after 0.3 miles.

Note; To access South Downtown Albany head left along the green paved path underneath I-787 "Historic Albany" to Broadway. Follow Broadway to SUNY Plaza Park and the original location of FORT ORANGE .

Note; I haven't checked this out yet. To access the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail via the Albany-Rensselaer on-road Connector cross Quay St to a pedestrian ramp that travels south up the Dunn Memorial Bridge. You then cross the Hudson River to Broadway in Rensselaer after 0.6 miles. [Note; Right underneath Route 20 leads to a paved trail through Riverfront Park.] Head right on-road (Not recommended for kids on bikes) to 3rd Ave and head left. After 1.3 miles turn right along High St (less traffic). High St becomes Red Mill Rd. Follow to Route 151 at 1.9 miles and head right (wide shoulder). Take your second right along Sherwood Ave (residential) and just before you reach Route 9 turn left on Muriel Ave (residential). Turn right on Hampton Ave and again, just before Route 9 take your first left across to Southern Ave (residential). Follow to the start of the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail after 3.3 miles.

Continuing north along the Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway you'll pass by a pumping station on your right, below which resides the Half Moon ship. This ship is a working replica of one that Henry Hudson sailed in 1509. Next come to the Corning City Preserve after 0.5 miles. Visitor Center, with restrooms and snacks available. You may continue straight along the "green" path or turn right into the preserve. Both trails link up further north. 

Note; Straight will take you past the Hudson River Way Pedestrian Bridge on your left that takes you over I-787 and into downtown Albany. There is a granite relief of the Hudson River above the promenade and you must check out the artwork that adorns the bridges columns. 

I headed right which takes you past Jennings Landing Amphitheatre and alongside the Hudson River. This was once the Albany Basin where the Erie Canal had a Lock at the Hudson River. The Basin has been filled to create this park and pond. After 0.9 miles the 2 trails merge. Pass by a barge (now a restaurant/bar) and playground before coming alongside Quay St and traveling underneath a RR bridge to the Corning City Preserve Boat Ramp parking lot. The trail then travels between the river and below the highway before opening up. Benches and an interpretive signboards are located along the trail. 2 miles takes you underneath the I-90 Bridge. Come to the Monkey Wards Way Connector paved trail after 3.5 miles on your left.

Note; I haven't checked this out yet. This paved trail takes you over I-787 and underneath the on ramp for Exit 6 bringing you to Broadway in Menands after 0.7 miles. See; MAP .

Continuing north the isolated trail follows the Hudson River crossing into Menands. Pass by a picnic area. Travel under the Troy-Menands Bridge (Route 378) and spot a path on your right at 5 miles.

Note; This trail leads up to and across the Troy-Menands Bridge (Route 378) to Troy. 

The trail gets squeezed between the river and highway before coming to the 4th Street parking lot after 5.5 miles in Watervliet

Mohawk Hudson Bikeway [Central Section]:

From the 4th Street parking lot head left up 4th St to Broadway at 5.6 miles. 

Note; Spot the paved trail on your left. This leads to Schuyler Flatts Park. See; Schuyler Flatts Park Below

I haven't checked out this section. Here a CYCLE TRACK/Paved path travels north along Broadway from 4th St to 23rd St at 7.2 miles. Head right along a paved trail that takes you underneath I-787 to Hudson Shores Park on your right at 7.4 miles in  in Green Island.

Note; I haven't checked this out yet. A trail leads through the park alongside the Hudson River. Picnic tables, pavilion, restrooms and some type of moored boat (restaurant?)

Note; A gap currently exists, as of Jan 2021, between here and the next section of the bikeway. To reach the next section you'll need to travel on-road for 2.8 miles.

Continue straight on-road along Lower Hudson Ave to the intersection of Albany Ave and the Green Island Bridge at 7.7 miles.

 Note; Heading right on-road (sidewalk available) across the Hudson River, you cross Starbuck Island followed by the river again. This brings you to Troy. Head right down River St, back to the Hudson River and you'll come to William Chamberlain Riverfront Park after 0.5 miles. See; South Troy Riverfront Trail .

