Last Updated:       March 03, 2024

Length:                 Niagara River Recreational Trail; 34.6 miles

                                Niagara Falls Loop (Kingsbridge Park to Niagara Falls and back); 6.7 mile Loop

                                Waterfront Trail: Commons Loop Trail; 1.5 miles 

Difficulty:             Easy. Flat paved trail. Some on-road sections.


To Start from Old Fort Erie parking lot in Fort Erie [Southern End]; From I-190 in Buffalo, NY cross the Peace Bridge into Canada onto Queen Elizabeth Way. Take your first right up to Route 124 (Central Ave) and head right. Follow to Lakeshore Rd and turn right. The road splits briefly. Continue straight on Lakeshore Rd passing by Old Fort Erie on your right. You'll come to a parking lot on your left and the start of the trail.

To Start from the Nelson Street parking lot in Niagara-on-the-Lake [Northern End]; From I-190 in Lewiston, NY cross the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge into Canada along Route 405. Take the first exit towards Niagara-on-the-Lake and come to Route 61. Turn right and follow Route 61 to the Niagara River Pkwy. Turn left and travel 6.5 miles (10.5 km) north to a 3-way intersection. Turn right on Ricardo Street passing by a parking lot for the Niagara River Recreational Trail. Follow Ricardo St into Niagara-on-the-Lake and just before a marina on your right is Nelson St.

The Niagara River Recreational Trail follows the Niagara River from Fort Erie & Lake Eire North to Niagara-on-the-Lake & Lake Ontario. It travels past Niagara Falls near it's mid point. Visit; NIAGARA RIVER RECREATIONAL TRAIL for more information. 

The regional Greater Niagara Circle Route connects 4 trails to form a Circle. At it's Southern End, the Friendship Trail travels from Fort Erie West to Port Colborne along Lake Erie. The Welland Canal Trail then travels North from Port Colborne to St. Catharines along the Welland Canal. Here, at its Northern End, the Waterfront Trail; Lake Ontario/Niagara Section travels East from St. Catharines to Niagara-on-the-Lake along Lake Ontario. The Niagara River Recreational Trail then travels South from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Fort Erie along the Niagara River

The Niagara River Recreational Trail, Friendship Trail and Waterfront Trail; Lake Ontario are also part of the regional Great Lakes Waterfront Trail. Breathtaking scenery stretching over 3600km, the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail is a signed route connecting 170 communities and First Nations along the Canadian shores of the Great Lakes region. The trail consists of both on-road and off-road facilities. The route is primarily paved, with sections of unpaved path and gravel roads. 

Starting from Old Fort Erie parking lot in Fort Erie [Southern End]; Across the mouth of the Niagara River is Buffalo.

Note; Heading West, the wide sidewalk is part of the Friendship Trail

Note; Across Lakeshore Rd is access to OLD FORT ERIE .

Heading North, the paved Niagara River Recreational Trail travels alongside Lake Erie and the mouth of the Niagara River. After 1 mile, look left across Lakeshore Dr to spot Mather Arch Park . You then travel underneath the Peace Bridge before coming to the Niagara Blvd/Queen Street parking lot at 1.5 miles. This is as far as I rode. Map Board located here for the Waterfront Trail. The trail then winds through a small park before exiting out to Niagara Blvd where you continue on-road (sidewalk available) a short distance passing by Ferry Landing before picking up the wide, paved Niagara River Recreational Trail on your right at 1.8 miles. Pass by a Public Boat Launch parking lot as the trail continues North between the road and river. Parking lots located along the river at various points. At 2.2 miles the paved trail turns out to Niagara Blvd. This next section follows BIKE SHARROWS (Share the Road) North along Niagara Blvd (Not recommended for kids on bikes) until Lewis St at 2.8 miles where you'll pick up a BIKE LANE, followed by the paved Niagara River Recreational Trail on your left just before you travel underneath a RR bridge. This bridge crosses the river to Unity Island in Buffalo. Pass by Instinct Park where you'll find more parking

*This makes a good starting point for kids on bikes.  

Pass by Bowen Road Park at 3.4 miles where you'll find a playground before coming to Central Ave. Here the open trail briefly utilizes Service Road 1 (residential access road) in place of the trail. This is the case all the way to Niagara Falls. Trail-Service Road-Trail-Service Road. Parking lots located at various points along the river. An iron bridge crosses Frenchman's Creek at 4 miles. Pass by Niagara Parks Marina at 6.6 miles where you can find refreshments followed by another iron bridge over Millers Creek. Cross another creek at 9.1 miles, followed by Black Creek at 10.1 miles. You now cross into Niagara Falls. Pass by the Willoughby Historical Museum at 14 miles, cross Streets Creek at 15.3 miles and pass by the Chippawa Battlefield. I've ridden this next section. After 16.7 miles the trail then crosses over Niagara Pkwy to a pedestrian bridge that crosses over the mouth of the Welland River bringing you to Kingsbridge Park at 16.9 miles

The Welland River flows from Hamilton to Niagara Falls but manmade construction changes its path. When the water from the Niagara River is diverted to the Hydro Canal for electricity production, the Welland River flows backwards upstream as far as Wellandport.

