Port Robinson to Niagara Falls

(Courtesy Susan R. Sapone)

Last Updated:       August 2018


Starting from the Port Robinson Ferry parking lot on the east side of the canal; Exit the parking lot via Bridge Street East and turn right onto River Street.

As you follow River Street, you will pass Biggar Road on your left, but it does not have an outlet.

Follow River Street to the SECOND Biggar Road at about mile 0.75.

Turn left onto Biggar Road and follow it to Darby Road. 

Turn left onto Darby Road and continue to Grassy Brook Road at about 2.5 miles. Ignore all signs that say “no outlet” or “do not enter”.

Turn right onto Grassy Brook Road and follow Grassy Brook Road until it ends near Grand Niagara Golf Club at about 4.75 miles.

At this point the Grassy Brook Road ends and a narrow path continues for bikes to pass.  Cyclists have permission from the golf course to proceed on golf course property to the club house.

At the club house, Grassy Brook Road resumes.  Follow it until it meets Montrose Road/Route 98.

Turn left onto Montross Road/Route 98 and follow it to McLeod Road/Route 49. Note:  These next 3 miles follow heavy trafficked roads.

Turn right onto McLeod Road/Route 49, crossing above the QEW, and proceed to Dorchester Road. Note: Heavy traffic stops here

Turn right onto Dorchester Road and follow it until it becomes Chippawa Parkway. Note: Dorchester Road bears to the right when it meets Oldfield Road

Follow Chippawa Parkway to Route 102/Stanley Avenue. 

Turn right onto Route 102/Stanley Avenue and follow it to Route 47/Lyons Creek Road.

Turn left onto Route 47/Lyons Creek Road and follow it into Chippawa.


To proceed SOUTH on the Niagara Parkway:

Follow Route 47/Lyons Creek Road (it becomes Main Street in Chippawa) directly to the Niagara Parkway and turn right on the Niagara Parkway.

To proceed NORTH on the Niagara Parkway:

As you proceed through the town of Chippawa turn left onto Portage Road/Willoughby Drive.

After crossing the Welland River, turn right onto Macklem Street which becomes the Niagara Parkway as it passes by Kingsbridge Park.