Last Updated:       Dec. 15, 2021

Length:                 Greenbelt Trail; 2 miles (Plus 1.4 miles of BIKE LANES to connect to New Springfield Greenway)

                               New Springfield Greenway; 3.3 miles

                               Greenbelt Trail/New Springfield Greenway Loop; 5 miles

                               Brookfield Park Trails;    Eastern Loop Trail; 1.6 miles.    Western Loop Trail; 1 mile  

                               Fresh Kill Park North Trail; Under construction 2021.

Difficulty:             Greenbelt Trail; Easy. Mostly flat stone-dust trail with some slight hills.

                               New Springfield Greenway; Easy. Flat paved trail.

                               Brookfield Park Trails; Easy. Flat paved trails.


To Start from the Greenbelt Trail parking lot; From Route 440 take exit 4 to Arthur Kill Rd and head east for 2.5 miles. Turn left on Richman Ave and take your first right on Forest Hill Rd. The entrance to the parking lot is on your right.  

To Start from Brookfield Park; From Route 440 take exit 4 to Arthur Kill Rd and head east for 3.1 miles. Turn left into Brookfield Park and go to the first parking lot on your right. 

These 3 trails are all clustered in the center of Staten Island around New Springfield. The New Springfield Greenway winds along the eastern edge of Freshkills Park, paralleling Richmond Ave. At 2,200 acres, Freshkills Park is almost three times the size of Central Park and the largest park to be developed in New York City in over 100 years. It also has a significant history as the site of the Fresh Kills Landfill, which was the largest landfill in the world before closing in 2001. It is still under development as of 2021. A bike path is currently under construction in Fresh Kills Park North and should open in 2022. Governor Nelson Rockefeller offered to save one of the few remaining unspoiled woodland areas on Staten Island,” according to the “New York Times,” December 4, 1964 issue. Thus, in 1965, High Rock Park became the core of what later developed into the Greenbelt. The Greenbelt Trail differs greatly from Greenbelt woodland trails. This is the only trail on which bike-riding is permitted. Brookfield Park was once the site of a municipal solid waste facility, but has now been reclaimed with trails winding around the open fields and marsh. Two paved trails encircle the park, the Eastern & Western Loop Trails. For more information visit; BROOKFIELD PARK and FRESHKILLS PARK .

Greenbelt Trail/New Springfield Greenway Loop:

Starting from the Greenbelt Trail parking lot; The stone-dust Greenbelt Trail is located across the entrance road. I combined the Greenbelt Trail & New Springfield Greenway to create a Loop.

Note; Heading right brings you out to the New Springfield Greenway. This is also where I Looped back from.

Heading left the trail travels though woodland coming to a spur at 0.6 miles. 

Note; Heading right brings you 0.7 miles to Richmond Hill Rd and historic Richmond Town.

Continuing straight you'll cross a small stream before passing by Latourette Golf Course. Cross Richmond Hill Rd at 1.2 miles. Caution No Crosswalk. Trail parallels Forest Hill Rd. After 1.9 miles you come to the intersection of Forest Hill Rd and Rockland Ave. Here a BIKE LANE heads left downhill along Rockland Ave. Green New Springfield Greenway signs mark the route. After 2.2 miles the BIKE LANE turns left on Kelly Blvd then right downhill along Travis Ave. Just before Richmond Ave turn left along Steinway Ave [BIKE SHARROWS]. Come to Nome Ave and turn right [BIKE LANE] to a cross-light over Richmond Ave where you'll connect to the New Springfield Greenway at 3.3 miles. 

Note; The New Springfield Greenway continues both north and south from here. Head right (north) to extend your trip. See; New Springfield Greenway Below

To complete your Loop head left along the paved New Springfield Greenway as it travels alongside Richmond Ave. The William Davis Wildlife Refugee is along your right. It briefly diverts around a building then continues south to a cross light over Richmond Ave This brings you to the start of the stone-dust Greenbelt Trail.

Note; The New Springfield Greenway continues south.

Follow the Greenbelt Trail back to the Greenbelt Trail parking lot completing a 5 mile Loop.

New Springfield Greenway:

Starting from Arthur Kill Road and Richmond Ave; Closest parking area is behind the Transit Area in the Park & Ride lot. 

Note; East along Arthur Kill Rd brings you to Brookfield Park after 0.5 miles (Caution narrow road with No Shoulder). See Below.

The paved New Springfield Greenway travels north alongside Richmond Ave. Cross Richmond Creek at 0.4 miles. Nice views of the river and marshland, as well as, Brookfield Park. After 0.7 miles you come to Forest Hill Rd.

Note; On your right is the start of the stone-dust Greenbelt Trail.

A cross-light take you over Richmond Ave where the trail continues north. After 1.9 miles the trail briefly diverts around a building. The William Davis Wildlife Refugee is along your left. Come to a cross-light at 2.2 miles across from Nome Ave. 

Note; This brings you to the on-road [BIKE LANE] route to the Greenbelt Trail. (Up Hill).

Continuing north you come to Travis Ave where the trail turns left through the woods before crossing Travis Ave at 2.8 miles. Back in the woods briefly before traveling alongside residential Park Dr N. The paved trail ends after 3.3 miles at Signs Rd. 

Note; A BIKE LANE continues north along Arlene St for a mile to Lamberts Lane where you can connect to Father Macris Park

Brookfield Park Trails:

Starting from Brookfield Park; From the southern end of the first parking lot you'll find a trailhead and Map Board. A gravel trail takes you up to the paved Eastern Loop Trail. Head right (east) along this wide open trail with the old landfill (now covered in grasses) on your left and marsh on your right. Hiking trails cross the old landfill. Lots of waterfowl. After 1 mile the trail turns west next to Richmond Creek and a large marsh. The trail then completes a Loop of 1.6 miles. 

Note; To access the Western Loop Trail head right along the paved trail, past the pumping station and out through the parking lot to another Map Board and the start of the Western Loop Trail. Heading right you'll pass by a cut-through on your left. Come to views of the river and marsh again as the trail loops west, then south. Pass by the Cut-through on your left and a spur out to Arthur Kill Rd before completing your Loop of 1 mile.

Fresh Kills Park North Trail:

Coming 2022