Last Updated:      July 7, 2010

Length:                Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road Path; 6.6 miles

                              Beach Road Path; 4.3 miles

                              State Forest Loops; Roughly 10 miles. Have not done these paths. 

                              Vineyard Haven Ferry to Edgartown Lighthouse; 9 miles (inland route)

                              Edgartown Lighthouse to Vineyard Haven Ferry via Oak Bluffs; 10.7 miles (coastal route)

Difficulty:            Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road Path; Moderate. Paved, hilly path that requires an on-road connection with a long hill to Vineyard Haven. 

                              Beach Road Path; Easy. Paved flat path.

                              Oak Bluffs to Vineyard Haven; Moderate. On-road with some hills.


To take the ferry from Woods Hole; Take Route 28 south to Falmouth, then bear right on Locust St, which becomes Woods Hole Rd. This brings you right to the ferry. For more information visit; THE STEAMSHIP AUTHORITY .

There are several multi-use paths on the island of Martha's Vineyard and they all, with the exception of the State Forest Loop Trail, follow alongside roads. They are concentrated along the eastern side of the island, with the State Forest Loop Trail located in the center of the island. The western end of the island has no multi-use trails. There are many on-road routes throughout the island and you'll need to utilize on-road routes to connect between multi-use trails and the ferries. We biked a loop from Vineyard Haven to Edgartown to Oaks Bluff and back to Vineyard Haven utilizing the bike paths and on-road routes. There are several ferries over to the island, the closest one leaves from Woods Hole, MA. You can take your bike on the ferry and easily plan a day trip as the ride over is only 45 minutes long. We utilized the SHINING SEA BIKEWAY in Falmouth which brings you right to the Woods Hole Ferry and took the ferry to Vineyard Haven. The ferry also goes to Oak Bluffs, so you can return from either port. For more information visit; BIKING MARTHA'S VINEYARD .

Starting from the ferry terminal in Vineyard Haven; After exiting the ferry continue straight out to Water St and travel left on-road along this congested narrow street. At the first intersection continue straight onto Lagoon Pond Rd. This road is low volume and much more bike friendly. This brings you out along Lagoon Pond. Hang a right up Skiff Ave and travel up a long gradual hill before coming to Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Rd at 1 mile. Use the cross-walk, then travel left utilizing the wide shoulder before coming to the off-road Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road Path at 1.4 miles next to Sanborn Way. This path follows alongside the road and is a bit hilly. Not much for scenery either. Basic point A to point B type trail. After 3.1 miles you come to the intersection of Barnes Rd. 

Note; The Barnes Road Path heads right and will bring you to the State Forest Loops.

Continuing straight you'll come to County Rd on your left after 4.2 miles. 

Note; The County Road Path will bring you to Eastville Ave where you head left to Beach Rd utilizing a path or wide shoulder? I didn't bike this. At Beach Rd you can either head left to loop back on-road to Vineyard Haven or head right on Temahigan Ave along the on-road East Chop Drive Route to Oak Bluffs. See below for description.

Continuing straight, just before the intersection of Beach Rd will be a crosswalk over to the Beach Road Path at 7.4 miles. 

Note; The Beach Road Path takes you to Oak Bluffs. We returned here after exploring Edgartown to continue on to Oak bluffs, so see below for description.

Continuing straight the path follows alongside Upper Main St and takes you past some places to eat (plus a Dairy Queen) along with some bike rental shops. You come to another intersection where a crosswalk takes you over Cookie St and alongside Upper Main St and Cannonball Park where, as the name implies, you'll find lots of cannons and cannonballs. The bike path ends at Edgartown-West Tisbury Rd after 8 miles.

Note; The Edgartown-West Tisbury Road Path heads right and will bring you to the State Forest Loops. Distance unknown.

To check out Edgartown's harbor and lighthouse, which is about another mile continue straight along Main St. The route is narrow at points, but traffic is slow. You'll come to Pease's Point Way and turn left following the green bike route signs.

Note: To access the South Beach Paths that run alongside Katama and Herring Creek Roads head right on-road along Pease's Point Way and you'll come to the Katama Road Path followed by the intersection for the Herring Creek Road Path. The Katama Road Path brings you to the eastern side of South Beach State Park, while the Herring Creek Road Path brings you to the western side of the park. Makes for a nice loop. Distance unknown. 

Continuing left along Pease's Point Way the road makes a sharp turn right but continues as Pease's Point Way. Turn right down Morse St, then left along Water St. This will bring you to a small overlook of the bay and a footpath down to the Edgartown Lighthouse. To return to Pease's Point Way, I would suggest continuing along Water St and heading left along Starbuck Neck Rd. This route is low traffic and scenic. Turn left when you come to Fuller St which brings you back to Morse St. Right then returns you to Pease's Point Way. Head left and you'll return to the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road Path and the Beach Road Path.

Heading north along the Beach Road Path; This paved path travels alongside Beach Rd from the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road Path. After 0.9 miles you'll come to Sengekontacket Pond along your left and the sound and beaches on your right. This section is completely out in the open with no shade. You cross a bridge at 1.9 miles. Here the pond and sound flow into one another. The Joseph Sylvia State Beach runs along this section. At 3.2 miles you cross another bridge and leave the beach behind. You head a bit inland passing the Farm Neck Golf Club along your left. Soon you'll travel along a causeway between the sound and Farm Pond (check out the Loch Ness monster in the pond). The bike path ends at 4.3 miles. A crosswalk takes you over to the sound side of the road and along a seawall. A wide bike lane brings you to Oak Bluffs. Reach Waban Park at 4.5 miles on your left and a beach on your right. You now encounter parked cars as you enter the town, thus losing the wide shoulder. A paved path runs along the beach and would be advisable for kids riding bikes, but may be crowded with beachgoers. You then come to Ocean Park on your left. Ocean Ave circles around it (one-way) showcasing all the colorful cottages overlooking the park. You reach the Oak Bluffs Ferry after 5 miles. Head left down Oak Bluffs Ave. Here you'll find plenty of shops and places to eat. After exploring the town continue straight on-road along Lake Ave and past Oak Bluffs Harbor. Cross over a causeway between the harbor and Sunset Lake and you'll come to East Chop Drive on your right at 5.4 miles. 

Note;  You may continue straight along New York Ave for the quickest route back to Vineyard Haven, however, this route is heavily traveled, while East Chop Drive is residential and very much more scenic.

Heading along the East Chop Drive Route you travel up a slight hill before riding high above the sound. Very scenic with unobstructed views. You'll come to East Chop Lighthouse, located on the cliffs above the sound at 6.5 miles. You then head downhill, passing by Crystal Lake on the left. You come to New York & Temahigan Ave's at 7.2 miles. Turn right along Temahigan Ave utilizing a narrow shoulder. Moderate traffic. Turn right when you reach Eastville Road.

Note; Heading left brings you to the County Road Path. See above for description.

 Bear left along Beach road and at 8 miles you'll cross over a draw bridge. Lagoon Pond is on your left. After crossing the causeway you can cross over to a paved path next to a parking lot. This is a short path, so because you'll have to cross back over I wouldn't bother with it. You now enter the industrial area of Vineyard Haven. You come to the intersection of Lagoon Pond Rd and Water St. Head right along Water St back to the Vineyard Haven Ferry Terminal at 9.1 miles. Round trip of 19.7 miles.