Last Updated:       August 17, 2019

Length:                 Shore Parkway Greenway; 17.4 miles (3 mile on-road gap)

                               Shore Road Park Trail; 2.7 miles

                               Shore Parkway Greenway/Shore Road Park Trail Loop; 5.4 miles

                               Spring Creek Park Trail; 1.1 miles

                               Shirley Chisholm Park Trails; 10 miles

Difficulty:             Easy. Mostly flat paved trail. 


To Start from Owls Head Park; From the Shore/Belt Pkwy take exit 1 to Shore Rd. Turn right onto Ridge Blvd, then right on 67th St to Colonial Rd. Owls Head Park is across the road. Find on street parking. The trailhead is right at the end of Colonial Rd.

The Shore Parkway Greenway follows the Shore Parkway/Belt Parkway from Owls Head Park southeast to Bensonhurst Park. An on road gap currently exists east to Jamaica Bay. Here the trail heads northeast as part of the Jamaica Bay Greenway (See; Gateway NRA; Jamaica Bay ). The Shore Parkway Greenway is also part of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway . The Shore Road Park Trail parallels Shore Rd from Owls Head Park south to John Paul Jones Park through GreenStreets Parks and can be utilized as a Loop trail along with a portion of the Shore Parkway Greenway. For more information visit; SHORE PARKWAY GREENWAY CONNECTOR .

Starting from Owls Head Park; From the intersection of Colonial Rd and Wakeman Pl the paved Shore Parkway Greenway travels between Shore Rd and Owls Head Park. Leave the park and cross Shore Rd where the trail continues. Come to Bay Ridge Ave after 0.5 miles. 

Note; Straight leads to the Shore Road Park Trail (Consists of a paved trail between Shore Rd and the Shore/Belt Pkwy through GreenStreets Parks). I Looped back along this trail. See Below

Turn right through the tunnel underneath the Shore/Belt Pkwy to the American Veterans Memorial Pier. Views right of the Statue of Liberty. Head left along the paved Bike Trail (right path is for pedestrians) as it travels between the Upper Bay on your right and the Shore/Belt Pkwy along your left. Pass by a pedestrian bridge across the Shore/Belt Pkwy at 1.2 miles that leads to Shore Park and the Old Glory Lookout promenade. Pass another pedestrian bridge at 1.9 miles. As you approach the Verazzano-Narrows Bridge at 2.5 miles on your left is the Shore/Belt Pkwy parking lot. This was as far as I traveled.  

Note; To Loop back to Owls Head Park via the Shore Road Park Trail bear left up the ramp to 4th Ave. Cross over the Shore/Belt Pkwy to Shore Rd and look left to spot the paved Shore Road Park Trail at [2.6 miles] (Re-zeroing Mileage). Right across 4th Ave is John Paul Jones Park. Head into Shore Road Park which travels below Shore Rd along a narrow wooded green space. Sports fields, field house, playground, splash park. The trail then exits the green space up to Shore Rd (Stairs. If biking you can utilize the curb to push your bike up to Shore Rd). Head left along the pavers trail. Pass by a promenade with a pergola. After 1.2 miles by 88th St turn left back down along the paved green space. The trail splits around a ball field, then passes by the Old Glory Lookout promenade up right and pedestrian bride over the Shore/Belt Pkwy on your left. Come to another split in the trail around more sports fields, playground, splash park and restrooms. Come to another set of stairs at 2 miles and head up to Shore Rd. Quickly turn left down through the Narrows Botanical Gardens, where the trail splits again, then back up to Shore Rd. Head left across Bay Ridge Ave and back along the green space. Cross Shore Rd and return to Owls Head Park. This time however, head right along the southern edge of the park. Pass some restrooms and just before exiting the park turn left along the eastern border. Playground, splash park, basketball courts and finally a Skate Park before reaching the northern border. Turn right to the junction of Colonial Rd and Wakeman Pl after 2.7 miles [5.4 mile Loop]. 