Pass by the Kingsbridge Park parking lot (Fee to park here weekends, but free weekdays). Restrooms, playground, picnic tables. 

*This is a great starting point to bike the Niagara River Recreational Trail North past Niagara Falls.  

As you travel alongside the river, you can see the mist rising from Niagara Falls. Pass by two large odd shaped buildings (Niagara Tunnel water diversion; 40 meters below) and the International Control Dam across the river. Informational signs along this section. The paved trail turns to pavers at 17.9 miles as it travels alongside the Niagara Pkwy. A walkway crosses the Ontario Power Screen House. Come to an intersection at 18.4 miles.

Note; Left, South, takes you across the Niagara Pkwy to another intersection. Right a paved path follows the Pkwy North. Straight brings you to Dufferin Islands Nature Area where crushed stone Dufferin Islands Paths circle the island. I haven't checked out these paths. 

Continue straight across a bridge to Old Scow Lookout Point (Look right to spot the old Dumping Scow Barge in the river where it's been sitting since 1918. You then travel past the impressive former Toronto Power Generating Station. Across the Niagara Pkwy is the Niagara Parks parking lot (Fee), followed by the FLORAL SHOWHOUSE . Cross another pedestrian bridge at 18.8 miles past the stone Canadian Niagara Power structure. As you approach the Welcome Center look left to spot the NIAGARA PARKS FALLS INCLINE RAILWAY going up the side of the hill. Downtown Niagara Falls is located atop this ridge. Come to the *Welcome Center (Refreshments, restrooms) at 19.2 miles. Here your afforded your first views of Horseshoe Falls. Further North across the river you'll spot the American Falls just past Goat Island.

Note; Along this section it's recommended you walk your bike because of the large crowds.

Continuing North you'll be directly across from the American Falls. To your left across Niagara Pkwy is Queen Victoria Park. You then travel around the Grand View Marketplace. If biking head left out to Niagara Pkwy to bypass the crowed marketplace. Come to the intersection with **Clifton Hill, next to the Hornblower Niagara Funicular at 20.1 miles

Note; If you are only biking the Niagara Falls section this is a good location to Loop back towards Kingsbridge Park along the west side of Niagara Pkwy. Follow the cross-light over Niagara Pkwy up **Clifton Hill. On your right is the OAKS GARDEN THEATRE . This street defines "Tourist Trap". Cross Falls Ave and on your left enter Queen Victoria Park. If you continued up Clifton Hill you could connect to the Victoria Pathway and Olympic Torch Run Legacy Trail . Map Board located here. A paved trail travels South through the park. Pass by a fountain, followed by the marble Park Police building before passing a Rose Garden and crossing Murray St at 0.7 miles and coming to the Welcome Centre. Head  left down to Niagara Pkwy and continue right along the paved trail passing by Queen Victoria Place and Illumination Tower. Continuing alongside the Pkwy pass by the Nikola Telsa Statue before coming to the NIAGARA PARKS FALLS INCLINE RAILWAY  at 1.2 miles. BIKE STATION located here. *Welcome Center. Travel down to the Niagara Parks parking lot and bear left which will bring you to a ramp down and across the Niagara Pkwy. Head right along the Niagara River Recreational Trail, past the Canadian Niagara Power structure via the pedestrian bridge back to Niagara Pkwy. Cross the Pkwy where you'll find a paved path that takes you past the FLORAL SHOWHOUSE then back alongside the Pkwy. Cross a body of water and come to a cross-walk on your left and crushed stone path on your right at 2.1 miles

Note; To your right is the Dufferin Islands Nature Area. I haven't checked out the Dufferin Islands Paths. 

Head left back across the Niagara Pkwy to the Niagara River Recreational Trail where you can re-trace your route back to Kingsbridge Park for a 6.7 mile Loop.

Continuing North from the intersection with **Clifton Hill, next to the Hornblower Niagara Funicular. 

