Last Updated:    May 05, 2014

Length:             Shelton Lakes Recreation Path; 4.3 miles

Difficulty:           Moderate. Wide hard packed gravel trail. A bit hilly overall. One short paved section. 


To start from Pine Lake; From Route 8 take exit 14 to Route 110 (Howe Ave) north to downtown Shelton. Take a left onto Route 108 (White St-Perry Ave-Wooster St-Shelton Ave). When you come to Pine Lake (also referred to as Skelton Reservoir) on your right, there will be a small dirt parking lot. 

To start from the Shelton Community Center; From Route 8 take exit 12 to Old Stratford Rd northwest, which turns into Commerce Drive. When Commerce Drive ends, take a right on Huntington St which eventually becomes one-way. Turn left past the "Green" on Ripton Rd, then left again on Church St (one-way). Just past the turn off for Route 108 turn right into the Shelton Community Center and park in the rear. To reach the trail return to Church St and follow the sidewalk right. Just past the parking lot for the Fire Dept cross over Church and Huntington Streets [Caution no cross-walk] to Lane St. Follow Lane St on-road to the trailhead on your right.

The Shelton Lakes Recreation Path travels from Pine Lake to Huntington Center in the town of Shelton. For more information visit; SHELTON TRAILS & SHELTON CONSERVATION .

Starting from Pine Lake; A map board and picnic tables are located here. Granite posts mark the trailhead here, as well as, all trailheads along the path. Follow the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path over a bridge and dam. This takes you along a wide gravel trail around the lake and through a Red Pine stand. Cross-walk over Meadow St at 0.3 miles. The trail is now paved as it heads into the woods and up a slight hill. Soon you'll travel alongside Curtiss Brook before passing by Shelton High's baseball field and coming to an intersection at 0.6 miles. Left takes you to the Shelton Intermediate School and right to Shelton High School. Continue straight as the trail returns to hard packed gravel. You'll cross a narrow paved path before a cross-walk takes you over Constitution Blvd to a parking lot. Another map board is located here. You cross the creek and continue uphill through the open woods. Stay on the gravel path as hiking trails branch off. A sharp left takes you along a small berm as the trail levels off. You'll cross a wooden bridge which overlooks Silent Waters Pond. A switchback takes you down across a brook and out to Route 108. A cross-light gets you over this busy road and alongside Nell's Rd. You come to the entrance for the Shelton Dog Park at 1.4 miles. Porto-potty located here, as well as, a parking lot. The trail travels back into the woods up a slightly steep hill. You'll pass by the Hope Lake Pond Dam and continue up through the woods. Paw prints painted on the trees indicates a trail leading to the dog park. Travel through a Mt Laurel grove before passing underneath a transmission line. Travel down hill bearing left at the intersection and you'll come to a metal gate at 2.1 miles. The trail continues across a private drive running parallel to Oak Valley Rd. After crossing another private drive the trail travels down hill past rock ledge and along a transmission line corridor before heading back into the woods. Very scenic section through rock ledge and wetlands. After 3.1 miles you cross Wesley Drive before heading back into the woods along a stream valley. Cross Wesley Drive again at 3.5 miles along the stone-dust trail and travel through a residential area before a long descent brings you to an open meadow. Travel alongside the meadow, over a boardwalk and out to Lane St at 4.3 miles. A map board located here. This is the end of the trail. To reach Huntington Center and the Shelton Community Center parking lot turn left and travel on-road along Lane St. This will bring you to Huntington St. Turn right along the sidewalk to reach a small shopping plaza that has a cafe. To reach the Shelton Community Center travel across Huntington St (one-way) and Church St (one-way) [Caution no cross-walk] and travel right along the sidewalk. This will bring you past the Post Office to the Shelton Community Center. The parking lot is located in the rear of the building.