Letterbox Planted:            June 29, 2004

Last Updated:                     December 21, 2023

Length:                               Lake George to Feeder Canal; 10 ½ miles

                                             LakeWalk; 1 mile

Difficulty:                           Moderate. Paved trail with some on-road sections and hilly in spots.


To start from Lake George [Northern End]; Take exit 21 off of I-87 to Route 9N. Turn left at light up Route 9. Travel less than a mile, then turn right along W Brook Rd. The trail begins at the end of the road on your right next to a sign board just before Beach Rd. Parking is available around town, however, most of it is Metered Parking. You can also park at Lake George Beach SP where you’ll pay an All Day Fee.

You May also park on Amherst St (Metered Parking) and follow the LakeWalk to the start of the Warren County Bikeway.

To start from the Leonard Street parking lot in Glen Falls [Southern End]; From I-87 take exit 18 to Main St and head east. Main St becomes Broad St. Head left on South St merging onto Bay St. Take your first right onto Maple St and a left onto Leonard St. Parking lot is on your left after 0.2 miles.

The Warren County Bikeway travels south from Lake George to Glens Falls. It was created from an old trolley line and railroad bed. In 1882, the Delaware & Hudson Railroad expanded a rail line from Fort Edward up to Lake George. In 1885, a narrow gauge railroad between the tri-village communities of Fort Edward and Sandy Hill in Washington County and Glens Falls in Warren County was completed. The street railway consisted initially of horse-drawn cars transporting passengers over narrow gauge tracks. By the 1890's the line was sold, extended to Lake George & Warrensburg, electrified and renamed. At its height the Hudson Valley Railway operation included over 100 cars and 130 miles of track. The line was eventually abandoned with trolleys being replaced by buses in 1928. In Glens Falls you can connect to the Feeder Canal Trail which connects to the South Glens Falls Bike Trail in South Glens Falls and the Champlain Canalway Trail; Fort Edward-Forth Ann in Hudson Falls.


Starting from Amherst Street in Lake George [Northern End]; The LakeWalk starts at the end of this street next to a marina. Follow the wide sidewalk South alongside the shore of Lake George. Pass by Shepard Park and a small beach. Past some boat slips is a nice garden where the trail not follows Beach Rd. Pass by the Lake George Steamship Company after 0.5 miles. Across the street is the Fort William Henry Museum. Come to W Brook Rd on your right at 0.6 miles where a crosswalk will take you to the start of the Warren County Bikeway. If you continue along the LakeWalk you’ll pass by Lake George Million Dollar Beach and cross a boat launch where you can turn left to an overlook of Lake George at 1 mile.

Warren County Bikeway:

Starting from W Brook Road in Lake George [Northern End]; The Warren County Bikeway has informational signs posted along the route and Mileage Markers painted in yellow on the pavement. 

Note; If you travel West along W Brook Rd you'll come to a stone-dust trail on your left after 0.2 miles. This 0.3 mile trail Loops around an open meadow and small pond. A cross-walk through the tree lined medium of W Brook Rd brings you to Charles R Wood Park where a wide cement path Loops 0.3 miles around the park. Restrooms and Skate Park

Note; Future plans envision extending the trail North to Warrensburg.

Traveling South the paved Warren County Bikeway passes by the entrance to Lake George Battlefield Park and head up a moderate grade away from the lake into the woods. You cross a bridge over Route 9L at about ¾ miles and come to a very short on-road section along Old Military Rd at just over a mile. The trail picks up again on the right. Just shy of 2 miles you come alongside Route 9 and the entrance to Magic Forest Park, where the trail crests. Less then a ¼ mile later you head back into the woods. You come to picnic area and Map Board at 2 ¾ miles. The trail starts downhill, passing through a rocky, mossy area with a brook running alongside the trail. The power lines that run next to the right side of the trail follow the former path of the Hudson Valley Railway, an electric trolley Line that ran up to Lake George. You pass by a trail on your right at 3 ¼ miles that brings you up to the Col. Williams Monument. At 3 ¾ miles you divert away from the old rail line to a new bridge that takes you over Route 149. You cross over Ash St at 4 ¾ miles and the trail takes you through a marsh, which is actually the western tip of Glen Lake. You are traveling on the old trolley line now and if you look to your left you'll see an old railroad trestle crossing the marsh along the old railroad line. At 5 miles you head up and over a short hill which brings you to a barrier and the start of the on-road section. This is Birdsall Road. To the right of the barrier are 3 large boulders. Go to the far right boulder near the woods and then take 5 paces (2 steps = 1 pace) into the woods to a large two-trunked Oak tree. You'll see a pile of rocks at its base. Remove ONLY the top 2 rocks to reveal the Warren County Bikeway Letterbox

Note; If you head left along Birdsall Rd you'll see where the old railroad bed cut through the rock.

Turn right up Birdsall Rd for an on-road detour of about 1 ½ miles. The on-road section is hilly in spots and uses one fairly busy road. Come to Round Pond Rd (wide shoulders) and head left, East, passing through a golf course. Do not mistake the golf cart trail that crosses over the road for the bike path. At 6 ¼ miles you take a right, South, down Country Club Rd (wide shoulders). Straight will take you to Adirondack Community College. The paved trail picks up again on your right at 6 ¾ miles. The trail is flat from here on out. You pass by a parking lot at 7 ½ miles next to Country Club Road. You cross a long bridge over Route 254 at 7 ¾ miles and travel a more urban trail. Cross light over Route 7 at 8 ¼ miles. You then cross into Glens Falls where you’ll encounter multiple road crossings and at 9 ¼ miles come to an ice cream stand with picnic tables at Dix Ave. You come to the Leonard Street parking lot at just over 9 ½ miles. Turn right for a short on-road section along this residential street and the trail picks up again to your left. You'll see some remains of the old railroad tracks and buildings to your right. The trail ends after 10 miles at Platt St. You can see more of the old rail line and tracks straight ahead. 

Note; A ½ mile on-road detour will bring you to the Feeder Canal Trail. Turn right down Platt St, then left along Warren St to Geer St. Cross over Warren St to Shermantown Rd which will bring you down to the Feeder Canal Trail





    AUGUST 8, 2015