Continue underneath the Verazzano-Narrows Bridge past Denyse Wharf. After 3.7 miles come to a side trail.

Note; Left leads over the Shore/Belt Pkwy to Dyker Beach Park.

Continuing straight the trail soon splits (bear left) around Shore Parkway Park before coming to Bay Pkwy after 4.9 miles

Note; A gap currently exists as of Aug 2019 requiring a 3 mile on-road detour (Not for inexperienced bikers). 

Continue straight on-road along Shore Pkwy service road (No shoulder/wide sidewalk available) along the commercial corridor. After 5.5 miles you'll come to Calvert Vaux Park where you pick up a paved trail through the park. Keep left past the Verazzano Sports Complex and you'll return to Shore Pkwy service road after 5.8 miles. Continue right on-road to a split in the road. Bear right, then left to Bay 52nd St and head left out to Cropsey Ave. Turn right on-road (No shoulder/sidewalk available) and cross over Coney Island Creek to Neptune Ave at 6.4 miles. Turn left (BIKE LANE). After 7.6 miles you cross Coney Island Ave and lose the BIKE LANE. Continue on-road to Sheepshead Bay where Coney Island Ave becomes Emmons Ave (sidewalk available). Finally you come to Brigham St on your right where you pick up the paved Shore Parkway Greenway after 9.2 miles. The trail then travels alongside the Shore/Belt Pkwy passing by the Gateway National Recreation Area; Plumb Beach parking lot at 9.8 miles. You next cross a bridge over Gerritsen Inlet and come to Flatbush Ave after 11 miles. Bear right to a cross-light over Flatbush Ave where you'll find a Map Board. Head left. This section is part of the Jamaica Bay Greenway. SEE; Gateway National Recreation Area; Jamaica Bay for information. I've checked out this section. Bear right at the next intersection where the trail travels northeast alongside the Shore/Belt Pkwy. Open trail with limited views of Jamaica Bay. This is also part of the Shore Parkway Greenway. Slight climb up a bridge over Mill Basin. Good views of Manhattan from here. Slight climb up another bridge over Paerdegat Basin. Look right to spot uninhabited Canarsie Pol Island in the middle of Jamaica Bay. Come to a spur trail on your right at 13.5 miles.

Note; This trail heads right, then underneath the Shore/Belt Pkwy to CANARSIE PARK . Sports fields, Skate Park, playground and restrooms.

Next come to Canarsie Pier at 14 miles. Restrooms, water fountain and picnic tables. Cross a third bridge over Fresh Creek and pass by the entrance to SHIRLEY CHISHOLM SP at 15.1 miles. 

Note; Rising up 130 feet above sea level, this Shirley Chisholm Park occupies some of the highest ground in New York City and offers spectacular panoramic views of the Empire State Building to the northwest, the Verazzano-Narrows Bridge and New York Harbor to the west, and Jamaica Bay to the south. The site sits atop the former Pennsylvania and Fountain Avenue landfills. Paved and gravel Bike Trails along with Free Bike Rentals. See; Map Below. I haven't checked out these trails.

Next you cross a bridge over Hendrix Creek and pass by an access to another section of Shirley Chisholm SP. Pass the Erskine Street Bridge on your left at 15.9 miles.

Note; If you head left across this bridge it will bring you to the start of the Spring Creek Park Trail on your left next to Gateway Dr. I haven't checked out this trail. This paved trail travels west through this narrow park to a loop around the Roy A. Sweeney Cricket Oval at 0.5 miles. The trail then turns north alongside Hendrix Creek and ends after 1.1 miles at Vandalia Ave. Almost entirely marshland, Spring Creek Park serves as open greenery for various species of birds including great blue herons, egrets, red-winged blackbirds, pheasants, and mallards, as well as animals such as deer, raccoons, and muskrats. 

Cross another bridge over Betts Creek and come to 84th St after 17 miles.

Note; Here the Jamaica Bay Greenway continues right.

The Shore Parkway Greenway continues straight ending at 90th St after 17.4 miles.