Last Updated:      December 12, 2015

Length:                Connecticut River Bikeway; 3 miles

                               Agawam Riverwalk; 1.9 miles

                              School Street Park Loop; 0.7 miles

Difficulty:            Easy. Flat, paved trail.


Connecticut River Bikeway;  

From I-91 southbound; Take exit 6 to Columbus Ave. Get into the far right lane immediately (one-way road). Take your first right on W Union St and go around the backside of the Visitors Center to reach the parking lot. 

Note; There is a parking lot right outside the entrance to reach the trail, however, you need a parking pass during the week but not on weekends. You'll need to use Exit 7 to reach this lot.

From I-91 northbound; Take exit 6 to East Columbus Ave. Take the first left underneath the highway along Union St. Cross W Columbus Ave to W Union St and go around the backside of the Visitor Center to reach the parking lot. 

Agawam Riverwalk Loop; From I-91, take exit 3 to Agawam, Routes 5 & 57. After crossing over the South End Bridge, take the first exit, Route 57, to a rotary. Take the first right off the rotary to River Rd. Travel 2.5 miles south on River Rd to Borgatti Field on your right.

You can rent bikes in Springfield. See; VALLEY BIKE SHARE for locations.

The Connecticut River Bikeway is a planned 13 mile corridor running adjacent to the Connecticut River from Chicopee to Springfield. The Agawam Riverfront Loop is a planned loop trail in Agawam. Currently a short section exists alongside the Connecticut River. For more information visit; CT RIVER BIKEWAY .

Connecticut River Bikeway:

Starting from the Visitor Center; Head north up West Columbus Ave to the old train station. Cross the active tracks into Riverfront Park. The Connecticut River Bikeway passes through the 7 Acre Park, which contains a promenade overlooking the Connecticut River, along with benches and a pier for boat cruises on the river. There is also a map board located here. About 0.2 miles from the Visitor Center.

Heading south (left) from Riverfront Park, the paved trail travels above the banks of the Connecticut River, located on your right and next to the railroad tracks on your left.  The trail briefly splits, with the bikeway to the left and a brick lined walkway to the right. After a mile you'll come to a pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks that take you to the old Basketball Hall of Fame and a parking lot. Take a quick detour up and over the tracks to an observation platform on the opposite side. Good views of Springfield and the river. You pass by the new BASKETBALL HALL OF FAME across the tracks at 0.4 miles. After passing two benches overlooking the river on your right the trail currently ends at 1.1 miles. Future plans aim to link it with the Agawam Riverfront Loop via the South End Bridge. Mile markers on brown poles start from here and continue every 1/4 mile heading north. 

Heading north (right) from Riverfront Park, you'll travel down a ramp and past a wooden dock. After only a mile you travel underneath Memorial Bridge. You then enter a ramp bridge which takes you directly above a double set of railroad tracks at a mile. These tracks lead east to Springfield's Union Station and west over a trestle across the Connecticut River. After exiting the ramp, you then have a short on-road section along Clinton St. You reenter the trail next to Pumping Station # 3. Continuing down the trail, you travel on top of the flood wall until you come to Marina Park and the North End Bridge at just under 1 miles. There is a cross light here across busy Route 20. The trail continues on top of the flood wall and currently ends at the Chicopee town line at just over 2 miles. Here you will find a couple of benches overlooking the river. 

Agawam Riverwalk Loop:

Starting from Borgatti Field; Exit the park to River Rd and head left along a paved path. A cross-walk will take you over River Rd to the paved Agawam Riverfront Loop. The trail travels between the road and the Connecticut River. You'll travel past a Pumping Station and a river overlook at 0.3 miles. This is followed by on-street parking. There are more benches located along the trail overlooking the river. Come to Pumping Station # 4 after 1.7 miles and use the cross light over River Rd, then head right to a cross walk over School St where you'll pick up a paved trail as it now follows alongside School St. After 1.9 miles the trail turns right into School Street Park

Note; From here you can access the School Street Park Loop. Head into the park past an old red barn and parking lot and you'll come to an intersection. Head left across a pedestrian bridge to the West Side of the park and you'll come to sports fields. Head north (right) for a 0.5 mile loop and you'll come to another intersection.

Note; Right takes you back to the East Side of the park.

Continue straight and you'll travel between a splash park and picnic pavilion. Parking lot located here. The trail then heads south to another intersection. Continue right looping around the sports fields returning to the intersection for the pedestrian bridge. Head right back to School St for a total loop of 0.7 miles.