Continue straight on-road along George St. A the fork bear right along Hudson Ave (one-way). If traveling opposite direction utilize George St (one-way). Travel underneath Route 7 past Lower Hudson Ave Park which sits alongside the Hudson River. Picnic tables and a gazebo. Come to Tibbits Ave and continue left. Take your second right on Dyke Ave. Pass by Veterans Memorial Dr on your right at 9.2 miles. Continue along Dyke Ave passing by the Mohawk River on your right before coming to Route 787 and the Route 787 Path at 9.8 miles. 

Note; I haven't checked this out yet. The paved Route 787 Path starts on your right and travels along the east side of Route 787 for 1.1 miles to Saratoga St (Route 32). If you head right on-road along Saratoga St (sidewalk available) you'll cross a bridge over the Mohawk River. When you come to Fulton St on your right after 1.5 miles turn right down this residential road and you'll cross over the Old Champlain Canal. Head right to a parking lot for the start of the Champlain Canalway Trail; Waterford-Halfmoon after 1.8 miles. 

Cross-light over Route 787 brings you to Spring St. Follow up to and across Saratoga St (Route 32) [Caution no cross-light] where you'll cross some RR tracks. Turn left on Lincoln Ave, then right up Alexander St. This will take you to the Alexander Street parking lot in Cohoes after 10.2 miles. This is the end of the on-road detour.

Mohawk Hudson Bikeway [Northern Section]:

The Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway follows the rail bed northwest along a wooded, residential corridor. You cross over Columbia St via an old RR bridge before passing by the location of the old High Street RR Station. There is a sign board here that gives you a bit of history of the area. Cross an old RR bridge over High St at 11 miles. Spot a spur trail on your right.

Note; This spur trail leads to Garner St where the Cohoes Heritage Trail rejoins the trail from the north. See; Cohoes Heritage Trail Below.

You'll travel through a tunnel under Johnson Ave, followed by another tunnel under Vliet St before crossing Lansing Ln then Manor Ave after 12.1 miles. Map board. Manor Ave/Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway intersection.

Note; Cohoes Heritage Trail. You can detour down Manor Ave to view Cohoes Falls and follow a trail past sections of the old Enlarged Erie Canal before rejoining the Mohawk Hudson Bikeway further south near High St. This creates a nice Loop back to the Mohawk Hudson Bikeway. See; Cohoes Heritage Trail Below.

Continuing north pass by an old RR Mileage Marker at 12.6 miles before another tunnel takes you underneath Route 9 at 13.4 miles. Here the trail heads west. The trail then runs alongside Colonie Town Park before crossing Schermerhorn Rd at 14 miles where you'll find the Colonie Town Park Trailside parking lot. Map board. Here you'll also find the entrance for Colonie Mohawk River Park. Come to a paved trail on your right after 14.7 miles.

Note; Straight leads out to Dunsbach Ferry Rd, where the old rail bed is blocked by I-87.

Turn right and the trail continues off the old rail bed through a sub-division. Cross Dunsbach Ferry Rd and travel on-road for a short 0.5 mile detour along Island View Rd. Travel underneath I-87 with views of the Mohawk River. After 15.5 miles you'll pick up the paved Mohawk Hudson Bikeway on your left. This returns you up to the old rail bed and continues west through a wooded, isolated corridor. Hold your nose as you pass by a sewage treatment plant. Cross Onderdonk Ave, followed by Forts Ferry Rd at 17.2 miles where you'll be rewarded with some nice open views of Mohawk River. Cross a bridge over Shakers Creek and the trail then travels between the river & marshes and River Rd. The trail now heads northwest. Cross into Niskayuna before coming to Niskayuna Lions Park at 19.6 miles. Here you'll find an old Railroad Station, beach, bathrooms and a parking lot next to the Mohawk River. After about 20.3 miles pass another RR Mile Marker S9, meaning Schenectady 9 miles. Then, just before you travel underneath Ferry Rd at 20.5 miles spot a paved trail on your left.

