Last Updated:       August 2, 2017

Length:                 Jesse Kregal Pathway; 4.6 miles

                               Hoyt Lake Loop; 1.4 miles

Difficulty:             Easy. Flat paved trail. 


To start from the Unity Island parking lot (Buffalo); From here you may also access the Canalway Trail; Rochester-Buffalo/Shoreline Trail.

From I-190 northbound take exit 12 to Niagara St and head right. Travel underneath the RR bridge and turn right next to a sign reading "Squaw Island Park". A ramp takes you up to the Unity Island Bridge and over to Unity Island. Follow the road straight and you'll come to the parking lot. 

From I-190 southbound take exit 14 to Niagara St and head right. Travel 1 mile, passing underneath a RR bridge and turn right next to a sign reading "Squaw Island Park". A ramp takes you up to the Unity Island Bridge and over to Unity Island. Follow the road straight and you'll come to the parking lot.

The Jesse Kregal Pathway follows Scajaquada Creek from Black Rock Canal off the Canalway Trail; Rochester-Buffalo / Shoreline Trail to Delaware Park.

Note; Improvements to this path were to have begun in 2018. See; FACE LIFT .

Starting from the Unity Island parking lot; Travel north along the Canalway Trail; Rochester-Buffalo/Shoreline Trail underneath the RR bridge, then right (east) following the RR tracks to a bridge across the Black Rock Canal. After crossing the bridge you'll come to an intersection after 0.4 miles. 

Note; The Canalway Trail; Rochester-Buffalo/Shoreline Trail continues straight.

Head left along the start of the Jesse Kregal Pathway [Re-zeroing mileage]. The paved trail travels underneath the Unity Island Bridge and above I-190 before crossing a bridge over Scajaquada Creek and coming to an intersection at 0.3 miles.

Note; Right a paved trail leads underneath I-190 and alongside Black Rock Canal where it quickly ends. Not sure what future plans they have for this trail.

 Head left underneath a RR bridge and exit ramp out to Niagara St passing by a green awning bench with an informational board. Cross-light over Niagara St where the trail travels underneath an exit ramp out to West Ave. Head left along a short on-road (low traffic) section and across the creek where you'll pick up the paved trail on your right after 0.7 miles. Here the isolated trail travels above Scajaquada Creek. Come to an intersection at 1.2 miles and continue straight underneath Grant St as left brings you up to the west side of Grant St. Come to the east side of Grant St and head right across the Scajaquada Expressway ramp where the trail continues on your right. The trail continues alongside the creek passing by Peter Street Park and a Spur Trail out to Bush St. Pass by McKinley HS where the trail splits. Left takes you up to Elmwood Ave so keep straight underneath the off/on ramps for the Scajaquada Expressway. Travel underneath Elmwood Ave and another ramp where the trail surface now follows pavers at 2.1 miles as you travel below the BUFFALO HISTORY MUSEUM and past a Japanese Garden and Cherry Blossoms. This is all part of Delaware Park. Come to a pedestrian bridge on your right at 2.3 miles.

Note; Right leads to the Hoyt Lake Loop. Travel across the Scajaquada Expressway via a pedestrian bridge to a paved trail before coming to an intersection next to the Statue of David. Continue straight to a bridge, then left across the creek to the trail on your left that circles Hoyt Lake.  The trail turns to pavers as you enter a wide plaza. To your right you'll find a map board. The stone steps lead up to the ALBRIGHT-KNOX ART GALLERY . Pass by the stone MARCY CASINO , not a real casino but an event venue. Behind this building is the Delaware Park Rose Garden. Continuing alongside the Lake the trail is paved again with many spur trails along your right that you can explore. You'll follow a causeway between the Lake and Creek (separated) before heading back along the opposite side of the Lake. Come to an intersection and head right back to the Statue of David, then right returning to the pedestrian bridge and the main trail after a 1.4 mile Loop.

Continuing straight you'll pass by some tennis courts before coming to an access ramp at 2.6 miles. Cross over to a sidewalk and head right out to the Scajaquada Expressway, then left across a bridge. This will bring you to Meadow Dr at 2.8 miles. Restrooms located here. I haven't checked out this next section. Head right and across Meadow Dr is access to a stone-dust trail that encircles the  Delaware Park Golf Course and sports fields. Head either direction and about half way around you'll pass by the BUFFALO ZOO . You'll complete the Loop after 4.6 miles.