Last Updated:        January 27, 2024

length:                   Quinebaug River Trail Northern Section; 1.6 miles

                                Quinebaug River Trail Southern Section; 3.1 miles

Difficulty:              Easy. Paved, relatively flat trail. 


For the Northern Section in Dayville; Take exit 94 off of I-395 to Attawaugan Crossing Rd and head west to Tracy Rd on your right.

For the Southern Sections; Take exit 37 off of I-395 to Route 6 west. Turn right on Route 12 north (Main St). 

    For the South Water Street parking lot in Danielson [Northern Section]; Take your first right on Water St. The parking lot is on your left. At the far end of the parking lot is cross-light over to the trail.

    For the North Water Street parking lot in Danielson [Northern End]; Take your third left on Commerce Ave, then a left on Water St. A parking lot is on your right next to the pedestrian bridge.

To start from the Quinebaug Drive parking lot [Southern End]; Take exit 37 off of I-395 to Route 6 west. After passing underneath the Providence & Worcester Railroad Bridge, take a left at the first stoplight along Wauregan Rd (Route 12) south. After 1.1 miles turn right on Quinebaug Drive. Parking lot is just before you cross the trail.

The Northern Section of the Quinebaug River Trail follows alongside roads from Dayville to Putnam and is of little scenic interest. The Southern Section begins in Danielson and travels South along the Quinebaug River for its entire route. Danielson was the largest cotton manufacturing center in the state. Providence & Danielson Trolley cars ran from Danielson through East Killingly into RI. The Connecticut Company and its predecessors ran North-South through the mill towns along the Quinebaug River until 1925. It appears that part of the Quinebaug River Trail runs along part of this former rail line (Peoples Tramway Company?). 

The Quinebaug River Trail is part of the EAST COAST GREENWAY , a planned biking & hiking route stretching 3,000 miles from Maine to Florida. When complete it will traverse 15 states with a mostly off-road path.

Northern Section:

Starting from Attawaugan Crossing Road in Dayville [Southern End]; The paved trail heads North alongside Tracy Rd in Dayville. It travels underneath I-395 and then into Putnam where it follows alongside Park Rd. After traveling underneath an active RR trestle it ends after 1.6 miles at Park Rd in an industrial park.

Southern Section:

Starting from the North Water Street parking lot in Danielson [Northern End]; A small amphitheatre is located to the right of the pedestrian bridge and an informational sign is located to the left.

Note; The pedestrian bridge is part of the Quinebaug River Trail but currently ends across Five mile Pond at Palmer St and Prospect Ave.

Heading South, the Quinebaug River Trail follows a sidewalk (This section is not very distinguished as a trail. There are some East Coast Greenway signs) along Water St out to Main St. Turn right, crossing Five mile River and you'll come to Route 6. Use the cross-light over Route 6 and turn left along the narrow sidewalk. This will bring you to the paved trail after 0.3 miles.

Note; A cross-light over Route 6 brings you to the South Water Street parking lot.

Note; Head right to Overlook #1. The Quinebaug River and an old Power Canal are down below. 

Heading left, South, the paved, tree lined trail travels between Route 6 and the Quinebaug River located far below. There are 3 more Overlooks, however, they are mostly overgrown and afford little views. There are benches and picnic tables along this section of the trail, as well as, more informational signs. After Overlook #4 the trail follows a sidewalk downhill briefly along Route 12. Turn right, Southwest, at 0.8 miles to rejoin the paved trail as it passes by the Killingly Water Treatment Plant and brings you alongside the river. Be sure to hold your nose. You'll pass by a spur to the Route 12 ball fields parking area on your left and a canoe launch with a Map Board for the QUINEBAUG RIVER WATER TRAIL on your right. The trail heads into the woods and passes a gigantic Sycamore tree. Cross an iron rail bridge over Fall Brook at 1.5 miles. The trail winds through the woods above the river. Cross Quinebaug Drive at 2.4 miles. Left is the Quinebaug Drive parking lot. To your right is the Phaiah's Dog Park parking lot. Porto-Potty located here. You head into deep woods. The trail currently ends after 3.1 miles. Left takes you out to Gloria Ave.

You can continue straight, South, along the old dirt rail bed (tree roots) which follows a causeway between the river and a small lake. Come to Quandock Brook after another 0.5 miles. 

Note; Phase 5 has been approved to extend the trail another 0.5 miles South to Quandoc Brook. Once complete Phase 6 will construct a bridge over the brook and continue another 0.5 miles to the Plainfield town line. Phase 7 will extend the trail South to Route 205 in the Wauregan Section of Plainfield. Funds were approved in 2023 to continue the trail South from Route 205 1.6 miles to Trout Hatchery Rd & Cady Ln. The last section will take the trail East and connect with the Moosup Valley State Park Trail in Moosup.