Last Updated:       March 29, 2024

Length:                 Island Line Trail; 13.4 miles [with Burlington Greenway; 14.4 miles]

                               Burlington Greenway; 8 miles

                               Colchester-South Hero Causeway; 5.3 miles

                               Colchester Point/Holy Cross Roads-West Shore Drive Path; 2.5 miles

Difficulty:             Burlington Greenway; Easy. Relatively flat paved rail trail. 

                               Island Line Trail; Easy. Relatively flat paved rail trail.

                               Colchester-South Hero Causeway; Easy. Flat stone-dust rail trail. Exposed to the elements out on the Lake.

                               Colchester Point/Holy Cross Roads-West Shore Drive Path; Easy. Flat trail alongside the road.


To Start from Oakledge Park in Oakledge Park; Burlington [Southern End]; From I-189 westbound to Route 7 north. Travel less then 0.5 miles to Flynn Ave and turn left. Follow Flynn Ave into the park and follow to the last parking lot. (Parking fee).

There are many parking areas located along the trail. Most in Burlington have a parking fee. Airline/Causeway Park in Colchester has free parking.

To Start the from Airport Park parking lot in Colchester [Northern Section]; From I-89 take exit 17 to Route 2 east. Turn right on Route 2 east/Route 7 south and follow for 3.1 miles. turn right on Bay Rd and follow to E Lakeshore Dr. Head left and follow to W Lakeshore Dr. Head right. Continue straight on Holy Cross Rd to Colchester Point Rd. Turn right into the park.  

The Island Line Trail is comprised of the Burlington Greenway and Colchester-South Hero Causeway. It follows the old rail bed of the Rutland RR-Island Line built in 1899. The Burlington Greenway travels North, from the Oakledge Park section of Burlington, along the shoreline of Champlain Lake, through Burlington and across the Winooski River Bridge to Colchester.  it follows a marble causeway out into Champlain Lake before coming to a gap where a drawbridge used to sit. In order to continue North, to South Hero, you'll need to take the ISLAND LINE BIKE FERRY . For more information visit; BURLINGTON GREENWAY , BURLINGTON TRAILS & LOCAL MOTION .

The Burlington Greenway has undergone trail improvements such as widening, paving and amenities since I last rode it. So some of the descriptions may be off below.

Starting from Queen City Park Road at the South Burlington Town Line [Southern End]; I haven't checked out this section. [0 Mile Mark] The paved Burlington Greenway travels North along a wooded corridor to Home Ave at 0.4 miles. The trail turns West, crossing some RR tracks to Queen City Park Rd/Austin Dr at 0.5 miles. Continue straight along Austin Dr following a narrow BIKE LANE. The road turns South, then back West, where the BIKE LANE ends. Continue on-road a short distance. Just before Dunder Rd on your left you'll pick up the paved trail on your right at 1 mile

Note; The Map shows this location as the [0 Mile Mark] for the Island Line Trail.

The Burlington Greenway/Island Line Trail continues North to the Oakledge Park parking lot at 1.1 miles. Picnic pavilion, sports fields & courts. This is also the site of Fitness Station #1. CLICK HERE for a Map of all Fitness Stations.

Note; To your left a paved trail leads West to Oakledge Cove and Lake Champlain

The wide paved trail continues North through the park (informational signs located along the trail) before passing a playground, picnic pavilion and restrooms. You travel past Blanchard Beach, before the trail turns inland passing by the Burlington Earth Clock and crossing a bridge before coming to Harrison Ave at 1.6 miles. Turn right, East, for a short on-road section (residential). At the end of Harrison Ave the trail paved picks up on your left and travels North alongside the RR tracks. The trail then travels between the RR tracks and Lake Champlain at 2.3 miles. You cross a bridge over the Pine Street Barge Canal and loose the RR tracks as they enter a Rail Yard. You'll pass by the Vermont Railway building (Part of the Rail Yard). To your right will be some rail cars and a red caboose. Behind this building is a turntable (used to move rail cars to different tracks). Pass by the small Roundhouse Park that overlooks the lake. BIKE STATION located here. Hold your nose as you pass by the sewer treatment plant and come to an intersection. 

