Last Updated:       September 27, 2023

Length:                 Ashokan Rail Trail; 11 miles

                               Ashokan Reservoir Trail; 2.8 miles

Difficulty:             Ashokan Rail Trail; Easy. Flat stone-dust rail trail. 

                               Ashokan Reservoir Trail; Easy. Flat old paved road.


To Start from the Woodstock Dike parking lot in West Hurly (Ashokan Rail Trail; Eastern End); From the junction of Routes 28 & 209 in Kingston follow Route 28 west for 4.6 miles. Turn left into the parking lot entrance.

To Start from the Boiceville Bridge parking lot in Boiceville (Ashokan Rail Trail; Western End); From the junction of Routes 28 & 209 in Kingston follow Route 28 west for 15 miles. Turn left on Route 28A. Cross the creek and the parking lot entrance will be on your left.

To Start from the Ashokan Reservoir East parking lot in Olivebridge (Ashokan Reservoir; Eastern End); From the junction of Routes 28 & 28A follow Route 28A west for 8 miles. Turn right at a triangle intersection (not signed) to reach the parking lot.

To Start from the Ashokan Promenade parking lot in Olivebridge (Ashokan Reservoir; Western End); From the junction of Routes 28 & 28A follow Route 28A west for 11 miles. Turn right into the parking lot.

The Ashokan Rail Trail follows the old Ulster & Delaware RR bed along the northern edge of the Ashokan Reservoir. Future plans will continue the trail east along the planned Catskill Mountain Rail Trail utilizing the old Ulster and Delaware RR and alongside the Catskill Mt RR to Kingston and the Kingston Greenline . The Ashokan Reservoir Trail follows an old road along the southern edge of the reservoir. For more information visit; ASHOKAN RAIL TRAIL . Ashokan Reservoir was created in 1915 by the construction of 5 miles of dams and dikes within the Esopus Creek drainage. Eleven villages were demolished to create it. This 180' deep reservoir supplies New York City. The reservoir is broken into two basins by a dividing weir near its center. The Dividing Weir, pinches and separates the upper west basin from the lower east basin. 

Catskill Mountain Rail Corridor, including the Ashokan Rail Trail (Regional Trail Plan)

Ashokan Rail Trail:

Starting from the Woodstock Dike parking lot in West Hurly [Eastern End]; Map Board and Porto-Potty located here.

Note; Heading East the trail ends after 0.4 miles at an old RR bridge above Basin Rd. Across the bridge spot an old granite RR Mile Marker K10 (Kingston 10 miles). Future plans call for continuing this trail East to Kingston along the Catskill Mountain Rail Trail .

Heading West; The crushed gravel Ashokan Rail Trail travels into the woods passing by an old RR Siding switch. Informational signs all along the trail. Travel through a rock cut and pass by RR Mile Marker K10.5 , Kingston 10.5 miles (most of the old granite RR Mile Markers that exist are every mile along the trail. New wooden Mile Markers are located between these markers every 0.5 miles. Pass by a beautifully preserved stone wall along your left before crossing atop Glenford Dyke at 0.5 miles. These are the best views of Ashokan Reservoir you'll have until you reach the western end of the trail. Head back into the woods through a rock cut. Pass by two benches at 2 miles. Along this section spot old stone walls and stone foundations from before this area was a reservoir and eleven villages were demolished. More berms and rock cuts. Spot Route 28 every now and then as it parallels the trail. Pass by an old cement Whistle Stop marker on your right at 5.5 miles just before Mile Marker K16. Pass by the Ashokan Station parking lot at 5.8 miles. This is roughly the halfway point. Map Board, picnic tables. As your about to renter the woods look right to spot a Water Garden (collects rainwater to naturally filter it). Cross a short boardwalk through some wetlands before a tunnel takes you underneath reservoir Rd at 6.6 miles. Cross a bridge over Butternut Creek at 8.2 miles. You'll finally begin to get views of the reservoir. At 8.8 miles the trail bypasses the old rail bed briefly to preserve a wetlands habitat. Now the trail travels above the reservoir with great views of the Catskill Mountains. Benches. Cross a causeway at 10.2 miles where Esopus Creek flows into the reservoir on your left. You then cross the creek again over a long bridge before coming to the Boiceville Bridge parking lot after 11 miles. Just ahead spot Mile Marker K21.5. Trail ends here. Map Board, Porto-Potty. 

Ashokan Reservoir Trail:

Starting from the Ashokan Reservoir East parking lot in Olivebridge [Eastern End]; Map Board, picnic tables & Porto-Potty. Follow the old paved road past the gate West atop the dyke. Ashokan Reservoir's Lower East Basin along your right, Wide open views of the Catskill Mountains. Informational signs. Come to a short on-road section to reach Reservoir Rd and the halfway point at 1.3 miles.

Note; Side trip right across the Dividing Weir along Reservoir Rd (narrow shoulders, not recommended for kids). Pass through the two stone gatehouses and across a channel before reaching the northern bank after 0.4 miles

The old road continues southwest past a gate along the Upper West Basin. Look left down below to spot Brown's Station Fountain. The trail then heads up and over a small knoll. Look left to spot a tall square stone tower? Return to the dyke and come to the Ashokan Promenade parking lot after 2.8 miles. Porto-Potty.