Last Updated:     June 01, 2024

Length:               Dutchess Rail Trail; 13.1 miles

                             Walkway Over The Hudson; 1.5 miles

                              Walkway Loop Trail; 1.3 miles 

                              Poughkeepsie Waterfront; Northern Section; ? miles

                              Poughkeepsie Waterfront; Central Section; 0.5 miles

                              Poughkeepsie Waterfront; Southern Section; ? miles

                              Northside Line; ? miles 

Difficulty:           Dutchess Rail Trail; Easy. Flat, paved rail trail.  

                              Walkway Over The Hudson; Easy. Flat, paved railroad bridge.                            

                              Walkway Loop Trail; Moderate. Steep hill along on-road route. 

                              Poughkeepsie Waterfront Trails; Easy. Flat, paved trails.


Starting from Poughkeepsie for the Dutchess Rail Trail & Walkway Loop Trail [Northern End] and Walkway Over the Hudson [Eastern End]; From Route 9 take the Routes 55 & 44 exit east. Travel about 1.5 miles and turn left on Worrall Ave (Route 115) Continue along Route 115 for about 1.5 miles and turn left on Salt Point Turnpike. Follow to the intersection of Smith St and Creek Rd. Take a sharp right on Creek Rd and turn left into the Morgan Lake Park parking lot. You can also park at the Walkway Over the Hudson parking lot. There is a parking fee for up to 4 hours, however, next to the pay parking lot is dirt parking lot with free parking.                                    

Starting from Arlington for the Dutchess Rail Trail [Central Section]; From the Taconic State Pkwy take exit 47B to Route 55 west. Travel 4.5 miles and turn left on Old Manchester Rd (Route 49). Old Manchester Road parking lot 1 is on your left. Old Manchester Road parking lot 2 is just up this road on your left.

Starting from Hopewell Junction for the Dutchess Rail Trail [Southern End]; From I-84 take exit 52B to Taconic State Pkwy north. Take exit 38 to Route 52 W. Take a right on Route 376 to Hopewell Junction. Turn right on Routes 82 & 376. For the Turner Street  parking lot; Continue straight on Route 82 and cross over a bridge. Take an immediate left on Turner St and you'll come to a parking lot and the start of the trail. For the Hopewell Junction Depot parking lot; Turn left on Route 376. You'll take a sharp right and come to Railroad Ave straight ahead before Route 376 turns left. Travel down Railroad Ave to reach the trail and parking lot.

Starting from Highland for the Walkway Over the Hudson [Western End]; From I-87 (NY State Thruway) take exit 18 to Route 299 east. Head south on Route 9W through Highland. Just before the turn off for the Mid-Hudson Bridge turn left down Haviland Rd. The first parking lot on your left is for the Hudson Valley Rail Trail. The next parking lot on the left leads to the walkway. Parking is also available along the road or in a parking lot down to the right.  

The Metro-North Railroad's Hudson Line has a stop in Poughkeepsie. For more information visit; Metro North Railroad . If you click on the individual stations, they have available both directions and maps.

The Dutchess Rail Trail was built on the old rail bed that was once part of the Maybrook Line. The double track line opened for service in 1892 and functioned as a passenger and freight line until well into the 1900ís. The Maybrook Line provided the only train crossing of the Hudson River between New York City and just South of Albany and was an important railroad link for Connecticut and the rest of the Northeast. In 1974, its regular use was terminated after a fire on the Poughkeepsie Railroad-Highland Bridge interrupted the lineís continuity. This bridge, at 6,768 feet long and 212 feet above the river, was hailed as the longest railroad bridge in the world when it was completed in 1888. The Dutchess Rail Trail starts from Hopewell Junction, continuing from the Northern End of the Maybrook Trailway and travels Northwest to Poughkeepsie, where it connects to the Walkway Over the Hudson. This pedestrian bridge is now the longest in the world and takes you West over the Hudson River to Highland. You can then continue Northwest, along the Hudson Valley Rail Trail , to New Paltz, where you can access the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail . In Poughkeepsie, from the Walkway Over the Hudson & Dutchess Rail Trail, you can follow the Walkway Loop Trail, West, down to the Poughkeepsie Waterfront, where you can access the Poughkeepsie Waterfront Trails. From the Walkway Over the Hudson & Dutchess Rail Trail, you can also connect to the Northside Line, which utilizes the former CSX rail corridor. Constructed in 1873, the corridor was built as a link between East-West and North-South rail lines, as well as a means of delivering coal to power the newly-completed Hudson River State Hospital. Shaped like a wishbone, the trail system has Eastern and Western Spurs, with on-road connections. For more information visit;  DUTCHESS RAIL TRAIL , WALKWAY LOOP TRAIL & NORTHSIDE LINE .