Note; This paved Mohawk Hudson Bikeway Spur Trail leads up to Rosendale Rd. It then travels left alongside the road before crossing to a trail that takes you up to Flower Hill Dr and a sub-division after 0.4 miles.

Cross Lock 7 Road at 21.4 miles. Small parking area. You'll pass by a paved trail on your right at 21.8 miles.

Note; This path leads to the Lock 7 parking lot where you can check out Lock 7. Boat launch located here.

The trail continues north along the river before a sharp left takes you off the old rail bed at 22.9 miles. The trail detours here to circle around Knolls Atomic Power Lab and the GE Research Lab

This next section consists of some hills and is considered moderate. 

Head up a steep hill to Blatnick Town Park and parking lot. Ball & sports fields, picnic pavilion, restrooms. Exit to River Rd at 23.2 miles. 

Note; A paved trail heads left alongside River Rd and ending at Riverdale Rd after 0.4 miles. 

Heading right along the paved Mohawk Hudson Bikeway the trail parallels River Rd. After 24.5 miles the trail turns right into the woods. Pass by a spur trail on your left leading to Niskayuna Soccer Park before you travel back down a steep hill to the old rail bed at 25.5 miles. Here the trail is flat again. Just before a bridge takes you over Route 146 at 26.3 miles spot the East Street parking lot on your right. 

Note; Heading right out to East St, then left again will take you down to Route 146. A paved trail heads right to a pedestrian path on the Rexford Bridge, which crosses the Mohawk River. This leads to a Bike Path alongside Route 146 and ending at Riverview Rd after 0.6 miles.

Cross Aqueduct Rd and travel through forested Aqueduct Park before entering Schenectady and coming to Maxon Road Extension after 28.5 miles. 

Note; You have 3 route options from here:

I chose Option A as it takes you alongside the Mohawk River and through Mohawk Harbor.

Option A:

From Maxon Road Extension; Head right along the paved Alco Heritage Trail following Maxon Rd Ext. Cross the Canadian Pacific RR tracks and soon the trail travels underneath Freeman's Bridge and comes out next to Erie Blvd. Extension after 0.5 miles. Continue straight along the Alco Heritage Trail through the old site of the American Locomotive Company (ALCO).

One hundred years ago, Schenectady's waterfront was filled with industrial buildings, as the main manufacturing plant of the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) was churning out locomotives that were used across the growing nation to transport both people and goods. Over the sixty-plus years that ALCO's Schenectady plant was in operation, it was the second largest steam locomotive builder in the nation, producing over 75,000 locomotives, including the iconic Union Pacific Big Boy, one of the largest steam locomotives ever constructed. ALCO's predecessor, the Schenectady Locomotive Works, manufactured locomotives in the city from 1848 to the 1901 merger, including the famous Jupiter, one of two locomotives to take part in the Golden Spike Ceremony that celebrated the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad. The last locomotives to be made at the Schenectady plant were completed in 1969, and the plant closed later that year. For the next forty years, the site of the former ALCO plant sat largely vacant. Now it has been reborn as Mohawk Harbor and includes the RIVERS CASINO , hotels, condos, retail...

The trail follows Harborside Dr through the hotel and retail complex. Lots of informational signs. Cross Harborside Dr and continue straight. 

Note; Heading left leads to a promenade overlooking the Mohawk Harbor Marina

Pass by some CDPHP CYCLE bikes located here before the trail curves right past Mohawk Harbor on your right. Stay to the outside trail and it will curve around to the Mohawk River. Here the trail travels above the river passing by the RIVERS CASINO . The trail then encounters an active RR line so turns left down to the small River Street parking lot at 1.5 miles. Travel right on-road (residential) out to Front St and head right traveling underneath a RR bridge. Pass by the Front Street Park parking lot on your right, then take your first right along Ingersoll Ave (residential). This will bring you to Riverside Park after 1.9 miles. 

Note; Future plans call for a connection between the Mohawk Harbor and Riverside Park across the RR tracks. They are still deciding how best to bypass the tracks.

