Last Updated:      May 14, 2023

Length:                Back River Trail; 2.1 miles

                               Bare Cove Path; 1.7 miles

                               Osprey Overlook Park Loop Trail; 0.9 mile Loop

                              Indian Point Loop; 3.1 miles

                              Webb Memorial State Park Loop Trail; 1.5 mile Loop

                              Stodders Neck Loop; 0.6 miles

                              Abigail Adams SP Loop Trail; 0.6 miles

Difficulty:            Back River Trail; Moderate to Difficult. Hilly, old abandoned paved road. A couple of very steep hills. Not recommended for kids on bikes

                               Osprey Overlook Park Loop Trail; Moderate. Hilly paved trail w/a hard packed dirt/gravel section.

                               Bare Cove Path; Easy. Relatively flat, abandoned paved road. 

                              Indian Point Loop; Moderate. Hilly, abandoned paved roads with a some hard packed dirt roads.

                              Webb Memorial State Park Loop Trail; Easy. Flat, stone-dust trail.


From Route 3A in Quincy head east over the Weymouth Fore River Bridge to North Weymouth

For Webb Memorial State Park in North Weymouth; After 1.4 miles turn left on Neck St which turns into River St. Come to the park after 1.5 miles. Parking lot on the left. 

For Abigail Adams State Park in North Weymouth; Just before you cross the bridge over the Weymouth Back River turn left into the State Park. Turn right to park. 

For the Back River Trail (Great Esker Park) parking lot in North Weymouth [Northern End]; Just before you cross the bridge over the Weymouth Back River turn right into the shopping plaza and immediately turn left to a small parking lot.

For Stodders Neck Reservation in Hingham Continue across the bridge over the Weymouth Back River to Hingham. Turn left into the Park.

For the Bare Cove Path Beal Street parking area in Hingham [Northern End]; Continue across the bridge over the Weymouth Back River to Hingham. Turn right on Beal St. Take your first right to a parking area where an old road starts (now blocked by a fence). Bare Cove Path starts here. There is also a main parking lot located in Bare Cove Park. To access continue along Beal St/West St and bear right along Fort Hill St. Take your first right along Bare Cove Park Dr to the Bare Cove Park parking lot.

The north-south Back River Trail follows the west side of Weymouth Back River, while the north-south Bare Cove Park Trails follows the east side of Weymouth Back River. They are both accessed from the north at Route 3A. You may connect between these 2 trails via Route 3A (0.5 miles along a narrow sidewalk next to a busy road). 

North of Route 3A are 3 parks. You can check out Stodders Neck Reservation & Abigail Adams State Park which both have short Loops. You can access the 3rd park, Webb Memorial State Park, which also has a Loop Trail.

Back River Trail:  

The Back River Trail follows an abandoned road through Great Esker Park which follows the west side of Weymouth Back River (a tidal River). An esker is formed by a stream or river in a tunnel underneath a glacier. It is made up of the sediments dropped by that stream or river. When the glacier retreats, the deposits remain, exposing a long, winding hill where the stream or river used to be. The park features the highest esker in North America. It ends at Osprey Overlook Park.

Starting from the Great Esker Park parking lot [Northern End]; A Porto-Potty is located here. The Back River Trail travels past the green gate along an old paved road. You travel South along the road past the commercial district on your right and into the woods. After 0.5 miles you begin a steep climb up a short hill. Travel along the esker with steep drop offs along both sides. Fleeting glimpses of the river. Travel down a steep hill to river level at 1.4 miles. Puritan Road parking area here with Porto-Potty. Open views of the river. Pass by a boardwalk and travel along an inlet to a sharp left next to an *Intersection at 1.8 miles.

Note; This is the connection to Osprey Overlook Park. See Below.

The road then travels north between the inlet and the river to a small island. Check out the Osprey nests across the river. The road ends after 2.1 miles at a gravel beach overlooking the river. Across the river is Bare Cove Park.

Osprey Overlook Park Loop Trail:

From the *Intersection a paved path on your right leads to Osprey Overlook Park. [Re-zeroing Mileage] Here you can follow the paved Osprey Overlook Park Loop Trail straight to second **Intersection. This park sits atop a covered landfill, thus all the venting pipes. The Loop trail starts here, but first head straight to an overlook of the Weymouth Back River straight out with the Mill River coming in from your right. Return back to the **Intersection and Loop right along a gravel trail (if biking utilize the single track dirt & grass path) which takes you down alongside the marsh & river. Here the trail is hard packed dirt. This brings you to the Wharf Street parking lot at 0.5 miles. Map Board. Follow the paved trail right to a short stone-dust trail that Loops back to the paved trail. Head left up a slight hill and return to the **Intersection. Return to the *Intersection & Back River Trail after a 0.9 mile Loop.

Bare Cove Park:

Bare Cove Park is located along the east banks of the Weymouth Back River (a tidal river). Prior to 1906, the land was privately owned. The site was acquired by the U.S. Navy and used as an ammunition depot until 1971. In 1972, Bare Cove Park was set aside as a wildlife sanctuary and a place for public recreation. The old abandoned roads now form a network of trails throughout the park. Bare Cove Path forms the main trail from the Parks parking lot to Beal Street by Route 3A. Indian Point Loop consists of several paths combined to form a loop trail along the southern portion of the park around Indian Point. There are many paths to choose from. For more information visit; BARE COVE PARK .

