Last Updated:       March 11, 2024

Length:                 Hebron Ave Bike Path; 1 mile

                               Smith School Greenway; 1 mile

                               Eastern & Western Blvd Bike Path; 0.3 miles

                               Salmon Brook Trail; 0.4 miles

                               Riverfront Park/Community Center Loop Trail; 2.1 mile Loop

Difficulty:             Hebron Ave Bike Path; Easy. Flat paved trail. 

                               Smith School Greenway; Easy. Paved rolling trail.

                               Salmon Brook Trail; Easy. Wide, flat, paved trail.

                               Riverfront Park/Community Center Loop Trail; Easy. Flat, stone-dust and paved trail.


To Start from the Bell Street parking lot [Eastern End]; From Route 2 take exit 8 to Route 94 east past the Hebron Ave School and turn left along Bell St. The parking lot just a ways up on your left. To Start from Buckingham Park; Continue along Route 94 and turn left on Route 83, then left into Buckingham Park. 

The Glastonbury Trail is a planned series of interconnecting trails traveling from Buckingham Park West to Riverfront Park next to the Connecticut River, then south to Ferry Landing Park. These trails are currently connected with some on-road sections. Starting from the Eastern End: Hebron Ave Bike Path, Smith School Greenway, Eastern & Western Blvd Bike Path, Salmon Brook Trail & Riverfront Park Trail. For more information visit; GLASTONBURY TRAILS .

Glastonbury Trails:

Hebron Ave Bike Path:

Starting from the Buckingham Park parking lot [Eastern End]; A stone-dust trail travels around the ball fields and out to Route 94 and the Hebron Ave Bike Path

Note; Left the paved Hebron Ave Bike Path travels East 0.2 miles before ending.

Turn right West along the paved Hebron Ave Bike Path which follows alongside Hebron Ave. Come to Harvest Lane where the trail ends after 1 mile. To continue you must travel on-road along busy Hebron Ave which has a very narrow shoulder. Not recommended for kids on bikes or inexperienced riders. After 1.6 miles you'll come to Bell St where you turn right. Follow Bell St on-road (residential) until you cross over Salmon Creek. Turn left into the Bell Street parking lot at 2 miles

Smith School Greenway:

Here the paved Smith School Greenway travels West through the open woods of the Bell-Hebron Linear Park. A narrow stone-dust trail parallels it. The trail winds through the forest, crosses a stream and encounters some small hills before emerging at the Smith School Sports Fields parking lot at 3 miles. Follow the wide sidewalk past the baseball field.

Note; Just past the baseball field on your right is the paved Worthington Road Spur that leads to Worthington Rd after 0.2 miles.

Continue West along the wide sidewalk past Smith Middle School and out to Addison Rd where the trail ends at 3.4 miles

Eastern & Western Blvd Bike Path:

Continue straight on-road along Eastern Blvd (industrial park) before picking up the paved Eastern & Western Blvd Bike Path at 3.7 miles. You quickly turn right alongside Western Blvd. The paved path ends at 4 miles. Continue west on-road. After 4.3 miles you'll come to the wide, paved Salmon Brook Trail on your right. 

Salmon Brook Trail: 

You quickly cross a boardwalk next to Salmon Brook on your right. The paved trail then enters the woods alongside the brook. At a sharp curve look left to spot an old mill dam. Come to the House Street parking lot at 4.7 miles. BIKE STATION. From House St head left on-road (narrow sidewalk available) underneath Route 2 to Salmon Brook Dr and head right on-road (Residential; wide shoulder/narrow sidewalk available). Turn right on New London Tnpk and continue on-road (wide shoulder/narrow sidewalk available). Cross Main St and continue west on-road (narrow sidewalk available) along Naubuc Ave. Come to Welles Street (Parking lot left at the Community Center) and look right to spot a massive Cooper Beach tree next to a beautiful brick building. Just past Welles St pick up the Riverfront Community Center Loop Trail on your left, off *Naubuc Ave at 5.7 miles. 

Putnam Bridge Bike Path:

Note; Continuing North along Naubuc Ave, another 0.8 miles, will bring you to the Putnam Bridge (Route 3) and the Naubuc Ave parking lot on your right. Here, a future connection on your left, will take you up to the Putnam Bridge Bike Path. Traveling Southwest, before crossing the Connecticut River, you'll come to the future connection down to the South Meadows River Trail in Glastonbury. This trail travels North along the Connecticut River to E Hartford. Continuing across the Connecticut River to Wethersfield a trail will bring you down to the Great Meadows Road parking lot. Here you can connect to the Heritage-Way Bikepath . See; Map Below.

Note; The Putnam Bridge Bike Path is scheduled to open in April 2024. Also, the South Meadows River Trail has not yet been extended from the Wethersfield/East Hartford town line South to the Putnam Bridge.

Riverfront Community Center Loop Trail: 

Loop right along the stone-dust trail around an open field. Travel South above the CT River and come to an intersection. Continue straight to a water fountain and overlook of the river. Informational signs. Continue along the river along a cement path past a playground and picnic pavilion before following a boardwalk past another parking lot to the Glastonbury Boathouse at 6.1 miles. 

Note; Walkway down to a patio and dock along the river. Just past the boathouse is a boat launch.

Travel left around to the front of the boathouse where you'll follow a wide sidewalk right to a cross-walk over Park Road A to Riverfront Park. Here you'll head right along the stone-dust Riverfront Park Loop Trail. Travel around the ball field. The trees along your right are identified as per species. Come to an intersection at 6.3 miles. Head right into the woods and quickly come to another intersection.

Note; Straight the wide, stone-dust Main Street Historic District Spur travels East through the open woods, passing by another entrance to the Glastonbury Dog Park on your right. A short causeway through some wetlands brings you to a short road out to Main St after 0.25 miles

Head right, South, passing by the Glastonbury Dog Park on your left before traveling around an open meadow and back into the woods where you emerge next to a Solar installation and the Glastonbury Water Treatment Plant. You then come to the Glastonbury Town Hall parking lot. Continue right along the paved trail which takes you past a ball field, then left, East, past Glastonbury Town Hall and out to Main St at 6.8 miles. Loop back, West, past Town Hall (spot the big Sycamore tree on your right). Head left and travel around the Town Hall Plaza Loop and back to the ball field, across which you'll spot the Skate Park. Return North past the Glastonbury Dog Park to the Main Street Historic District Spur at 7.2 miles. Head left back out to the ball field. Here you'll head right and come to a parking lot and Porto-Potty's. Turn left and follow the paved trail North alongside Park Road B to a picnic pavilion. 

Note; Straight, North, the paved trail follows Park Road B to Welles St at 0.1 miles.

Head left, West, along the stone-dust trail between the ball fields. This returns you to Park Road B. Don't cross the road, instead head right, North, along the stone-dust trail beside the sports field. Come to Welles St and head left, West, across Park Road B to a double-wide sidewalk. Travel past a basketball court and return to the playground. Head right, North, along the double-wide sidewalk to a stone-dust trail on your left. This brings you to the Riverfront Community Center Loop Trail. Continue right past the Community Center and complete your 2.1 mile Loop (7.8 miles Total) back at *Naubuc Ave.