Planted:            May 8, 2002

Last Updated:   August 01, 2023

Length:             Battle Road Trail (Fiske House to Meriam's Corner); 5 miles

                           Meriam’s Corner to North Bridge Visitor Center (on-road); 2 ½ miles

                           Minute Man Visitor Center to Letterbox; 1 ¼ miles

Difficulty:        Moderate. Smooth, hard packed surface with a few slight hills. Path narrow in places.


From I-95, take exit 46B to Route 2A west to Massachusetts Ave.

To start from the Fiske House Site in Lexington [Eastern End]; Take a right onto Massachusetts Ave, then a left onto Wood St. The parking lot and the start of the trail will be on your left. You can also access the Minuteman Bikeway 1.5 miles down Mass Ave via sidewalks.

To start from the Minute Man Visitor Center in Lincoln [Eastern End]; From Massachusetts Ave continue on  Route 2A for 0.6 miles to the Visitor Center entrance on your right.

To start from the Hartwell Tavern Parking Lot in Lincoln [Center Section]; From Massachusetts Ave continue on Route 2A  for 1.7 miles until you see the parking lot on your right.

To start from the Lexington Road parking lot in Concord [Western End]; From Massachusetts Ave continue on Route 2A  for 3.3 miles until you see the parking lot on your right.

The Minute Man National Historic Park tells the story of the first battle of the American Revolution on April 19, 1775. The park encompasses the Battle Road Route between Lexington and Concord, that British troops followed in a failed attempt to capture Patriot munitions and quell colonial unrest. Twenty five interpretive signs mark points of interest along the route. Parts of the Battle Road are now a busy roadway, so the Battle Road Trail was created to connect the historic sites through the towns of Lexington, Lincoln & Concord. Be sure to follow the signs for the Trail and not the Road. For more information visit;  MINUTEMAN NHP . You may also access the Minuteman Bikeway in Lexington from the Fiske House Site via Mass Ave. From the start of the trail at the Fiske House, head back to Mass Ave. and turn left over the bridge. Lexington is about 1.5 miles down Mass Ave. via narrow, bumpy sidewalks. Not recommended for kids on bikes. The Bikeway is located behind the Lexington Visitor Center.

Starting from the Fiske House Site in Lexington [Eastern End]; You’ll travel less then a mile to the Minute Man Visitor Center, which is off the trail on the left in Lincoln. A good place to get a map of the trail and a history lesson. After about 1 ½ miles you come to the Paul Revere Capture Site, where ‘OLE’ Paul got snagged by British troops during his famous "the British are coming" ride. Just shy of 2 miles the trail passes underneath Hanscom Drive via a  tunnel. After crossing you’ll pass by the nicely restored Smith House, then turn sharply right and notice a granite Mileage Marker that says "Meriam’s Corner 2 ¼ mile". These Mileage Markers are all along the route. Just past this granite marker you’ll come to an interpretive sign talking about the "British Column". With your back to the sign, you should see a set of stone steps going through a stone wall across the trail. Go to the steps and walk left along the stone wall until you come to the corner. Look on the back side of the wall for the Battle Road Trail Letterbox.  Next you pass by the Hartwell Tavern on your right; take a left to reach the parking lot. Just shy of 3 miles you approach Bloody Angle. The Battle Road continues straight, but you go right up the Battle Road Trail and take another sharp left. Easy to miss this turn and end up at Route 2A. There are several short hiking trails along the route as well. You cross over a couple of boardwalks on your way to the Lexington Road parking lot at 4.8 miles. Continuing west will bring you to Meriam’s Corner after 5 miles. The trail ends here, do not cross the road and go up the hill, as it dead ends. There are restrooms located north at the Meriam House.

You may wish to continue on towards Concord Center and the historic North Bridge. [Continuing Mileage] A narrow path runs alongside Lexington Rd, but is not suitable for bikes. Bikers will need to go on-road (wide shoulder). Traffic light, but not recommended for kids on bikes. Past the Louisa Alcott Orchard House the road narrows with no shoulder. You pass by the Concord Museum on your left after 6 miles and another ½ mile brings you into Concord Center. Very quaint area with old homes, old cemeteries, monuments, shops and restaurants. Keeping to the right of the traffic circle and Civil War Monument, go right on Monument St, following the signs for the North Bridge. At 6.9 miles the Reformatory Branch Trail crosses the road.

Note; The hard packed dirt & gravel Reformatory Branch Trail starts from the east at Bedford Depot where it connects to the Minuteman Bikeway & Bedford Narrow Gauge Spur .

Cross the road at the North Bridge parking lot and proceed to the North Bridge where the "shot heard ‘round the world" took place. Monuments on both sides of the bridge. A bit further down the trail brings you to the North Bridge Visitor Center. Roughly 7 ½ mile trip. Well worth it though.





JUNE 1, 2021