Last Updated:       October 19, 2023

Length:                 BWI Trail; 10.6 mile Loop

                               BWI Trail Spur; 0.8 miles

                               John Overstreet Connector Trail; 1.3 miles

                                B&A Trail; 13.4 miles    

                                East-West Blvd Bike Path; 1.6 miles      

                                Kinder Farm Park Perimeter Trail; 2.4 mile Loop                            

Difficulty:             BWI Trail; Moderate. Flat, paved trail but with a slight grade along route.

                                B&A Trail; Easy. Flat, paved rail trail.                            


To start from the Dixon Observation Area parking lot for the BWI Trail [Southern End]: 

From I-97 Southbound, take exit 15 to Aviation Blvd and turn left (South). Next, turn right at the first light down Dorsey Rd. The Dixon Observation Area parking lot will be on your left. 

From I-97 Northbound take exit 15B to Dorsey Rd (Route 176) West. The Dixon Observation Area parking lot will be on your left a little ways down.

To start from the Sawmill Creek Park parking lot for the B&A Trail [Northern End];  

From I-97 Southbound, take exit 16 to Route648 and turn left (South). After 0.5 miles turn right on Dorsey Rd. After 0.5 miles turn left into Sawmill Creek Park. Go to the far parking lot and head left to the end of this parking lot. Here you can access the John Overstreet Connector Trail. Head left, East, for 0.4 miles to access the Northern End of the B&A Trail.

From I-97 Northbound take exit 15A to Dorsey Rd West. Turn right into Sawmill Creek Park. Go to the far parking lot and head left to the end of this parking lot. Here you can access the John Overstreet Connector Trail. Head left, East, for 0.4 miles to access the Northern End of the B&A Trail.

To start from the Route 450 parking lot for the B&A Trail [Southern End]; Take Route 50 east out past Annapolis to the Route 450 south exit. The parking lot will be immediately to your right after exiting the off-ramp. To access the B&A Trail you need to travel right out of the parking lot along Route 450 and take your first right on Boulters Way. A BIKE LANE follows Boulters Way North, traveling underneath Route 50 and ascending a small hill, the trailhead will begin on your right after 0.6 miles.

The BWI Trail completely circles Baltimore-Washington International Airport, creating a Loop. Although most of the trail runs alongside roadways, it has its own paved trail. At the Dixon Observation Area, the airplanes come in for a landing almost over your head. Quite a sight. The John Overstreet Connector Trail travels East connecting you to the Northern End of the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail. The B&A Trail travels South from downtown Glen Burnie to Route 50 in Annapolis. This trail runs along the former rail bed of the Annapolis & Baltimore Short Line that started in 1880. The railroad was abandoned in 1968. Sawmill Creek Park makes for a good starting point to access the B&A Trail as there is no parking lot located at the Northern End of the B&A Trail

Both the BWI Trail and Baltimore & Annapolis Trail are part of the EAST COAST GREENWAY , a planned biking & hiking route stretching 3,000 miles from Maine to Florida. When complete it will traverse 15 states with a mostly off-road path.

BWI Trail:

Starting from the Dixon Observation Area parking lot [Southern End]; At the end of the parking lot is a playground and bench pavilion in Friendship Park. Head South through the playground and onto the BWI Trail. The field below the landing aircraft will be to your left. A mile takes you into the woods and soon a sharp turn East. You will pass a Mileage Marker that says 24.5 on your right (these markers include Mileage from the B&A Trail) and come to an open area with a golf driving range on your left. The trail then enters a wooded area with lots of curves in the trail. After 1.4 miles, you'll come to Stewart Ave.  

Note; Heading Right; the paved John Overstreet Connector Trail will connect you to the B&A Trail, as well as, Sawmill Creek Park. It travels Southeast alongside Stewart Ave, before crossing Stewart Ave and traveling Northeast, crossing over Sawmill Creek. After passing by the Maryland DOT, you enter the woods before coming to a Spur Trail for Sawmill Creek Park on your left at 0.8 miles. Sports fields & courts, playground and Pascal Senior Center. You then come alongside Dorsey Rd before coming to the Northern End of the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail after 1.3 miles.

Heading Left; The BWI Trail continues North, alongside Stewart Ave, before crossing Dorsey Rd, where the trail continues alongside Aviation Blvd. Cross Aviation Blvd into a wooded area at 3.5 miles. Cross some RR tracks where the trail now travels alongside Andover Rd. Cross S Camp Meade Rd and come to S Hammonds Ferry Rd at 4.1 miles.