The Dutchess Rail Trail & Walkway Over the Hudson are part of the Empire State Trail , which is a continuous 750-mile route spanning the state from New York City North to Canada and Buffalo East to Albany, creating the longest multi-use state trail in the nation. 

Dutchess Rail Trail:

Starting from the Turner Street  parking lot in Hopewell Junction [Southern End]; Here, two rail lines merged, with the other line still active over to your left. Wooden Mile Marker 0 is located at the start of the trail and appears on your right every 0.5 miles

Note; Heading South the trail travels underneath Route 82 where it connects to the Maybrook Trailway . Left leads to the Martin Road parking area.

Heading North; The Dutchess Rail Trail is paved with a jogging path that parallels the trail. You quickly come to the Hopewell Depot parking lot. The old Hopewell Depot (Museum), along with the old Signal Station 196 located here. Vending machines, restrooms, picnic pavilion, Map Board & BIKE STATION. The old depot, built in 1873, houses a visitors center & museum. At one time, three different rail lines were served by Hopewell Junction. Another nice feature along the trail are the placements of sign posts at all junctions and intersections. There are also informational signs posted along the trail as well. After crossing Whortiekill Creek you'll cross over Route 376 at 0.4 miles. Heading North the trail enters the woods and is much more isolated then the Northern Section. After 1.2 miles you travel past Lake Walton on your left. Next you cross Lake Walton Rd at 2.4 miles and come to another Map Board. Cross a bridge over Route 376 with access spurs down to the road. Cross Sprout Creek bridge at 2.9 miles, travel through a rock cut and look left where you can still find some of the old telephone poles from the RR days. You'll come to the Diddell Road parking lot at 4 miles. Map Board and Porto-Potty's located here. After crossing Diddell Rd you travel along a high berm with steep drop offs along both sides of the trail. Cross a bridge over Maloney Rd at 5.4 miles with access spurs to the road. This takes you from the town line of Wappinger into LaGrange. Pass a side trail to Gold's Gym parking lot, which contains a sports cafe, before crossing a bridge over Titusville Rd at 6.5 miles. Just before the 7.5 Mile Marker you'll spot and old bridge abutment. Pass by a spur trail at 8.1 miles to the Old Manchester Road parking lot 1 in Arlington, followed by a second spur on your right to the Old Manchester Road parking lot 2. Here you'll cross an extended bridge over Old Manchester Rd, Wappinger Creek and Route 55. Travel along a causeway through a marsh at 9 miles and past the Overocker Road parking lot at 9.6 miles. Travel underneath the Dutchess Turnpike (Route 44) and you'll soon be traveling along a high berm. Cross over Van Wagner Rd via an old RR bridge before coming to North Grand Ave at 11.3 miles. Here you'll find an original Maybrook Rail Line signal that works. Another bridge takes you over Route 115 as the trail turns West, where you pass by St. Peters Cemetery followed by a bridge over Fall Kill. After traveling underneath Creek Rd you come to the spur for the Morgan Lake Park parking lot at 12 miles. Restrooms, a Map Board, benches and picnic tables are located here. Pass by an old cement RR Whistle marker on your left at 12.3 miles as you travel through a rock cut, followed by a tunnel underneath Route 9G. Crosswalk over Buckingham Ave as you travel a berm along a residential corridor in Poughkeepsie. Cross several old RR bridges before traveling alongside the Walkway Over the Hudson parking lot and coming to the start of the Walkway Over the Hudson after 13.1 miles

Walkway Over The Hudson:

Starting from the Northern End of the Dutchess Rail Trail; The Walkway Over the Hudson parking lot is located here.

Note; From here you can access the Walkway Loop Trail, which will take you West, down to the Poughkeepsie Waterfront where you can access the Poughkeepsie Waterfront Trails. See Below.

Note; From here you can also access the Northside Line, which currently travels North, underneath the Walkway Over the Hudson. See Below.

Traveling West, along the tree lined Walkway Over The Hudson, you'll pass by the Walkway East Pavilion. During weekends this area contains food trucks. The trail then takes you high above Poughkeepsie. When you come to the banks of the Hudson River below, you'll find an elevator on your left. 

Note; This elevator brings you down to the Upper Landing Park where you can access the Poughkeepsie Waterfront; Central Section. See Below.

Great views of the city, RR and river park. Informational signs are dispersed all along the walkway. Great unimpeded views of the river, Mid-Hudson Bridge and cliffs of Highland. After crossing over the Hudson you below as an active RR line passes beneath. Come to the Highland side where you'll find restrooms, food vendors, water fountain, picnic tables, informational boards, Map, Walkway West Pavilion and the Walkway West Visitor Center at 1.5 miles

Note; Continuing West, the trail connects to the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, where you'll find the HVRT parking lot. An old 1926 red caboose and Map Board are located here.

