Letterbox Planted:  August 13, 2007

Last Updated:           November 05, 2023

Length:                     Fulton County Visitor Center section; 1.7 miles

                                   Johnstown-Gloversville section; 9 miles

Difficulty:                 Easy. Flat, paved rail trail.                            


Take exit 28 off of I-90 and follow signs for Route 30A north over the Mohawk River.

To start from the Route 67 parking lot in Johnstown [Southern End];  From Route 30A north, take a left onto Route 67 west (E. State St) which then merges with Route 29 (E. Main St). After Route 29 heads right, stay straight on Route 67 (W. Main St) and look for School St on your right. Park along this street and head down W Main St to where the trail crosses the road.

To start from the Trail Station Park parking lot in Gloversville [Central Section]; From Route 30A north take a left onto Route 29A (E. Fulton St). After crossing over Main St, look for the park on your right just before the trail crosses the road.

To start from the Green Road parking lot in Gloversville [Northern End];  From Route 30A north, take a right onto Route 349 (E. State St Ext.) and then a left onto Route 154 when you come to it. The parking lot will be on your right next to a small gazebo. 

To start from Fulton County Visitors Center in Vail Mills [Eastern Section]; From Route 30A north, take a right onto Route 29 east. At the junction of Route 30 turn left into the Visitors Center.

The Fonda-Johnstown & Gloversville Rail Trail runs from Johnstown North to Gloversville. Another short section to the East in Vail Mills runs from the Fulton County Visitors Center. The trail runs along the former rail bed of the Fonda-Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad which was completed in 1870. It was later extended north to Northville and then east to Broadalbin. In 1945, the FJ&G became one of the first lines to use diesel power. In 1974, the FJ&G was sold to the Delaware & Otsego. The D&O ran freight trains until1984 when the line was abandoned. For more information on the history of the railroad visit; FJ&G RAILROAD HISTORY .

Vail Mills; Eastern Section:

Starting from Fulton County Visitor Center in Vail Mills [Center Section]; Maps and restrooms are available in the Visitor Center. The trail passes directly in front of the center which you can access from the parking lot. Heading left (East) along the trail brings you past open fields and wild flowers before it becomes wooded. After ¾ miles you come to the sewage treatment plant and share its access road until the trail ends at 2nd Ave after 1 mile. Heading right (West) along the trail, you parallel Route 29 until the trail ends after only 0.7 miles at Route 155.

Johnstown-Gloversville Section:

Starting from the Green Road parking lot in Gloversville [Northern End];  

Note; Heading North the paved trail is being extended 0.8 miles to Patch Rd. Almost complete by Nov 2023.

The paved Fonda-Johnstown & Gloversville Rail Trail heads Southwest past the gazebo and crosses over Route 349. The Gloversville Section has Mile Markers along the route. There are frequent road crossings along the trail as it traverses the towns of Gloversville and then Johnstown, so use caution at the busier ones as there are no cross-lights, only cross-walks. For the most part, this is an urban trail, until you hit the extreme southern end. Keep an eye out to your left for an old granite RR Mileage Marker reading F12, meaning 12 miles to Fonda. Another marker, F11 is a mile farther along. You cross over Route 30A after 1.1 miles and then Cayadutta Creek at 2.4 miles. This creek follows the trail for most of the way although you won't always see it. You enter Trail Station Park parking lot after 3 miles. Here you'll find an old FJ&G Box Car and a small gazebo. The trail the crosses over Fulton St, past the old Railroad Station, which is now a commercial establishment. After crossing Kingsboro Ave there will be many residential road crossings. Past Becker St the trail turns South through Gloversville. You cross a series of old railroad trestles, before crossing Harrison St. On your right will be the ball fields of Parkhurst Field at 4 ½ miles. You now cross into Johnstown. The trail then enters some wetlands and comes alongside the creek. At 5.5 miles you pass by the large brick former Johnstown Railroad Station and come to Fairgrounds Park. This small park contains another gazebo along with benches and a picnic table. A plaque explains about the original fairgrounds here in 1910. Use caution as you cross over N. Perry St along a funky detour. At 6.4 miles the trail crosses a wooden bridge near a small park with gazebo. At 6.7 miles you'll come to the Route 67 (Main St) crossing. This is the most secluded section of trail. Wood fencing separates you from Cayadutta Creek, which flows below, as you enter the woods. After passing by a white factory along your left you'll come alongside a metal fence, then a wooden fence. The creek is now far below on your right. When the fence ends, take 30 paces (2 steps = 1 pace) along the trail to a fisherman’s path on the right. This is the 7 ½ mile mark. Take another 10 paces down this path (towards the river) to a Beech tree on your right. Turning towards the tree, take about 3 paces off the path to a stump and log. Go to the low side of the log and remove ONLY the round stone. Reach under the log to retrieve the FJ&G Rail Trail Letterbox. Continuing along the trail you soon emerge form the woods to open fields. The trail ends at Union Ave after 8.2 miles. Future plans call for continuing the trail South towards Fonda.





OCTOBER 10, 2016