Note; The next 2.2 miles section of the Niagara River Recreational Trail requires biking on-road (narrow shoulder) or utilizing a narrow sidewalk. An *Alternative Route (only 0.2 mile difference) is to utilize the Victoria Pathway and Olympic Torch Run Legacy Trail. I've checked out this route. Follow the cross-light over Niagara Pkwy up **Clifton Hill, which gets a bit steep. This brings you to Victoria Ave after 0.3 miles. From here head right along the brick lined  Victoria Pathway and paved Olympic Torch Run Legacy Trail out to Queen St after 1.5 miles. Continue straight on-road along Erie Ave (wide street/sidewalk). Turn left along Bridge St returning to Victoria Ave after 2.2 miles. Here a BIKE LANE heads right, crossing over the RR tracks, passing by Great Wolf Lodge bringing you to the Niagara Pkwy after 2.9 miles [*23 miles]. A crosswalk will take you back to the paved portion of the Niagara River Recreational Trail

Continuing North from the intersection with **Clifton Hill, next to the Hornblower Niagara Funicular. The Niagara River Recreational Trail turns from pavers to a narrow sidewalk as you travel underneath the Rainbow Bridge. Here the sidewalk is very narrow at 20.3 miles so you'll need to travel on-road. Caution; Not recommended for kids on bikes. No shoulder. At John St you'll pick up a narrow shoulder. The river is obscured along this section. After 22.3 miles you'll pick up the paved trail as it takes you around the WHIRLPOOL AERO CAR then back alongside the Niagara Pkwy. You can view the Niagara Whirlpool here. ZOOM LEISURE BIKE RENTALS located here. Again, most of the river is obscured by trees. Pass by Victoria Ave on your left at [*22.8 miles]

Note; This is where the above *Alternative Route returned to the Niagara River Recreational Trail

Come to Thompson's Point at 23.7 miles where you can view the Niagara Whirlpool again. Wild Adventure Course located here. The trail crosses the Niagara Pkwy at 24.2 miles and continues North along the West Side of the road. 

Note; Straight brings you to NIAGARA GLEN NATURE CENTRE .

Pass by the BOTANICAL GARDENS before crossing back over the Niagara Pkwy at 24.9 miles. Come to the Generating Station parking lot at 25.7 miles where you then cross over the Sir Adam Beck #2 Generating Station. Across the river is the NY Power Authority Power Station. After crossing over the Hydro-Dam a side trail leads over the Niagara Pkwy (Caution No Cross-walk) to the Floral Clock. Travel underneath the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge at 26.4 miles, then pass by the Locust Grove Picnic Area before crossing back over the Pkwy (Caution No Cross-walk). Come to a circle in Queenston Heights Park at 27 miles. 

Note; Some paved trails travel West through Queenston Heights Park. Restrooms, picnic pavilions, monuments, sports courts. I haven't checked out this section through the Park.  

Here the trail travels downhill through Queenston Heights Park and out to York Rd  at 27.5 miles. Across the road is the York Road parking lot. Head right over the Pkwy (Caution No Cross-walk) to York St, then left along a paved trail to Queenston St where a short on-road (residential) section begins. This brings you back to the Niagara Pkwy where you'll pick up the paved Niagara River Recreational Trail at 28.3 miles as it travels alongside the Pkwy through more residential. You then travel alongside the river at 29.2 miles. This is Wine Country, with vineyards dotting the route. Come to the McFarland House parking lot at 32.8 miles where you'll find picnic tables, a pavilion and play ground as you travel through McFarland Park and pass by another parking lot. Come to an intersection at 33.5 miles. 

Note; Left, West, brings you to the ***Ricardo Street parking lot, as well as, the Commons Loop Trail. See Below.

Continuing straight, North, the trail now travels between the river and Ricardo St before crossing this street and traveling inland along open fields past FORT GEORGE NHS . Come to an intersection at 34.3 miles just past a pavilion (water fountain) on your left. 

Note; Left, West, is part of the Waterfront Trail, as well as, the Commons Loop Trail which Loops back to the ***Ricardo Street parking lot. Head past the pavilion and alongside the Fort George NHS parking lot and you'll pick up the paved Waterfront Trail on your left. Cross Queen's Parade to an open field  through The Commons. Informational signs all along this route. Come to an intersection at 0.5 miles. Right, North, leads to Veterans Memorial Park. Head left, South, staying straight and you'll come to another intersection at Butler's Barracks NHS. The Waterfront Trail continues right, West, out to King & Mary Streets. Continue straight to another intersection. Straight leads to the John Street parking lot. Head left, East, between John St and The Commons. More vineyards on your right. Cross Queen's Parade and Ricardo St returning to the Ricardo Street parking lot after a 1.5 mile Loop.

Continuing straight you cross Byron St, then a slight downhill to Ricardo St at 34.5 miles. This is the official start of the Waterfront Trail . Map Board located here. Cross the road to the Nelson Street parking lot and continue past the marina out to the Niagara River and the end of the Niagara River Recreational Trail after 34.6 miles. Across the river is Fort Niagara SP. Look left to spot where the Niagara River enters Lake Ontario.