Walkway Loop Trail:

The Walkway Loop Trail will take you West, down to the Poughkeepsie Waterfront. The Poughkeepsie Waterfront consists of 3 Sections:

The Poughkeepsie Waterfront; Northern Section is North of the Walkway Over the Hudson and consists of the Dutchess Landing Trail & Longview Park Trail, between which are located the Hudson River Rowing Association and Marist & Cornell Boathouses. Not sure if the 2 trails are connected, as I have yet to check them out. 

The Poughkeepsie Waterfront; Central Section is South of the Walkway Over the Hudson and is not connected to the Northern Waterfront because of industrial land. This section consists of the Upper Landing Park Trail, which contains an elevator that takes you up to the Walkway Over the Hudson. This trail then connects to the Waryas Park Promenade

The Poughkeepsie Waterfront; Southern Section is South of the Mid-Hudson Bridge and is not connected to the Central Waterfront because of Kaal Rock. Plans are to build a cantilever bridge around this natural feature. See; KAAL ROCK PARK PLANS . This section consists of the Kaal Rock Park Promenade & Shadows Maria Promenade

Head left, South, through the Lower parking lot out to Parker Ave. Turn right and travel, West, on-road (narrow sidewalk) down to Washington St. There are several street options, but I followed the suggested route (shown on Map) by turning left, South, on Washington St to a stoplight over to Verazzano Blvd (Caution; no crosswalk/light. Cross on red light). Signs mark the route. Travel West, on-road, down Verazzano Blvd alongside Fall Kill to Mt Carmel Pl and turn right, North (wide sidewalk available). Bear left on Dutchess Ave and travel underneath the Walkway Over the Hudson to Albany St. Head right (residential road) to Hoffman St and turn left, West. Cross over Route 9 and the RR tracks to N Water St. Turn left, South, along a brick lined sidewalk and come to Dutchess Ave on your right at 1.1 miles. 

Note; If you travel West, down Dutchess Ave, it will bring you to the Poughkeepsie Waterfront; Northern Section and the Dutchess Landing Trail after 1.2 miles. See Below. I haven't checked out this section yet.

Continue South, along N Water St, traveling back underneath the Walkway Over the Hudson. You'll come to the entrance to UPPER LANDING PARK on your right after 1.3 miles.

Note; Be sure to check out Fall Kill straight ahead where it travels underneath N Water St. Look left to spot a small waterfall and informational sign. Beautiful old brick buildings here. 

Poughkeepsie Waterfront:

Poughkeepsie Waterfront; Northern Section:

Starting from N Water Street/Dutchess Ave & the Walkway Loop Trail [Northern End]; Travel West down Dutchess Ave. I haven't checked out this section yet.

Poughkeepsie Waterfront; Central Section:

Starting from N Water Street & the Walkway Loop Trail [Northern End]; Enter Upper Landing Park past the brick columns. Here the paved Upper Landing Park Trail travels West through this small park. Pass by a *Bridge over Fall Kill on your left. 

Note; This leads to the Waryas Park Promenade. See Below.

The trail travels out the the Hudson River then North, around to a brick circle. Come to a gate where a trail leads to an elevator that takes you up to the Walkway Over the Hudson after 0.2 miles. The waterfront is blocked by industrial land to the North, thus blocking access to the Poughkeepsie Waterfront; Northern Section. Return to the *Bridge and cross Fall Kill to a sidewalk.


Turn right, East and follow the sidewalk alongside Fall Kill and past a pavilion to the Hudson River.  Here you can head left, South, along the paved Waryas Park Promenade. [Re-zeroing Mileage] Travel alongside the river through Waryas Park, passing by the Children's Museum, a skateboard park, picnic tables, informational signs and a parking lot. Next you'll pass by the ICE HOUSE Restaurant, dock and pavilion before coming to a playground with a neat "whale" sculpture. 

Note; Just past the pavilion is a trail leading up to Main St, where you can access the Metro-North's Poughkeepsie Station

Just past the play ground the trail ends after 0.3 miles at a dock overlooking Kaal Rock and the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Note; Future plans call for continuing the trail around Kaal Rock, via a cantilever bridge to Kaal Rock Park and the Poughkeepsie Waterfront; Southern Section

Poughkeepsie Waterfront; Southern Section:

I haven't checked out this section yet.

Northside Line:

I haven't checked out this trail yet. Phase 1 has been completed, while Phases 2 & 3 are expected to be constructed in 2024.