Bare Cove Path:

Starting from the Beal Street parking area [Northern End]; Just past the fence the Bare Cove Path follows an old road which leads you to the Weymouth Back River. A dirt path on your left leads to the Bunker Alley Path. Here you'll find Map G, as noted on the map. The trail travels south alongside the river. Pass by the Bunker Alley Path and you'll come to Sheltry Path on your left. Here you'll find Map B

Note; The Sheltry Path leads to Lynch Fields and another parking lot off Beal Street.

The trail travels around a Cove before briefly turning inland. Come to a green building along the river after 0.8 miles (USS YF-415 Memorial; The Naval ship USS YF-415 was operating out of the Hingham Naval Ammunition Depot at the time. While conducting a routine dump of obsolete ammunition 14 miles off Nahant, an accident aboard the ship cost the lives of 17 men.). Picnic tables here. The trail turns inland again passing by Beal Cove. Come to the "Median Garden" and intersection after 1.5 miles. 

Note; The Indian Point Loop starts here. See Below

Continue straight and you'll come to the Bare Cove Park parking lot after 1.7 miles. Map A

Indian Point Loop:

Starting from Bare Cove Park parking lot; You'll find Map A located just past the gate. Bare Cove Path starts here and follows the old road west. You'll quickly come to the start of the Indian Point Loop on your left. Turn left past the "Median Garden" and follow to an intersection. Here you'll find Map C, as noted on the map, on a short post. These maps are located throughout the park. Head left along Conservatory Path. There are many side trails and intersecting trails. Keep left at all road intersections as this loop travels the outer edge of the park. Some small hills along this route. Pass an outdoor amphitheatre. Continue left along Fresh River Path at 0.8 miles. Continue staying left and soon you'll be traveling alongside the Fresh River floodplain and Indian Point. This old road ends at a rocky beach overlooking the Weymouth Back River. Across the river is the Back River Trail . Head back along the road and take your first left along a hard packed dirt path. This brings you past a scenic knoll with a picnic table overlooking the river and out to Indian Point Path. Head left along this old road which affords nice views of the river. At your next intersection continue straight to an open intersection. Here you'll find Map F. Head left along the wide Bridges Path which brings you to the Back River Path. Here you'll find Map E. Turn left and follow this road back to the Conservatory Path. Here you'll find Map C again. Turn left and complete your Loop by returning to the Bare Cove Path after 3.1 miles

Stodders Neck & Abigail Adams State Park:

Stodders Neck Reservation is a peninsula at the mouth of the Weymouth Back RiverAbigail Adams State Park is located next to the Weymouth Back River. Abigail Adams (née Abigail Smith) was born in Weymouth, MA. She was the wife of second US President John Adams and the mother of sixth US President John Quincy Adams, and is remembered as an early proponent of women’s rights. The park features some of her quotations, displayed on plaques.

Stodders Neck Reservation:

Starting from the Stodders Neck Reservation parking lot; This is a popular Dog Park. A hard packed dirt & gravel trail Loops 0.6 miles around the small peninsula.

Abigail Adams State Park Loop Trail:

The paved Abigail Adams SP Loop Trail starts from the South Shore Yacht Club boardwalk next to the Weymouth Back River. The trail then travels west along the river to a traffic circle. Keep right along the open grass. This will bring you to the Kibby Property Loop, where you head into the woods and Loop back to the Abigail Adams SP Loop Trail. You then travel back right along the paved trail back to the traffic circle where a path travels around the parking lot back to the South Shore Yacht Club boardwalk. 0.6 mile Loop.

Webb Memorial State Park Loop Trail:

Webb Memorial State Park is located at the end of Weymouth Neck, a peninsula that extends into Hingham Bay. In 1775, during the Revolutionary War, a skirmish took place nearby, between local colonists and crews of British ships. The British had anchored at Loyalist-owned Grape Island, to obtain hay for their horses in Boston. Local militiamen fired upon them, drove them away, and then burned down the barn where the hay had been stored. This incident became known as the Grape Island Alarm. It was the second armed confrontation of the American Revolution. The Webb Memorial SP Loop Trail loops around the peninsula.

Starting from the entrance to Webb Memorial State Park; The crushed gravel Webb Memorial SP Loop Trail travels around the Main parking lot to a Map Board. Head left past the picnic area along the Western Side of the peninsula to an intersection and continue left along the stone-dust trail. This brings you to a Memorial surrounded by seating and Mugo Pines. Continue right and come to another intersection where you'll head left. This brings you to another intersection. Lower Neck Cove & Weymouth Fore River on your left, along with views of Boston. Continue straight then bear left which will bring you to the tip of the peninsula at 0.7 miles. Views of Boston & East Boston to your left and Grape Island to your right. You now Loop back along the Eastern Side of the peninsula following the Weymouth Back River. Pass by another Memorial to a Revolutionary War skirmish. Keep left at the next 2 intersections. Cross a small bridge next to Mary's Point and travel above the Secondary parking lot to an intersection. Here, if you head left it will take you up a knoll to an overlook of the Weymouth Back River. Return to the intersection and continue left. This brings you out to the Secondary parking lot. Head left on-road to the Main parking lot and complete your 1.5 mile Loop.