Last Updated:       August 2, 2015

Length:                 Onondaga Creekwalk Northern Section; 2.6 miles

                               Onondaga Creekwalk Southern Section; 2.3 miles (additional 0.7 miles along a closed road)

Difficulty:             Easy. Flat paved & cement trail. 


To Start from the Inner Harbor;  

From I-690 westbound take exit 10 to N Geddes St and turn right. Take your second right on W Kirkpatrick St. Park entrance is on your left.

From I-690 eastbound take exit 9 to Spenser St and turn right. Continue straight onto W Kirkpatrick St. Park entrance is on your left.

The Onondaga Creekwalk travels from the historic Armory Square district in Downtown Syracuse north to the southern shore of Onondaga Lake. It connects to the Onondaga Lake Park Loop the Lake Trail near it's northern terminus, as well as to the Erie Canalway Trail long its southern section. A section of the Onondaga Creekwalk  is also utilized as part of the Erie Canalway Trail. For more information visit; ONONDAGA CREEKWALK .

Starting from Onondaga Lake; Benches overlook the lake.

Note; Future plans call for connecting this trail into a future extension of the Onondaga Lake Park Trails.

The paved Onondaga Creekwalk Northern Section travels underneath an active RR bridge and alongside the west bank of Onondaga Creek. Benches and lampposts dot the trail. The trail is broken up into sections starting with A at the northern terminus. Travel underneath Hiawatha Blvd where the trail turns left passing by the Carousel Center parking lots [sections 2 & 3 Pink] at 0.4 miles. The trail then travels up to Hiawatha Blvd and heads left across the creek where the trail picks up again on your left.

Note; Here you may connect to the Onondaga Lake Park Loop the Lake Trail. Continue along Hiawatha Blvd and you'll pick up the paved Loop the Lake Trail on your right. I haven't checked out this section yet. This trail heads west to a pedestrian bridge over the RR tracks with scenic views of Onondaga Lake. This section is also part of the Erie Canalway Trail; Syracuse-Rochester .

Turn left to rejoin the trail as it now travels along the west bank of the creek. Travel underneath Bear St and you'll come to the Inner Harbor. Come to your first intersection: Right brings you to the Inner Harbor parking lot. Continue straight and you'll pass through the Inner Harbor Amphitheatre before reaching a second intersection at 1.2 miles.

Note; Turn left to check out the Inner Harbor. Cross the iron pedestrian bridge and follow the paved trail alongside an interesting park building. Turn left down the ramp, then right along the brick lined Inner Harbor promenade. Follow the promenade around the harbor towards a boathouse and two large earthen docks.

Straight brings you out to W Kirkpatrick St, so head right. This brings you to the Inner Harbor parking lot where you turn left along a brick pathway and cross W Kirkpatrick St. The trail continues south past the stone Parks Dept. building and out to Spencer St. Turn left to reach a cross-walk. The trail travels alongside Maltbie St before turning left alongside the creek. Cross the creek over an old iron RR bridge at 1.5 miles. This bridge was built in 1911 by the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR. The trail now follows the east bank of the creek through a more urban section. Pass by the Plum Street Bridge where the trail turns to brick as it travels by two more pedestrian bridges. You'll come to a ramp that leads down to the cement trail alongside the river.

Note; This is the Franklin Square area which contains old brick buildings and Franklin Square Park. Worth a side trip. 

The trail then travels underneath I-690 before turning left out to Wallace St at 2 miles. Here the trail follows a "Yellow Stripe" right along a wide sidewalk. Brown signs lead you through the city streets. Cross W Genesee St and head left. Turn right along N Franklin St. Cross Erie Blvd, then look back to spot the 1932 Art Deco Niagara Mohawk Building. Continue straight along N Franklin St and across Water Street.  

Note; The Erie Canalway Trail; Utica-Syracuse continues left along Water Street.

Head right along Water Street then left south to W Washington St. Across the street is the site of the old Washington RR Station. Head right along W Washington St to a cross-light that will take you over to the trail that continues straight. Turn left across the creek where a ramp brings you back along the creek. Cross W Fayette St and Walton Street (Trail continues right; SEE BELOW) before coming to Armory Square at 2.6 miles. Parking lot located here (Fee). 

Note; If you travel left along W Jefferson St it will take you around the old brick Armory which is now the site of the MUSEUM OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY . Lots of places to grab a bite among the old brick buildings. 

From Walton Street the Onondaga Creekwalk Southern Section continues right. I haven't checked out this section. Travel along Walton St where the paved trail picks up straight ahead underneath the RR Bridge. Head left along a separated BIKE LANE, known as a "Cycle Track", along S West St. Come to W Onondaga St after 0.6 miles. Cross the street where you'll pick up the paved trail. Head left, then right back alongside the west side of Onondaga Creek. After several road crossings turn left on Midland Ave crossing the creek, then right along the east side of the creek. Come to Rich St at 1.7 miles and turn right back across the street, then left into Onondaga Park. At the intersection turn left along Lower Onondaga Park Dr and you'll pick up the paved trail on your left at 2.8 miles. Follow the creek south, traveling underneath South Ave, before coming to Onondaga Creek Pkwy after about 2.3 miles. Here you'll find the Hunt Ave parking lot. Onondaga Creek Pkwy is then closed south for use as part of the trail. Come to W Colvin St.

Note; Left across the creek brings you to Kirk Park Dr where you can visit Kirk Park

You can follow this closed road all the way to W Newell St at 3 miles.