Last Updated:       October 26, 2012

Length:                 North Path-Outer Loop; 1.2 miles

                              North Path-Inner Loop; 1 1/4 miles

                              South Path Loop; 3.2 miles

Difficulty:             North Paths; Moderate. Paved paths with some hills.

                               South Paths; Difficult. Paved paths with some steep hills. 


From I-91 take exit 21 to Route 372 west. for 1.3 miles. Turn left onto Savage Hill Rd. At the second stop sign turn right on Spruce Brook Rd. The old Clubhouse parking lot is on your left.

The Pistol Creek Paths are the old golf cart paths from the abandoned Pistol Creek Golf Course in Berlin and Middletown. The North Paths are located on the northern side of Spruce Brook Rd and the South Paths to the south of Spruce Brook Rd. The North Paths consist of two loops, an inner and outer loop while the South Paths consist of one long back and forth loop. 

North Paths:

Starting from the Clubhouse parking lot; Exit the parking lot and cross Spruce Brook Rd to a black gate. Here you'll find a Porto-potty. 

For the Outer Loop Path; Travel straight (north) along the paved golf cart path. The old golf course has been reclaimed by shrubs and tall grasses, however, you can still make out old greens, sand traps and fairways throughout. Cross over a bridge at 0.4 miles and you'll come to an intersection next to a large Sycamore tree. 

Note; Left is part of the Inner Loop Path

Head right along the rolling, winding path and you'll come to another intersection at 0.6 miles.

Note; Left is part of the Inner Loop Path

Bear right following the path as it turns south along the tree lined valley of Spruce Brook. The path then bears left alongside Spruce Brook Rd. Pass by the start of the Inner Loop Path and you'll return to the black gate after a 1.2 mile loop.

For the Inner Loop Path; Travel left from the black gate alongside Spruce Brook Rd to a trail along your right. This is the start of the Inner Loop Path as it travels north. You'll quickly come to an intersection, continue straight. Travel alongside an old fairway and you'll come to another intersection at 0.3 miles. Continue straight as you utilize the Outer Loop Path until you hit the next intersection at 0.5 miles.

Note; Right continues as part of the Outer Loop Path

Head left as the hilly path travels south, then back north before turning south again. You return to the first intersection you hit when you began. Turn right and you'll come to the Outer Loop Path, then left back to the black gate for a 1 1/4 mile loop.

South Paths:

Starting from the Clubhouse parking lot; Go to the right side of the old clubhouse and you'll find the start of the South Path. Follow the paved path south down past the basketball court and out around a rock climbing wall where the path then loops back north. It heads right alongside Spruce Brook Rd passing in front of the Clubhouse parking lot entrance at 0.4 miles before ascending a small hill to an intersection. 

Note; Straight brings you to Atkins St. This is where you'll loop back from.

Turn right following the path south along a shrub and grassy ridge with Atkins St along your left and the clubhouse to your right. Nice views of the rolling hills and meadows. The path then heads down a steep incline (Use Caution) along a more isolated section. What goes down must come up, thus a long steep climb back up the ridge follows. At 1 mile bear right at the intersection.

Note; Straight is a dead end. 

This takes you across Atkins St (Use Caution) where the path turns left (north) and travels alongside Atkins St. The path bears right around a fenced off area and comes to a 4-way intersection. Head left back up alongside the road. This brings you to the intersection of Atkins St and Spruce Brook Rd at 1.6 miles.

Note; You may head left across Atkins St to return to the parking lot.

Turn right downhill alongside Spruce Brook Rd where the path turns south again. This brings you to a Y intersection where you bear left through the lowlands. After crossing some wetlands via a boardwalk you come to another intersection.

Note; Right is a dead end.

Head left to another intersection at 2 miles.

Note; Straight is a dead end.

Turn right up a small berm, then travel right (south) along the berm. After a slight hill climb the path curves right heading north just below the ridge. After 2.7 miles the path heads up a steep incline returning to the 4-way intersection. This time head right along the ridge back down to the  Y intersection, then straight out to Spruce Brook Rd and up to the intersection with Atkins St at 3 miles. Continue straight past the black gate crossing Atkins St, then straight down to the parking lot entrance. Turn left into the Clubhouse parking lot completing your loop of 3.2 miles.