Last Updated:       May 13, 2023

Length:                 Seaside Rail Trail; 1.2 miles.

                               Upper Pilgrim Trail; 1.4 miles.

                               Lower Pilgrim Trail; 2.2 miles.

Difficulty:             Seaside Rail Trail; Easy. Flat, stone-dust rail trail.

                               Upper Pilgrim Trail; Easy, Paved trails and a BIKE LANE. Some narrow sections, may be tricky for kids on bikes.

                               Lower Pilgrim Trail; Easy. Mostly paved trails, however some sections are hard packed dirt & gravel and narrow.


For the Seaside Rail Trail; From Route 3 take exit 16 to Route 44. Take the first exit to Commerce Way and turn left (north). Turn right on Cherry St and follow to Route 3A (Court St).  

To Start from the Hedge Road parking lot [Northern End]; Turn left on Route 3A and take your first right on Hedge St. This will bring you to the parking lot on your right.

To start from the Nelson Memorial Park Parking lot [Southern End]; Turn right on  Route 3A and take a left on Nelson St after less then a mile. This will bring you to Nelson Memorial Park.  

The Seaside Rail Trail follows the rail bed of the Old Colony Railroad. In 1845 a line between Boston & Plymouth was opened. For the first 30 years of the Old Colony Railroad, the locomotives were named, including (on this branch) Mayflower, Governor Bradford, Governor Carver and Myles Standish. The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad took over control of the Old Colony Railroad in 1893. Year-round passenger service continued more or less until 1959. Seasonal service continued for a few more years. The MBTA commenced its commuter rail service on this line in the 1990s. For more information visit; SEASIDE RAIL TRAIL . From the end of the Seaside Rail Trail you may continue south along the Upper Pilgrim Trail to Plymouth and PILGRIM MEMORIAL STATE PARK . Next, you can continue east along the Lower Pilgrim Trail, which travels alongside Town Brook.

Seaside Rail Trail:

Starting from the Hedge Road parking lot [Northern End]; The stone-dust Seaside Rail Trail travels South, set back a bit from Plymouth Harbor. The old RR tracks are still in place along your right as you travel along a residential corridor. After 0.5 miles you'll pass an access path to Nelson Beach. You'll pass an access path to the Nelson Memorial Park Parking lot at 0.9 miles. A splash pad, playground and beach are located here. Pass by an old RR Whistle Marker before crossing Nelson St. Left is the Nelson Memorial Park Parking lot entrance. The trail continues south along a shaded corridor to Lothrop Street where it ends after 1.2 miles.

Upper Pilgrim Trail:

From Lothrop Street; [Re-zeroing Mileage] You can continue into Plymouth and visit PILGRIM MEMORIAL STATE PARK . Travel left, on-road (residential), down Lothrop St to Water St and a cross-walk. From here you have Two Options.

Option 1: Follow the Water Street BIKE LANE, which starts from Nelson Memorial Park, right, South through Plymouth. Not recommended for kids on bikes. Busy road.

Option 2: For kids on bikes and a more scenic route cross over Water St and head left North along the wide sidewalk to the Public parking lot entrance on your right. Enter the parking lot and travel straight to the seawall where you'll pick up a narrow paved trail that travels South between the parking lot and Nelson Beach. Pass by some picnic tables, informational boards and a solar calendar before coming to the Harbormaster & Boat Ramp access Rd. 

Note; Left will bring you to the Plymouth Breakwater Path. You can hike out along this narrow, stone path which juts 0.6 miles into Plymouth Harbor.

Turn right and follow the road back out to Water St. Head left along the Water Street BIKE LANE (sidewalk available). Travel around a rotary and come to a cross-walk after 0.5 miles. 

Note; Left, across the road, is a brick circle that contains a Plymouth Map Board. Also a sidewalk which is too narrow for bikes.

Continue south along the Water Street BIKE LANE and come to a second cross-walk. Head left to Fishmans Memorial Park where you'll pick up two paths. A narrow, cement path takes you along the seawall, while a wide paved trail takes you alongside Water St. Both trails merge and the paved trail continues south between the seawall and Water St. When this trail ends at 0.7 miles, a narrow sidewalk continues south a short distance to Pilgrim Memorial State Park

Note; No BIKE LANE past here, just a narrow road with a narrow shoulder.

Turn left into Pilgrim Memorial State Park. Restrooms and Map Board located here. Follow the paved trail straight out to a boardwalk. Here you'll find the MAYFLOWER II, a full-scale replica of a 17th-century Pilgrim ship with exhibits & tours led by costumed guides. Continue straight and check out Frazier State Pier. Return to the paved trail and head left through the park along the waterfront. Gift shop located here. Come to Water St and head left to Plymouth Rock, where a monument showcasing the storied rock where the Mayflower Pilgrims first landed in 1620. Past this monument the paved trail again travels through the park along the waterfront. Pass by a pavilion before you return to Water St, where a cross-walk takes you over to Brewster Gardens at 1.4 miles. This is the start of the Lower Pilgrim Trail.

Lower Pilgrim Trail:

Continuing from Water Street & Brewster Gardens [Northern End]; [Continuing Mileage] Travel underneath a pergola, along a brick path, which brings you to a narrow paved trail. This trail travels through Brewster Gardens which has monuments and statues and was the site of the original Pilgrim settlement location. Cross a small bridge over Town Brook where the trail continues right Southwest alongside the brook. Travel underneath the arched Main Street Bridge as the trail becomes very narrow. Travel underneath the arched Market Street Bridge and past a spur trail on your left that leads up to Pleasant St. Continue along the brook before coming to the Plymouth Grist Mill (built by the Pilgrims). Overlook here. Travel around the mill to the front and check out the water wheel. Continue out to Spring Ln and cross over to a paved trail. Head left up to Town Brook Park parking lot where you'll find a Map Board. Follow the stone-dust path down to a bridge over Town Brook at 1.8 miles. Picnic tables located left along Arms House Pond. Travel across the pedestrian bridge too Willard Pl circle. Travel around this circle to a paved trail that takes you up to the Holmes Park parking lot across the road. 

Note; Right down Newfield St brings you to Holmes Park which has a short trail & overlook alongside Town Brook, Skate Park and basketball court.

Travel through the Newfield Street parking lot to a hard packed dirt  & gravel trail that travels above Town Brook. Come to an intersection at 2.2 miles

Note; Straight the trail continues as more of a hiking trail out to Off Billington St.

Right a pedestrian, covered bridge takes you over the brook to a set of stairs leading up to a picnic area with a water garden. Billington Street parking area.