Last Updated:       April 25, 2009

Length:                 Heritage-Way Bike Path; 9 miles                                        

Difficulty:            Moderate. A lot of on-road sections, also some hilly sections. It can be difficult at times to follow the route without missing a turnoff.                            


To start from the 1860 Reservoir ; From I-91, take exit 25 to Route 3 (Maple St). Look for Hang Dog Lane on the right. Take it to Highland St and turn right. Look for a narrow dirt road on your left, this is also a boat launch site. 

To start from Mill Woods Park; From I-91, take exit 25 to Route 3 (Maple St). Take a right onto Prospect St. The park entrance will be on your left.

Wethersfield's Heritage-Way Bike Path is a multi-use path that connects many of the Town's existing recreation facilities and open space areas. The Heritage-Way occupies both off-road paths on town-owned land as well as existing roadways that are enhanced with safety signs. 

Starting from the 1860 Reservoir; There is a signboard located next to the boat launch and parking area. 

Note; Take a quick side trip by heading past the two large cement barriers along a dirt trail to a small bridge. From here you'll have a nice view of the Reservoir.

Head down the dirt road you drove in on to Highland St. Hang a left and travel on-road. There is also a narrow sidewalk available. There are green "bike route" signs posted all along the route. Highland St bears right (you lose the sidewalk). You pass by Highcrest fields after 3/4 miles and start a long downhill decent. Take a left along Griswold Rd (sidewalks along both sides) and at 1.9 miles take a right onto a stone-dust path into Mill Woods Park. You'll pass by the ball fields and enter a parking lot. Head left through the lot and follow the road out towards the tennis courts. Here, you'll find another signboard. Follow the road left to the exit at Prospect St. A cross light is too your left that will take you over Prospect St. Head up Wolcott Hill Rd, keeping a sharp eye out to your left for Brimfield Rd. If you come to a deli and grocery store, you missed it (good chance to grab some refreshments however). Along the right side of Brimfield Rd will be a stone-dust trail referred to as Folly Brook Blvd at 2.9 miles. Follow this trail as it travels through the neighborhood. A parking lot and sign board are located in Wintergreen Woods at 3.6 miles. The stone-dust trail is a bit wider along this section as it passes behind the High School. After crossing over Nott St at 4.3 miles, Folly Brook Blvd becomes a low volume residential street. Take your first right along Greenfield St and pass by the Pitkin Community Center. This brings you out to Park St, which is divided by a median. Head left and take a right when you come to Cumberland Ave. This is a very pleasant neighborhood with a tree lined median. You'll need a sharp eye to spot a narrow, stone-dust path on your right just before the end of this road. This "school path" then crosses over Oxford St and continues as a narrow, paved path alongside Charles Wright elementary school and out to Nott St at 5.6 miles. Hang a left and cross over Silas Deane Highway via the cross-light. Continue along Nott St, traveling over the railroad tracks and you'll pass by Standish Park. This brings you to Hartford Ave. Take the crosswalk over Hartford Ave, turn left and use another crosswalk over State St. Follow Hartford Ave past the Soloman Wells House, then turn right into Cove Park at 6.3 miles. A stone-dust trail heads out of the parking lot and takes you to a nice overlook of Wethersfield Cove. Benches and picnic tables are located here. The trail travels alongside the cove and brings you to a boat launch. Turn right and follow the road up to Main St. 

Note; Take a quick detour by heading left which will bring you to Wethersfield Cove Park. A parking lot is located here.

Heading back along the broad, tree lined Main St, you pass by old historic homes dating back to the 1600's to 1800's. At 7.2 miles you need to keep a sharp eye to your left for Hart St. This is a narrow residential street that bears right and becomes Marsh St. Turn left along Burbank St and travel underneath I-91. Turn right down Great Meadows Rd and you'll then travel underneath Route 3 at 8 miles.

Note; Here, a future connection will take you up to the Putnam Bridge Bike Path, where you can cross the Connecticut River to Glastonbury. A future path, just after you cross over the Connecticut River, will take you down to the South Meadows River Trail . The end of the Putnam Bridge Bike Path, not yet completed, will bring you down to Naubuc Ave. Here, heading south on-road will bring you to the Riverfront Park Trail in Glastonbury, which is part of the Glastonbury Trails network.

Note; The connections to the Putnam Bridge Bike Path are currently under construction as of April 2023. Also, the South Meadows River Trail has not yet been extended from the Wethersfield/East Hartford town line south to the Putnam Bridge.

Continue along Great Meadows Rd and past a large yellow gate.

Note; This last section is very isolated and not recommended for bikers traveling by themselves.

The road deteriorates and the pavement brakes up as you pass through large fields. You'll pass by a dirt road on your right, then the Wethersfield Game Club. The road travels near the Connecticut River and finally ends at another yellow gate after 9 miles. A dirt path continues, but apparently belongs to the Game Club?   

Note; You can return the way you came or opt for another route that will bring you back to Main St, which is what we did. Head back past the Wethersfield Game Club to a dirt road on your left. Follow this rough road, which gives you much better views of the Connecticut River, until it splits. Bear right, away from the river and you'll travel underneath I-91 to Elm St at about 10.7 miles. Head right, passing scenic horse farms and you'll come to Route 3. There is a cross-light, however, this is a very busy and dangerous road so USE CAUTION. Continue along Elm St, which will bring you out to Broad St and the Town Green. Turn right, then left on Constitution Way, crossing the Green. Continue straight on Garden St which will bring you to Main St after 11.7 miles. From here, you can head right back to the Bikeway or head left to Wells Rd for a shortcut back to the Bikeway at Folly Brook Blvd.