Last Updated:       November 08, 2020

Length:                 Maybrook Trailway; 23 miles (Brewster to Hopewell junction)

Difficulty:             Easy. Mostly flat paved rail trail with a slight grade.


To start from Southeast Town Park parking lot [Southern End]; From I-84 take exit 64 to Route 312 and head right (west). Turn left on Prospect Hill Rd after less then a mile. Follow to Tonetta Lake Rd and head left. Travel underneath I-84 and turn left on Pumphouse Rd. Follow into Lions Park and bear right to the parking lot. 

To start from Route 292 parking lot [Central Section]; From I-84 take exit 61 to Route 311 north. Travel 2.8 miles then turn left on Brickhouse Rd and left again on Cross St. Follow to Mooney Hill Rd and turn right, then a quick left on Route 292. Follow 1.2 miles to Holmes and bear right up Route 292 before the RR tracks/trail. Parking lot up on your left.

To start from  [Northern End]; 

The Maybrook Trailway follows alongside the NY, New Haven & Hartford RR Line, where a second set of tracks (removed in 1962) used to be. The Line was created in 1882. The Maybrook Line connected with its Waterbury Branch in Derby, CT and its Maybrook Yard in Maybrook, NY across the Hudson River. The Maybrook Trailway will travel from the Danbury, CT border northwest to Hopewell Junction where it will connect to the Dutchess Rail Trail , Walkway over the Hudson and Hudson Valley Rail Trail

The Maybrook Trailway is part of the Empire State Trail , which is a continuous 750-mile route spanning the state from New York City to Canada and Buffalo to Albany, creating the longest multi-use state trail in the nation. To the west it connects to the Putnam County Trailway and to the north you continue along the Dutchess Rail Trail .

Starting from below the Route 22 on-ramp/I-684 off-ramp in Brewster [Southern End]; From Brewster to Towners the trail is mostly flat. From Towners to Reynolds (just north of Holmes) its a slight uphill grade. From Reynolds to Hopewell Junction it's a slight assent. 

Note; As of Nov 2020 the trail Heading East to the Danbury, CT border is under construction. There is currently no parking lot here, but I believe there will be in the future.

Heading West; The paved Maybrook Trailway travels alongside the inactive RR tracks. In Brewster it is separated from the tracks by a black metal fence. Travel underneath I-684, over Route 202, then underneath I-84. You come to bridge across E Main St after 0.6 miles. A fence blocks your path, as of April 2021, as a trestle over the East Branch Croton River has not yet been upgraded. Hopefully by Fall it will be complete.

Note; Detour. To reach the next section you must carry your bike down a long set of stairs to E Main St. Then travel on-road left (south) along E Main St, then right on Main St to your first right on Peaceable Hill Rd to another set of stairs back up to the trail. About a 0.4 mile detour.

Continuing west from the unfinished trestle the trail travels above Brewster. Pass by a future spur trail on your left that will take you down to Wells Park. You'll come to another paved spur trail on your left that leads down to N Main St after 1.4 miles. 

Note; This is the future connection to the Putnam County Trailway . A bridge still has to be constructed (not started as of Nov 2020) over the Brewster rail yards to connect to the Putnam County Trailway at Putnam Ave. 

Continuing west the trail crosses Crosby Ave before traveling underneath the Tonetta Lake Rd bridge and leaving the town behind. 1.8 miles. You travel underneath I-84 again, passing by the Tonetta Brook Marsh, before crossing Pumphouse Rd. Here the open trail travels alongside Lake Tonetta and Tonetta Lake Beach. Informational signs along the trail. Pass by the Southeast Town Park parking lot on your left at 2.9 miles. Map board. The open wooded trail is more isolated. Travel underneath Route 312 at 3.5 miles and look right to spot some iron RR track holders. Many of these located along the trail. You travel along a causeway between the Muddy Brook Marsh. Pass by RR Mile Marker Dykemans 34 (These signs refer to train stations, thus Dykemans Station) before crossing over the RR tracks at 4.2 miles. Here you can see an old RR switch to an active set of RR tracks along your left. This is the Harlem Line connection. Cross the RR tracks again as you follow a causeway alongside Ice Pond (formed from Muddy Brook). Spot the active RR tracks across the pond. Next travel through the Great Swamp. RR Mile Marker Ice Pond 32 at 5.8 miles. You then cross back over the tracks before crossing a RR trestle over the active RR line at 6.7 miles. Towners Station. You then cross a bridge over Route 164 where the trail begins a slight uphill grade through a rock cut. Cross another bridge over Route 164 and along a high berm. Cross a bridge over Route 311 and continue along the ridgeline. Patterson is in the valley below. Pass RR Mile Marker Paterson 29 before traveling underneath Mooney Hill Rd at 9.3 miles. Pass RR Mile Marker Paterson 28 before crossing Holmes Rd at 10.6 miles in Holmes

Note; A steep paved spur to your right leads up to the Route 292 parking lot. Map board.

Pass by RR Mile Marker Holmes 27 and alongside Beaver Brook before crossing Beaver Brook Rd. Pass by RR Mile Marker Holmes 26 before traveling through a rock cut and underneath Route 292 at 12.4 miles. Here the trail begins its descent. This was as far as I traveled. The trail continues north connecting to the Dutchess Rail Trail . I will return in 2021 for the northern half.