Notice; Exit numbers along some of the interstate highways in Massachusetts, New York & Rhode Island have been changed to mileage based exit numbers. I believe I've changed all the new exit numbers in my directions, however, please email me if I've missed any. Thank you. bikeitorhikeitcontact@gmail.com

Dec. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Manhattan Waterfront Greenway in Manhattan, NY. New 0.3 miles section along the East River Greenway from E 60th St to E 53rd St.

Dec. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Route 390 Greenway in Greece, NY. Extended 1.2 miles.

Dec. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Route 434 Greenway in Binghamton -Vestal, NY. Extended 2.5 miles.

Nov. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Bloomfield Greenway in Bloomfield, CT. 

Oct. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Emerald Necklace Greenway in Boston, MA. 

Oct. 2023;  "UPDATED"  South Bay Harbor Trail in Boston, MA. 

Oct. 2023;  "UPDATED"  North central Pathway in Gardner, MA. New parking lot and short section added.

Sep. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Providence River Trail in Providence, RI. New section added.

Sep. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Woonsocket River Greenway in Providence, RI. Two new sections added.

Sep. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Columbia Greenway in Westfield, MA has been extended through downtown to the Westfield River.

Aug. 2023;   "NEW"      Hancock Rail Trail in Hooksett, NH. 

Aug. 2023;   "NEW"      Eastview & Jaquith Rail Trails in Harrisville-Hancock, NH. 

Aug. 2023;   "NEW"      Hooksett Riverwalk Trail in Hooksett, NH. 

Aug. 2023;   "NEW"      Concord-Lake Sunapee Rail Trail in Concord & Hopkinton, NH. Two new sections added.

Aug. 2023;  "UPDATED"  New Boston Rail Trail in New Boston, NH. Trail extended. Now all crushed gravel. New parking lot.

Aug. 2023;   "NEW"      Ami Brown Trail in Keene, NH.

Aug. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Cheshire Rail Trail; North in Keene, NH. Stone-dust extended north.

Aug. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Ashuelot Rail Trail in Keene, NH. Stone-dust extended south.

Aug. 2023;  "UPDATED"  SNETT in Douglas, MA. 

Aug. 2023;   "NEW"      Middleton Rail Trail in Middleton, MA.

Aug. 2023;   "NEW"      Danvers Rail Trail Extension in Danvers, MA.

Aug. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Lowell NHP; Canalwalk in Lowell, MA. Merrimack Trail extended.

Aug. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Eastern Marsh Trail in Salisbury, MA. Trail extended north to NH.

Aug. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Bradford Rail Trail in Bradford, MA. Trail extended east.

Aug. 2023;  "UPDATED"  Franklin & Bellingham Rail Trail in Franklin and Bellingham, MA. Has been extended 1 mile west. Trail is now all stone-dust.

July 2023;  "UPDATED"   Northern Strand Community Trail in Everett, MA. Southern section now complete.

July 2023;  "UPDATED"   Mystic River Paths in Charlestown & Somerville, MA. Trail extended east.

July 2023;  "UPDATED"   Grand Junction Trail in Cambridge, MA. 

July 2023;  "UPDATED"   Mass Central Rail Trail; Wayside Branch in Waltham, MA. Trail is being extended 3 miles, but is still under construction.

July 2023;  "UPDATED"   Mass Central Rail Trail; Boston-Cambridge-Belmont in Somerville-Cambridge, MA. The Somerville Community Greenway has been extended to North Point Park in Cambridge.

July 2023;  "UPDATED"   Alewife Brook Greenway in Cambridge, MA.

July 2023;    "NEW"      Arlington Reservoir Loop Trail in Arlington, MA.

June 2023;  "UPDATED"   Rockingham Trail in Manchester, NH. All stone-dust surface now. 

May 2023;    "NEW"      Webb Memorial State Park in North Weymouth, MA.

May 2023;    "NEW"      Wompatuck State Park in Cohasset & Hingham, MA.

May 2023;    "NEW"      Chestnut Hill Reservation in Boston, MA.

May 2023;    "NEW"      Marshfield Rail Trail & Bridle Trail in Marshfield, MA.  

May 2023;  "UPDATED"   Back River Trail in North Weymouth, MA. Has been extended south.

May 2023;  "UPDATED"   Mattapoisett Rail Trail in Mattapoisett, MA. Has been extended.

May 2023;  "UPDATED"   Hanover Branch Rail Trail in West Hanover, MA. Has been extended into W. Hanover.

May 2023;  "UPDATED"   Seaside Rail Trail in Plymouth, MA. Has been extended. Route added through Plymouth. 

May 2023;  "UPDATED"   Charles River Bikeway in Cambridge, MA.  

May 2023;  "UPDATED"   Concord River Greenway in Lowell, MA. Trail extended to Centennial Island. 

May 2023;  "UPDATED"   Bruce Freeman Rail Trail in Concord, MA. New bridge over Routes 2 & 111 open. 

May 2023;  "UPDATED"   Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail in Springville & Orchard Park. NY. New trail sections opened.

May 2023;  "UPDATED"   Bronx River Greenway in Bronx, NY. Trail completed in Starlight Park. Two new bridges.

May 2023;  "UPDATED"   Glastonbury Trails in Glastonbury, CT. Riverfront Park and salmon Brook Greenway added.

April 2023;  "UPDATED"  Kingston Greenline in Kingston, NY. The Kingston Midtown Linear Trail has been extended another 0.2 miles.

April 2023;  "UPDATED"  Ansonia Riverwalk in Ansonia, CT. New trail along the east side of the river.

April 2023;  "UPDATED"  South Meadows River Trail in East Hartford, CT. The paved section has been extended to the Wethersfield town line.

April 2023;  "UPDATED"  Heritage Trail in Middletown, NY. Has been extended 0.9 miles to E Main St in Middletown.