Last Updated:      June 24, 2013

Length:                Susquehanna Riverwalk; 5.5 miles

                              South Williamsport Loop; 5.4 miles

                              Williamsport Loop; 6.4 miles

                              Loyalsock/Montoursville Bikeway; 4.4 miles

                              South Williamsport Community Park Loop; 1.9 miles

Difficulty:            Easy. Flat paved levee trail.


To Start from South Williamsport; From I-180 take exit 27A to Route 15 south. Turn left on E Central Ave after 0.6 miles and follow for 0.5 miles to Charles St. A small dirt parking lot is located at this corner. You may also park at South Williamsport Community Park just down E Central Ave.

To start from Williamsport; 

From I-180 westbound take exit 25 to S Northway Rd and turn left. Travel underneath the highway and turn left on Commerce Park Drive. Cross the RR tracks and the parking area will be on your right.

From I-180 eastbound take exit 25 and turn right on Commerce Park Drive. Cross the RR tracks and the parking area will be on your right.

The Susquehanna Riverwalk is a paved trail along the levee system in Williamsport & South Williamsport that travels along the West Branch Susquehanna River. The South Williamsport Loop starts from Charles St in South Williamsport and returns you to same. The Williamsport Loop starts from Commerce Park Drive in Williamsport and returns you to same. You can connect to the Loyalsock/Montoursville Bikeway at Commerce Park Drive in Williamsport as well. For more information visit; SUSQUEHANNA RIVERWALK .

Susquehanna Riverwalk (South Williamsport Loop)

Starting from South Williamsport; The trailhead starts just off Charles St.

Note; A short loop trail travels around South Williamsport Community Park. Travel down E Central Ave to a paved trail on your left that enters the park. Pass by a Parking lot at 0.1 miles and bear left past Paws Park. This open trail travels through a grove of trees before looping right past a ball field. Pick up a paved path on your left off this Inner Loop Trail at 0.4 miles. Follow this path to a second parking lot and travel left along the Outer Loop Trail around the ball fields completing a loop back to this spot at 1.5 miles. Return to the Inner Loop Trail and head left. Pass by picnic pavilions, playground, restrooms and pool building where you'll rejoin the trail next to Paws Park. Turn left to return to the Charles Street parking area for a 1.9 mile loop.

From Charles Street the open, paved trail travels along a berm before crossing RR tracks at 0.4 miles. Here the trail travels west atop the Levee next to the RR tracks with the West Branch Susquehanna River along your right. Travel underneath the Market Street Bridge (Route 15) and you'll come to a spur trail on your left that leads up to the bridge at 1.1 miles. Continue straight passing by a series of informational signs. Pass by a small spillway dam across the river at 1.5 miles. The trail then heads off the Levee and travels closer to the river. Come to the Maynard Street bridge at 2.3 miles. A cross-light will take you over to a narrow pathway along the bridge and over the river. A switchback takes you left underneath the bridge where the trail climbs up a slight incline and travels east. Open views of the river on your right and I-180 just above on your left. Rejoin the Levee at 3.2 miles where a RR track now separates you from I-180. Come to a ramp at 3.9 miles that leads up to the Market Street Bridge. 

Note; To complete the South Williamsport Loop head over the bridge via a wide pathway (promenades overlooking the river) and travel east back to Charles Street for an 5.4 miles loop.

Continuing east underneath the Market Street Bridge the trail continues along the Levee. After 4.3 miles trees obscure your view of the river as the trail pulls away from the highway. The trail then loops out to Commerce Park Drive at 5.5 miles. Across the road is the Commerce Park Drive parking lot

Loyalsock/Montoursville Bikeway (Williamsport Loop)

Starting from the Commerce Park Drive parking lot; 

Note; The Williamsport Loop follows the Susquehanna Riverwalk west, crosses the Maynard Street Bridge and travels east, crosses the Market Street Bridge and returns east back to the Commerce Park Drive parking lot for an 6.4 miles loop.

From Commerce Park Drive travel north over the RR tracks to pick up the Loyalsock/Montoursville Bikeway. The section in Loyalsock is called the Reighard Trail/Susquehanna Bikeway. Cross an old RR bridge over Millers Run and bear right along the open, paved trail as it follows the RR tracks on your right with I-180 just above on your left. Cross over the RR tracks and you'll come to Greevey Rd at 0.7 miles. This was as far as I traveled. A bike-lane takes you along Greevey Rd (low traffic) and past Riverfront Park boat launch. Turn left on Canfields Lane at 1.7 miles and cross back over the RR tracks onto Old Montoursville Rd. Rejoin the paved? trail at 2.1 miles as it travels alongside E 3rd St. A pedestrian walkway on the Broad Street Bridge takes you over Loyalsock Creek at 2.4 miles. The trail loops right underneath this bridge and heads north traveling underneath I-180. It follows the rivers floodplain on your left and I-180 to your right. Travel back underneath I-180 and come to Indian Park at 3.5 miles.

Note; Right takes you to the Indian Park parking lot.

Head left between the highway and ball fields, past a small pond and end at the Riverview Plaza parking lot after 4.4 miles.