Last Updated:       June 11, 2017

Length:                 Bouthot Memorial Bike Path; 0.9 miles. [1.7 miles including on-road connection to Fall River Heritage State Park Walkway]

                               Fall River Heritage State Park Walkway; 1.3 miles.

                               Kennedy Park Loop; 2.5 mile Loop from Fall River Heritage State Park Walkway.

                               Alfred J. Lima Quequechan River Rail Trail; 2.3 miles.                    

Difficulty:             Bouthot Memorial Bike Path; Easy. Paved trail up and over the bridge. Includes on-road route along an urban residential street.

                               Fall River Heritage State Park Walkway; Easy. Flat paved trail. Boardwalk section does not allow bikes. 

                               Kennedy Park Loop; Moderate. On-road route includes a steep hill.

                               Alfred J. Lima Quequechan River Rail Trail; Easy. Flat paved rail trail.  


For the Fall River Heritage State Park Walkway, Kennedy Park Loop & Bouthot Memorial Bike Path; From I-195 take exit 11 to the Western Fall River Expressway and head left (south). Enter Water St Connector and follow to Water St. Turn right and follow underneath I-195. This will bring you down to the Battleship Cove parking area on your left.

For the Alfred J. Lima Quequechan River Rail Trail; From I-195 take exit 14A to Route 24 south. Take exit 2 to Brayton Ave and turn right. Turn right on Martine St (Route 6). Travel 0.4 miles to the Martine Street parking lot on your right next to LePage's Seafood.

The Fall River Regional Bikeway, once completed, will link many of Fall River's most beautiful areas including Bicentennial Park, Heritage State Park and Britland Park. The path will traverse along scenic South Watuppa Pond and the Quequechan and Taunton Rivers. Finally it will cross over the Taunton River via the Veterans Memorial Bridge along a bike path dedicated to Pvt. M Bouthot (killed in Iraq in 2006) to Somerset. Currently, only bits and pieces of this planned bikeway have been built. The Alfred J. Lima Quequechan River Rail Trail is partially complete, as is the Heritage State Park Walkway and the Bouthot Memorial Bike Path is done. The Alfred J. Lima Quequechan River Rail Trail follows the rail bed of the Old Colony Railroad which terminated in Fall River in 1854. On April 9, 1861, the Old Colony was authorized to build and operate a railroad from the end of track in Fall River, to the Rhode Island state line, to connect with a railroad to be built from Newport in a northerly direction. It was renamed the Old Colony & Newport Railway. For more information visit; FALL RIVER REGIONAL BIKEWAY .

The Fall River Regional Bikeway is part of the larger South Coast Bikeway , a planned 50-mile continuous system of bike paths and bike lanes that will connect Rhode Island to Cape Cod. Cities and towns included in this plan are Swansea, Somerset, Fall River, Westport, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, Marion, Wareham and Bourne. Several segments of the bikeway already exist in Swansea, Fall River, New Bedford, Fairhaven and Mattapoisett


Starting from the Battleship Cove parking lot; The Carousel Building, restrooms and food are all located here, as well as, access to BATTLESHIP COVE .

Kennedy Park Loop:

Note; To access the Kennedy Park Loop follow the paved trail past the Carousel Building and Battleship Cove out to Water St. Head right on-road (BIKE SHARROWS) along Water St. Spot the old train cars on your left before passing by the NARROWS CENTER for the ARTS , MARITIME MUSEUM and finally the Gates of Ponta Delgada. The city of Ponta Delgada, located in Azores, had gifted to Fall River these beautiful gates, replicas of the gates that welcomes visitors to that city. Head up a slight ramp on-road along Ponta Delgada Blvd to Ferry St. Bear left crossing over the RR tracks. This brings you to Columbia St after 0.5 miles. Continue straight along Eagle St for a 0.2 mile long uphill climb to Bradford Ave. Kennedy Park is across the road, however, you'll need to head right to access a cross-walk at Broadway. Cross over Bradford Ave and Broadway to start the Kennedy Park Loop after 0.7 miles. Heading West into to park along the paved trail you'll pass by a parking lot and fountain before coming to a stone pavilion that overlooks the mouth of the Taunton River, across which you can spot the old cooling towers on Brayton Point. Head East back along the southern edge of the park past a playground then up to Middle St. Cross Broadway where the trail parallels Middle St with sports fields along your left. Come to S Main St and head left. Beautiful granite church across the street. Come to Bradford Ave and head left (West) back to Broadway completing your loop at 1.7 miles. Cross Bradford Ave and return to Eagle St retracing your route back to the Battleship Cove parking lot after 2.5 miles. 