Note; Heading North is the BWI Trail Spur. I haven't checked out this spur. It starts out as a double-wide sidewalk along the Western Side of S Hammonds Ferry Rd before quickly crossing over to the Eastern Side at Music Lane where it follows a paved trail. Cross Shipley Circle just past 0.3 miles where the trail follows a residential corridor before traveling alongside some RR tracks. Pass by the Linthicum Rail Station at 0.5 miles. Come to W Maple Street just shy of 0.8 miles where the trail currently ends. An extension will continue the trail North to the Nursery Road Rail Station. Funded in 2023. See; Map Below.

Past here the trail follows a narrow sidewalk briefly, before turning Southwest between Lindale Middle School and the Andover Equestrian Center. You now head down past horse corrals, through the woods and up to Andover Point at 4.7 miles, where you overlook the airport. You travel around an open field before coming alongside Elkridge Landing Rd at 5.1 miles as you head West. You leave this road behind as you briefly head through the woods to an intersection at 5.7 miles. 

Note; Left takes you across a bridge over Route 170 and alongside Terminal Rd to the BWI Airport.

Continue right and cross over I-195 via a pedestrian bridge. You'll then travel back through the woods, crossing a wooden bridge over a marsh, before coming to an intersection at 6.4 miles.

Note; Right, North, takes you to the BWI Thurgood Marshall Rail Station.

Head left, South, alongside Amtrak Way, then Aviation Blvd before coming to Stony Run Rd at 7.3 miles. Turn left along the trail to a cross light, then right alongside Stony Run Rd to Aviation Blvd. You now travel between the road and runway. Keep an eye out overhead. This is the flight path for airplanes taking off. You briefly utilize a long wooden boardwalk and after 9 miles turn East alongside Dorsey Rd. A cross light over Dorsey Rd where the trail quickly turns South, returning you to Dixon Observation Area parking lot after a 10.6 mile Loop.

Baltimore & Annapolis Trail:

Starting from Dorsey Road in Glen Burnie [Northern End]; The paved B&A Trail travels South along a residential corridor with several road crossings before passing by the Greenway Street parking lot and crossing Central Ave and Crain Ave at 0.6 miles. Here, the trail follows an urban/commercial corridor alongside Post 40 Rd. You travel along a medium between Post 40 Rd & Greenway Rd before crossing 5th Ave at 1.1 miles. Residential corridor before crossing Aquahart Rd where you'll soon follow a more isolated residential corridor. Cross Norfolk Rd before crossing an old RR trestle bridge over Marley Creek and coming alongside Marley Station Cir at 2.4 miles. Here you travel around the Marley Station Mall before a pedestrian bridge takes you over Route 100 at 3.1 miles. Cross Jumpers Hole Rd and pass by the Elevation Road parking lot as you cross into Severna Park at 4.4 miles. Here the trail is more isolated. Cross another pedestrian bridge over East-West Blvd before coming to an intersection at 5.5 miles.

Note; A spur trail on your right leads down to the East-West Blvd Bike Path. This paved trail travels West along the Southern Side of this road. I have not checked out this trail. After 0.6 miles you'll pass by a spur trail on your left for KINDER FARM PARK

Note; A 0.5 mile paved trail brings you to an intersection where the paved,  Kinder Farm Park Perimeter Trail, Loops 2.4 miles around the park. I have not checked out this trail.

The trail ends after 1.6 miles at Governor Stone Pkwy.

Cross W Earleigh Heights Rd and come to an intersection at 6.3 miles. 

Note; The B&A Trail Ranger Station and parking lot are located here. Picnic tables & restrooms located here.

Cross a high berm over Cattail Creek at 7.6 miles. Cross Robinson Rd where you follow a residential corridor. Cross W McKinsey Rd where the trail is a bit more isolated. After crossing over an old trestle bridge you'll come to Jones Station at 9.9 miles. There is parking here, as well as, an informational signboard. Here you cross into Arnold as the trail parallels Baltimore Annapolis Rd. Cross Old Country Rd before an old RR bridge takes you over a high gully at 11 miles. Several residential road crossings before you come to Boulters Way after 13.4 miles and the end of the trail. The old rail bed is blocked further South by Route 50.

Note; If you travel left, a BIKE LANE follows Boulters Way South. This will take you underneath Route 50 and out to Route 450 in Annapolis. Head left to reach the Route 450 parking lot after 14 miles


The BWI Spur Trail extension will construct an extension from Maple Ave North to the Nursery Road Light Rail station. Funded 2023: