Last Updated:       June 1, 2017

Length:                 Genesee Valley Greenway; 68.8 miles (Not complete/on-road sections)

Difficulty:             Easy. Flat, cinder, grass, gravel and hard packed dirt rail trail. Northern 2 miles is paved.


To start from Genesee Valley Park; South in Rochester [Northern end]; From I-390 take exit 16 (westbound) or 16A (eastbound) to East River Rd heading west. Travel through the traffic circle and take your first right into Genesee Valley Park; South. Keep right at the first two intersections. Cross a bridge over a river and park underneath the highway. Follow the trail left then right to a concrete pedestrian bridge over the canal. This brings you to Genesee Valley Park; North and the Erie Canalway Trail. Right takes you along the Erie Canalway Trail; East. Head straight along the Erie Canalway Trail; West to an intersection next to another pedestrian bridge. The Erie Canalway Trail; West continues left on the bridge over the Genesee River. Straight takes you along the Genesee Riverway Trail; West Side. Cross the Genesee Valley Park; West-North Bridge over the Genesee River to Genesee Valley Park; West. This brings you to the Genesee Riverway Trail; West Side and Erie Canalway Trail; West junction. Head left as both trails share this section. You quickly come to a junction and map board. This is where the Genesee Valley Greenway begins. 

The Genesee Valley Greenway follows the route of the old Genesee Valley Canal and Rochester Branch of the Pennsylvania RR from Rochester to Cuba. At it's northern end in Rochester you connect into the Genesee Riverway Trail , Erie Canalway Trail; Syracuse-Rochester and Erie Canalway Trail; Rochester-Buffalo . Just past Scottsville heading south you can connect to the Lehigh Valley Trail and west of Avon you'll connect to the Erie Attica Trail . For more information visit; GENESEE VALLEY GREENWAY .

Note; In 2019, a project will start in the north installing wayfinding signage at the intersection of the Genesee Valley Greenway and the Empire State Trail/Erie Canalway Trail in Genesee Valley Park, Rochester, and continue south to Canawaugus Park located in the Village of Scottsville in the Town of Wheatland. Resurfacing the trail to stone-dust from Ballantyne Rd. (Rt 252) in Rochester, south to Canawaugus Park will take place. In all, the design covers nine miles of trail, six of which will be resurfaced

In Sept 2019, funds were approved to update portions of this trail. From Rochester to Avon 17 miles of trail will be resurfaced. Partial resurfacing, along with parking lot improvements and wayfinding  will occur between York and Piffard.     

Starting from the map board; All three combined trails (Erie Canalway Trail/Genesee Riverway Trail; West/Genesee Valley Greenway) continue left crossing over the Erie Canal via a pedestrian bridge. Look right to spot an old RR bridge. Left to see the confluence of the Erie Canal and Genesee River. You then come to another intersection just below I-390 at 0.2 miles. The Erie Canalway Trail continues right. Just below I-390 is another intersection where the Genesee Riverway Trail; West Side continues straight. The Genesee Valley Greenway veers right traveling underneath I-390. You follow an industrial corridor passing by a Fire Training Facility where you'll spot metal airplane fuselages and buildings before coming to a spur trail on your left at 0.9 miles. This is the start of the Genesee Riverway Trail; West Side . Cross Weidner Rd and look right to spot the airport tower for the Greater Rochester Airport. As you travel under a power line look left to finally spot the Genesee River. The trail then turns off the rail bed and comes to Scottsville Rd at 2 miles. This is as far as I've checked out. A cross-light takes you over Scottsville Rd to a paved path that travels south along the road before heading into the woods. A bridge should take you over the Genesee River to Little Black Creek Park. You then exit the park and continue along a paved trail south to the CSX Railroad tracks. Continue south on-road to Ballantyne Rd at 3.2 miles and head right. You'll pick up the hard packed dirt, grass and gravel trail on your left at 3.7 miles. 

Note; Heading right (north) the trail ends at the RR tracks.

Traveling south through thick woods you cross Brook Rd at 5.2 miles and follow a shaded corridor past farmers fields. Cross Morgan Rd at 7.3 miles and travel underneath I-90 at 7.8 miles. Cross Scottsville Rd followed by Scottsville-West Henrietta Rd at 8.9 miles as you travel around Scottsville. Come to Oatka Creek and an intersection. 

Note; Right takes you along a boardwalk out to Canal St and Rochester St.

Cross a bridge over the creek and you'll come to Canawaugus Park parking lot at 9.8 miles. Trail continues south crossing Quaker Rd at 10.8 miles and intersecting the Lehigh Valley Trail at 12.3 miles.

Two old RR bridge piers located here along with an informational board and picnic tables. These old piers were part of the old 1891 Lehigh Valley Trestle, which was over 0.5 miles long with 38 piers. The trestle is long gone except for the section that crosses the Genesee River, which is why the trail descends down to the old RR bridge. Left leads to the old RR bridge which utilizes the under span, as the train would have traveled above you. This was the junction for the Rochester Branch of the Pennsylvania RR and Lehigh Valley RR. Before the railroads it was known as Cox Basin for the Genesee Valley Canal where boats were loaded and turned around. 

Note; Right brings you to the western end of the Lehigh Valley Trail and the W River Road parking lot. Left takes you across an old RR bridge over the Genesee River

Continuing south you'll travel past a marsh for Dugan Creek at 13.4 miles, across a couple of farmers roads before coming to the intersection with the Erie Attica Trail at 17 miles. Continuing south cross Caledonia Avon Rd and Telephone Rd at 18 miles. Come alongside the Genesee River for a bit before crossing Fowlerville Rd at 21.2 miles. More views of the river along the southern section then northern section. Cross a culvert over Salt Creek at 24.8 miles and enter Piffard crossing Genesee St at 26.6 miles. Cross Chandler Rd at 27.3 miles where it appears you travel along remnants of the old canal? Pass a map board as you come to the Cuylerville parking lot in Cuylerville at 30.4 miles. Cross a bridge over Beards Creek before crossing Jones Bridge Rd and another bridge before Perry Rd at 31.9 miles. I'm not sure about this next section as it crosses RR tracks before crossing Mt Morris Rd at 33 miles. Here you pass by the Mt Morris Road parking lot before crossing a bridge over the Genesee River. Look left to spot a spillway. Cross Sickles St followed by N Main St as you enter Mt Morris. Cross E State St and you'll come to the Mt Morris parking lot at 34.2 miles. Cross Erie St and travel through Mt Morris Veterans Park and across Allens Brook. Site of former Aqueduct. Cross Connor Ave as the trail parallels Route 36 out of Mt Morris.

Note; See map below for new Sonyea-Tuscarora route.

The trail enters Sonyea and utilizes Groveland Correctional Facility property (Stay on Trail -No Photography). At 37.9 miles cross Route 36 to Craig Dr and travel south on road (residential) to Veeder Cr W. Head right on-road along this dirt road and you’ll enter Sonyea State Forest at 38.7 miles. Continue through the forest out to Union Corners Rd which brings you to Presbyterian Rd (Route 72) at 41.9 miles. Head right on-road (paved) and take your first left on Wildcat Rd (dirt). This brings you to Scipto Rd at 43.6 miles.

See map for on-road route and southern sections.