Fall River Heritage State Park Walkway:

Starting from the Battleship Cove parking lot; From the parking lot head north across the pedestrian bridge over the mouth of the Quequechan River to FALL RIVER HERITAGE SP .

Note; The boardwalk that follows along the Taunton River restricts the use of bikes, so if you are biking head right.

Head right up the ramp past the Visitor Center and out to Davol St where the paved Heritage State Park Walkway heads north. Pass by the Heritage State Park Boathouse parking area. Continue north utilizing the cement path that runs between N Davol St and the boardwalk. Pass a wooden dock jutting out into the Taunton River and come to the start of a wide paved trail at 0.6 miles. Follow this various surface trail along the rivers edge out to Bicentennial Park. A memorial to the Veterans of WW II and Iwo Jima statue is located here along with some restrooms. The paved trail ends as you come to three stone-dust paths. Bear left and follow this path across a boat launch to Brownell St at 1.3 miles. The trail currently ends here as of June 2017.

Bouthot Memorial Bike Path:

Starting from the Bicentennial Park parking lot; Exit the park to a cross-walk over Davol St. 

Note; To access this trail requires an on-road route (residential).

Travel underneath Route 79 along President Ave to a series of cross-lights and take your second left along Lindsey St (urban residential). Green "Bike Route" signs with red arrows show you the way. Follow this road out to Fulton St and head left. Take your first left down Wellington St where you pick up the paved Bouthot Memorial Bike Path after 0.8 miles. Travel alongside Routes 6 & 138 up to the Veterans Memorial Bridge at a mile. A couple of promenades along the bridge overlooking the Taunton River. Warning; Drawbridge, may be delayed. Cross the bridge down to Riverside Ave. Continue straight across via a crosswalk where the trail heads up a slight hill. The paved trail ends after 1.7 miles at Brayton Ave.

Alfred J. Lima Quequechan River Rail Trail:

Starting from the Martine Street parking lot; From the parking area head down to the Alfred J. Lima Quequechan River Rail Trail.

Note; Heading East the trail quickly comes to an end short of the Westport town line after only 0.1 miles. As of April 2023 they are extending the trail another 500' to the Westport town line. Should be done by June 2023.

Heading West the paved trail follows along the northern shore of South Watuppa Pond. Pass by a small shaded picnic area on your left that juts out into the pond. After only 0.6 miles a cross-light takes you across Brayton Ave to a Map Board. The trail travels through a marsh and across a wooden bridge. Look right to spot an old stone mill building. Travel underneath Route 24, followed by another bridge and another tunnel underneath I-195. Here you'll pick up the Quequechan River. Cross Quequechan St where a boardwalk leads to the paved trail along a causeway. Cross another bridge at 1.5 miles before coming to another informational board, benches and an old RR switch. The trail splits at 1.8 miles.

Note; Heading left across a bridge takes you underneath I-195 and out 0.2 miles to Rodman St. 

Continuing straight across another bridge the trail veers off the old rail bed bringing you around to Britland Park at 1.9 miles. 

Note; Straight the trail leads to the Britland Park parking lot.

Heading right (East) the trail now loops back between the park and river, passing by Interchange Park before the trail currently ends after 2.2 miles. Future plans call for continuing the trail back to Quequechan St, as well as, continuing the trail west to connect to the Heritage State Park Walkway.