Last Updated:       July 29, 2017

Length:                 Auburn Trail; 9.3  miles

Difficulty:             Easy. Flat stone-dust rail trail. 


To Start from Mertensia Park [Southern End]; From I-90 take exit 44 to Route 332 south for 2+ miles and turn right on Route 41. Follow for 1 mile and turn right on Mertensia Rd. The park entrance will be on your left next to the trailhead.

To Start from Lehigh Crossing Park [Central]; From I-90 take exit 45 to I-490 west. Quickly take exit 29 to Route 96 and head left. Travel 1.8 miles and turn right on Route 251. The Park entrance is on your right. Follow the Lehigh Valley Trail north from the parking lot then right around the pond. After crossing over the Auburn Trail you'll come to a spur trail on your right that will bring you down to the Auburn Trail.

To Start from Powder Mills Park [Northern End]; From I-490 take exit 27 to Route 96 south for 1 mile. Turn right on Fishers Rd and right again after 0.5 miles on Woolston Rd. The parking lot will be on your left after 0.8 miles, followed by the Woolston Road parking lot.

The Auburn Trail follows the rail bed of the former Auburn and Rochester Railroad, also called The Auburn Road, which was first used in 1841. In Fishers you'll pass by the second oldest RR feature in the US, a cobblestone pumping station. The trail also crosses paths with the Lehigh Valley Trail in Victor. For more information visit; AUBURN TRAIL .

Starting from Mertensia Park; I've only checked out bits and pieces of this trail

Note; Heading southeast the trail travels through a neighborhood out to Route 41 ending after 0.2 miles. Plans are underway to continue the trail south to Canandaigua. 

The wide stone-dust Auburn Trail heads northwest through the woods along a high berm crossing a stone culvert over Mud Creek. Along the trail are old, as well as new, RR Mileage markers. In Farmington S82 (Syracuse 82 miles) should be the first marker, then one every mile. Informational signs located along the trail. Come to E Victor Rd after 0.7 miles.

Note; As of Aug 2017 a short gap is currently under construction.

Head right on-road utilizing a wide shoulder. Bear left on Break of Day Rd and you'll come to the Break of Day parking lot on your left at 1 mile. Pass through the parking lot to return to the trail. Cross Brace Road and a small parking lot and travel past the Victor Hills East Golf Club before crossing Ketchum St. (Proximity Lane) at 2.1 miles. Come alongside Railroad St where you'll find the old Auburn RR Station and an old blue rail car. Both have been re-purposed. Map board located here. At Maple St you'll need to travel right on-road (narrow shoulder/narrow sidewalk available) down to Victor Field on your left at 2.9 miles (Sign/across from St Patrick's Church). Follow the entrance road to the Victor Field parking lot where you'll pick up the paved Trolley Line Trail straight ahead. Follow this trail across Great Brook and the RR tracks to School St and head left on-road (narrow shoulder/sidewalk available). Rejoin the Auburn Trail on your right at 3.5 miles. The more open trail crosses Rawson Rd followed by Victor Mendon Rd at 4.8 miles. Here you'll find a map board.  I've checked out this next section. Pass by an old RR Mileage marker on your left reading S86 (Syracuse 86 miles). After traveling underneath an old RR trestle carrying the Lehigh Valley Trail you'll pass by a spur trail on your left at 5.7 miles. Here you'll find a map and informational board.

Note; This spur trail brings you up to the Lehigh Valley Trail . If you head left it will bring you to the Lehigh Crossing Park parking lot after 1 mile.

Cross Philips Rd where the open trail follows a power line. You'll pass by a trailhead on your left leading to a bridge over the creek and hiking trails. Scenic. Continuing along the trail you'll enter Fishers passing by the Railroad Street parking lot behind the Fishers Fire Dept. Map board and informational signs located here. Here you'll find the second oldest RR feature in the US, an 1845 cobblestone Pumping Station (Auburn & Rochester RR) just before Route 42 at 6.8 miles. You'll also find the 1901 Rochester & Eastern Rapid RR Shelter #16 (Trolley Line Trail) located here. Cross Route 42, continuing north, you'll cross a stone arch bridge over Irondequoit Creek and travel through a tunnel underneath I-90 before crossing Fishers Rd at 7.4 miles. Travel along a high berm, then pass by an information kiosk before crossing an iron bridge over Irondequoit Creek. Travel past a large marsh. Cross Probst Rd at 8.3 miles. Here the trail follows alongside Railroad Mills Rd to Woolston Rd (Route 29) ending at the Pittsford border after  9.3 miles. The rail bed continues north undeveloped. 

Note; Heading right along Woolston Rd (expanded shoulders) pass by the Powder Mills Park parking lot 1 after 0.1 miles before coming to the Powder Mills Park parking lot 2 after 0.2 miles.