Note; Straight, a paved trail travels between Perkins Pier and the lake, before turning right back out to the Burlington Greenway and Railway Lane.

The trail heads right out to Railway Lane and continues North between the RR tracks and Perkins Pier, bringing you to Maple St and the entrance to Perkins Pier parking lot at 3 miles. At King St you cross over to the other side of the tracks. 

Note; Not sure if they added a second trail along the Eastern Side of the RR tracks or if the trail still exists along the Western Side?

Pass by the LOCAL MOTION TRAILSIDE CENTER where you can pick up a Map, rent a bike or access a BIKE STATION. Come to College St and cross back over the RR tracks. Here you'll find the entrance to Waterfront Park and ECHO LEAHY CENTER located here (Science & Nature Museum).

Note; Across the street is an information booth located in an old or recreated train depot? Rest rooms and Maps. Next to it is the Lake Street parking lot. From here you can access downtown Burlington's shops and eateries. At the top of College St (steep hill) sits the University of Vermont.

The trail continues straight between Waterfront Park and the RR tracks. Cross Penny Lane at 3.6 miles, passing by Water Works Park and a Skate Park as you head inland a bit leaving the town behind. Follow the open trail above the lake through Urban Reserve, passing by a Dog Park and Fitness Stations #2-4. The trail travels above the lake along a ridge before passing by a Spur Trail at 4.7 miles.

Note; This Spur Trail will take you to the North Beach Park parking lot. North Beach, playground and restrooms.

Cross a bridge over the park road as you travel inland, through Rock Point, into the woods. Pass through a rock cut and travel underneath Rock Point Rd before following a residential corridor. Pass by the Leddy Park parking lot at 5.7 miles. Fitness Station #5. After crossing Starr Farm Rd you'll pass by the Starr Farm Dog Park on your left and Starr Farm Park. Fitness Station #6 and playground. Enter the woods and travel through the North Shore natural Area before skirting the lake again. Cross the Winooski River Bridge at 8 miles. Beautiful old RR trestle overlooking both Lake Champlain to your left and the Derway Island Natural Preserve on your right. This is the end of the Burlington Greenway section. The paved Island Line Trail continues North through Delta Park and out to Windemere Way at 8.5 miles. The paved trail follows this road through a residential neighborhood to Biscayne Heights. Head left, North, along a narrow BIKE LANE (still residential) out Colchester Point Rd. 

Note; This is the start of the Colchester Point/Holy Cross Roads-West Shore Drive Path. I haven't checked out this trail. This paved trail travels East, alongside the road, to Mallets Bay and Prim Rd after 2.5 miles

Cross Colchester Point Rd to the Airport Park parking lot at 9.1 miles. Restrooms located here. This is the start of the Colchester-South Hero Causeway. Head left along the stone-dust trail paralleling Colchester Point Rd before following a causeway through a scrub marsh. Wood Mile Markers located every 0.5 miles. Cross Mills Point Rd at 10.1 miles. To your left just down the road is the Mills Point Road parking lot. After passing through a wooded corridor you enter Causeway Park and the marble lined causeway at 10.5 miles. The causeway heads straight out into Lake Champlain, passing by Law Island on your left. You cross the Law Island RR Bridge at 11.3 miles. Be aware you can encounter breezy conditions and headwinds. Pass by the ISLAND LINE BIKE FERRY and come to the 200' gap in the causeway (Used to be a RR drawbridge) at 13.1 miles. In order to continue your ride to North to South Hero you'll need to utilize the Bike Ferry. This is as far as I traveled. 

After arriving on the other side of the causeway from the Bike Ferry the stone-dust trail continues along the causeway. The trail hits Allen Point and skirts South Hero coming to an end at Martin Rd after 14.4 miles. Martin Road parking lot located here.