Last Updated:       August 3, 2015

Length:                  Hojack Trail; 5 miles

                                Route 104 Trail; 6.1 miles

                                Webster Trails:

  • North Ponds Park Loop; 1 mile Loop
  • Bird Sanctuary Trail/Chiyoda Trail/Chiyoda Loop; 3.3 mile Loop                                

Difficulty:              Hojack Trail; Easy. Flat rail trail with a crushed gravel surface.

                                Route 104 Trail; Easy. Flat paved trail.

                                Webster Trails:

  • North Ponds Park Loop; Easy. Paved trail.
  • Bird Sanctuary Trail/Chiyoda Trail/Chiyoda Loop; Easy. Paved, recycled asphalt, hard packed dirt, grass & gravel trail.


To Start from Orchard Road parking lot (Webster Trails-Hojack Trail); From Route 104, take the Holt Rd exit and travel north. Take your first right onto Orchard Rd. The parking lot is on your right.  

To Start from the North Ponds Park parking lot (Route 104 Trail-North Ponds Loop); From Route 104, take the Route 250 exit. From Route 104 westbound continue straight past Route 250 along the Service Rd. From Route 104 westbound turn left on Route 250, then left again on the Service Rd. The North Ponds Park parking lot will be on your right.

The town of Webster contains a series of interconnecting trails. The Webster Trails consist of the North Ponds Park Loop and Bird Sanctuary Trail/Chiyoda Trail/Chiyoda Loop. The Route 104 Trail, as its name implies, travels alongside Route 104. The Hojack Trail follows the rail bed of the old Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg RR, commonly known as The Hojack Line. For more information visit; FRIENDS OF WEBSTER TRAILS .

Hojack Trail:

Starting from Phillips Rd [Eastern End]; I have only checked out the middle section. From Phillips Rd the crushed gravel Hojack Trail travel west along an open industrial corridor. Cross North Ave past a Map Board where the trail gradually turns northwest. You'll come alongside Orchard Rd below right and an intersection where a path crosses at 1.2 miles.

Note; Right brings you down and across Orchard Rd the start of the Bird Sanctuary Trail. Left brings you to the North Ponds Park Loop. See Webster Trails Below.

Continuing along the trail you pass by the Orchard Road parking lot at 1.3 miles.

Note; Left brings you to the North Ponds Park Loop. See Webster Trails below.

Continuing north cross Holt Rd. Pass by a cement Whistle marker before crossing Hard Rd. Cross Klem Rd at 2.8 miles followed by Van Alstyne Rd [I'm not sure if the next sections have been upgraded to crushed stone] and Drumm Rd at 4 miles where the trail turns north. Cross Vosburg Rd before finally crossing Lake Rd via an old RR bridge where the trail ends after 5 miles off Forest Lawn Rd.

Webster Trails:

Starting from the Orchard Road parking lot; 

North Ponds Park Loop:

To reach the North Ponds Park Loop. From the parking lot you'll need cross over the Hojack Trail and enter North Ponds Park where you'll come to the narrow, paved Loop Trail. Head right (south) around the pond and you'll come to an access road for Route 104. Turn left utilizing the wide, paved Route 104 Trail and you'll pass by the North Ponds Park  parking lot at 0.5 miles. Restroom located here. Trail then turns left (north) alongside a second pond. Just past the tip of the pond you'll need to turn right along a narrow paved trail. Come to the northern tip of the first pond at 0.9 miles next to a sign for the Bird Sanctuary Trail

Note; To reach the Bird Sanctuary Trail/Chiyoda Trail/Chiyoda Loop head right across the grass to a path through the trees and up to the Hojack Trail. Cross the trail, then cross Orchard Rd (Use Caution, No Crosswalk) and you'll come to the Bird Sanctuary Trail. See Below.

Continue past the top of the pond and you'll complete your Loop after 1 mile.

Bird Sanctuary Trail/Chiyoda Trail/Chiyoda Loop:

To reach the Bird Sanctuary Trail/Chiyoda Trail/Chiyoda Loop. From the Orchard Road parking lot you'll need to head left (East) along the Hojack Trail for 0.2 miles. Right brings you to the North Ponds Park Loop so head left across Orchard Rd. Use Caution, No Crosswalk.

Note; If you start with the North Ponds Park Loop, you can combine the Bird Sanctuary Trail/Chiyoda Trail/Chiyoda Loop and return to the parking lot along the Hojack Trail. Makes for a nice partial Loop.

From the Map Board head into the woods along the hard packed dirt, grass and gravel Bird Sanctuary Trail. An occasional tree root. Travel past a pond and come to Webster Rd at 0.8 miles. Use Caution, No Crosswalk/Fast traffic. Your now following the Chiyoda Trail which consists of hard paced dirt and recycled asphalt. Come to an intersection and head left through a narrow corridor of Birch trees before coming to the Chiyoda Loop at 1.1 miles. Head left along this narrow paved trail and you'll travel across an open field past a playground, picnic pavilion and sports courts before heading back into the woods. Cross a bridge over a brook before traveling around some ball fields. Come to an intersection behind a school/ recreation center? Bear right along the narrow trail past a small pond and more ball fields. Cross another bridge over the brook, bear left and head back into the woods where you'll return to the Chiyoda Trail at 2.1 miles. Head left and return to the  Hojack Trail for a 3.3 mile Loop [3.7 mile Loop from the Orchard Road parking lot] .

Route 104 Trail:

Starting from Salt Road/Route 6 [Eastern End]; I have not checked out this Trail. From Salt Rd/Route 6 the paved trail heads west up along a ramp and along the south side of Route 104. Travel around a small pond and past a cemetery before crossing Route 8 at a mile. Pass through a wooded section before traveling between Route 104 and Lyon Dr before coming to North Ave. Cross North Ave, then head right over the ramp following a sidewalk underneath Route 104. Another crosswalk over a ramp returns you to the paved trail which now continues along the north side of Route 104 at 1.7 miles. Pass by the North Ponds Park parking lot at 2.2 miles. See; North Ponds Park Loop Below. Continue past the park and across Route 10. Cross Hard Rd then Route 18 at 4 miles. Come to Gravel Rd and head left underneath Route 104 utilizing the wide shoulder. Pick up the paved trail at 4.8 miles as it now travels along the south side of Route 104. Come to Maple Dr and repeat heading right to the north of Route 104. Come to Route 16 (Bay Rd) where the trail ends after 6.1 miles.