A paved trail travels through the park and alongside the river to Washington Ave. Head left on-road (residential). Historic section of town. Lots of old brick and stone buildings. This will bring you to State St. Head right and follow the paved Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway alongside State St to the Western Gateway Bridge/Gateway Landing Park at 2.6 miles

Option B:

From Maxon Road Extension; Head right along the paved Alco Heritage Trail following Maxon Rd Ext. Cross the Canadian Pacific RR tracks and come to Freeman's Bridge (don't travel underneath this bridge). Instead hop off the paved trail and travel right across the bridge (not recommended for kids on bikes) over the Mohawk River to East Glenville. Pick up a paved trail on your right that takes you underneath the bridge where the trail continues west at 0.8 miles. This section of the trail consists of old pavement and stone dust. You cross over Johns Canal Bridge, a replica canal bridge over Collins Creek and cross through an open field to a tunnel under some RR tracks. The trail continues along the river to Iroquois St. Travel straight out to Washington Ave and head left on-road up to and along Schonowee Ave (low volume traffic). This parallels the river. Come to Kiwanis Way after 2.2 miles where you'll pick up a paved trail along both sides of the road. Use trail on left. Right trail travels along Collins Park (sports fields & courts). There are also historical markers along the trail. Come to Freedom Park with its outdoor stage, picnic tables, bathrooms and dock. Travel past "Jumpin Jacks Drive In" and rejoin the paved trail as it takes you over the Mohawk River via the Western Gateway Bridge (Route 5). This will bring you to State St and the entrance to Columbus Drive Circle/Gateway Landing Park at 3 miles on your left. (first road on your left).

Option C:

From Maxon Road Extension; Continue straight along the Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway following the old rail bed through town. Cross Nott St and come to N Jay St at 1.3 miles. This is the end of the old rail bed as across the road it joins with an active RR line. Travel left on-road (not recommended for kids on bikes) to Union St and turn right. Follow to Washington Ave and head left to State St. Head right and follow the paved Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway alongside State St to the Western Gateway Bridge/Gateway Landing Park at 2.3 miles


Continuing from Western Gateway Bridge/Gateway Landing Park; [Mileage utilizing Option A] The paved Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway continues along Columbus Drive Circle. It takes you down past by Gateway Landing Past and underneath State St/Western Gateway Bridge where it continues west alongside the Mohawk River before paralleling I-890. Pull away from the river and travel alongside Rice Rd, passing by the Rice Road parking lot after 30.5 miles. Pass a yellow building with the number 23 at 30.9 miles where you'll find the remains of an Erie Canal Lock. Quickly pick up the river again next to a side path on your right that brings you to a viewing platform overlooking the river. You can see the dam next to Lock 8 if you look upstream. Travel through Lock 8 and a parking lot at 31.4 miles and the trail once again travels between the river and I-890. This part of the trail is rolling hills. Travel underneath the Route 890 bridge and come to an intersection at 33.3 miles.

Note; Left a paved trail takes you across the Mohawk River along the Route 890 bridge to the Rotterdam Park & Ride parking lot in Wyatt's after 0.6 miles.

Next you'll pass by the Kiwanis Park parking lot at 33.7 miles in Rotterdam. Here the trail follows alongside a section of the former Erie Canal Towpath on your left and the Mohawk River on your right. Cross Route 5S at 34.4 miles and continue through the woods alongside a section of the former Erie Canal Towpath. Come to a tunnel underneath an active RR line at 35.8 miles. I haven't yet checked out this new tunnel and section to Iroquois St which was finished in 2020. I would guess this section is 0.2 miles. From Iroquois St in Rotterdam Junction the stone-dust trail continues west through the woods alongside the dried up old canal. After crossing a dirt road (Turnbull Ln) the canal is full of water (Wide Water). Cross another dirt road (Leggiero Ln) and continue along the canal out to Main St (Route 5S) at about 37.3 miles. I haven't yet checked out this next new section. The trail continues approximately 1 mile west along Route 5S to the Route 5S parking lot in Pattersonville and the start of the Erie Canalway Trail; Amsterdam-Utica after approximately 38.3 miles.



Starting from Schuyler Flatts Park in Watervliet; There is a map of the park in the shelter.

Heading right along the path on the Loop Trail you will come to a signboard describing the Erie Canal that passed through here. Next, you pass under a trellis and by a community garden, which then brings you past a turnoff and to another signboard describing a house that was located here. At 0.6 miles, take a right along the path, otherwise you'll complete the loop and return to the shelter. This brings you past the old burial grounds and into the woods to an intersection at 0.7 miles.

Note; Right is a short section of paved trail that abruptly ends.

Turn left which will bring you to 4th Street.

Note; If you wish to connect to the Central Section of the Mohawk Hudson Bikeway cross the road where the paved Mohawk Hudson Bikeway heads north alongside Broadway.

Note; If you wish to connect to the Southern Section of the Mohawk Hudson Bikeway turn right along 4th St and travel underneath I-787 to the 4th Street parking lot at 0.7 miles where the Mohawk Hudson Bikeway begins its trip south down to Albany. The parking lot is located right next to the Hudson River, with benches that afford you some great views.



The Cohoes Heritage Trail is a detour off the Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway that allows you to check out FALLS VIEW PARK on the Mohawk River, as well as, some remaining sections of the old Enlarged Erie Canal and Clintons Ditch, its precursor. Your also able to check out the Harmony Mills Historic District. A few short hills are involved, as well as, some on-road sections (low traffic/residential). 

Starting from the Manor Ave/Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway intersection; Head left (east) down Manor Ave. This is on-road down a short hill (narrow sidewalk available). This brings you to N Mohawk St after only 0.2 miles. The Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway also travels along N Mohawk St.

Note; If you head left up N Mohawk St it will bring you to views of a dam across the Mohawk River, as well as, the start of the "power canal" that diverts water from the river for power. This is about a 0.5 mile on-road detour.

Heading right along N Mohawk St a wide sidewalk is available. You'll come to the Falls View Park parking lot at 0.3 miles. Across the road is FALLS VIEW PARK [No biking allowed in the park] . There are informational signs giving the history of the area, a pedestrian bridge over the "power canal", picnic tables and overlooks of Cohoes Falls. After checking out the falls, return to the Falls View Park parking lot and head up the grassy knoll at the back of the parking lot. An old inlaid stone and grass path travels left past the remnants of Lock 18 which was part of the Enlarged Erie Canal. After the Lock, follow an asphalt path down to Church St. Follow Church St out to N Mohawk St and follow the sidewalk right past Craner Park. Turn left at the crosswalk over N Mohawk St and you'll come to School St. Head straight down School St where you'll pick up a stone-dust path that affords you a nice overlook of Cohoes Falls. The path then travels high above the Mohawk River and bringing you out to Cataract St. Head straight back out to N Mohawk St. Cross the street [Caution no crosswalk] and head left. This will bring you to Clinton's Ditch Plaza and the official start of the Cohoes Heritage Trail at 0.9 miles. Here you'll find a map board and informational signs. A grate lets you view Clinton's Ditch below. A paved trail, which turns to stone-dust travels up past Craner Park and alongside Harmony St past the old brick Harmony Mills. Come to Vliet St after 1.2 miles. 

Note; You may take a quick detour left down Vliet St to N Mohawk St (only 0.1 miles). Here you'll find the Harmony Mills Historic District. Beautiful old brick Harmony Mill buildings to your left and remnants of Clintons Ditch to your right. Clintons Ditch (1825-1842) was the precursor to the Enlarged Erie Canal (1842-1915).

Crosswalk over Vliet St where the paved/stone-dust trail continues. Pass by Lock 15 of the Enlarged Erie Canal and you'll come to another map board at 1.4 miles. 

Note; A spur trail on your left leads to Cayuga St and the Cohoes Community Center.

The trail ends at Standish Pl (low traffic) where the canal disappears. Follow this road out to Ontario St and head right up a small hill to High St. Turn right up High St, then right on Garner St. You'll come to a crosswalk that brings you to a short connecting path on your left leading to the Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway after 1.9 miles [1.1 miles north back to the Manor Ave/Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway intersection].