Last Updated:      July 12, 2024

Length:                Westchester Riverwalk; 51.5 miles when complete

                              Peekskill Section; 3.3 miles

                                      *Peekskill Landing Park; 0.8 mile Loop

                              Croton-on-Hudson Section; 1.8 miles.             Croton Landing Park; 1.2 mile Loop        

                               Croton Point Park to Spring Street in Ossining; 3.5 miles (Includes on-road, Route 9 Bike Path and Croton Aqueduct Trail)

                              Louis Engel Waterfront Park; 0.5 miles    Loop to & from the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail; 1.8 mile

                              Spring Street in Ossining to Sleepy Hollow; 5.4 miles

                              Sleepy Hollow-Tarrytown Section; 1.3 miles    

                              Tarrytown-Lyndhurst Section; 0.8 miles    Lyndhurst Loop; 1.2 miles

                              Tarrytown-Irvington Section; 1.1 miles

Difficulty:             Easy to moderate. Paved trails, stone-dust, hard packed dirt & grass, on-road sections. See; Descriptions Below.


For the Peekskill Section [Northern End]; From the intersection of Routes 6, 9 & 202 in Peekskill head north on Route 9 & 202. Cross over Annsville Creek and head left on Route 202. The Annsville Creek Paddle Sport Center parking lot is immediately on your left. 

For the Croton-on-Hudson Section [Northern Section]; From Route 9 in Croton-on-Hudson take Route 9A & 129 exit to Municipal Pl and travel south to Half Moon Bay Dr. Turn right on Elliot Way and follow to its end for Croton Landing Park parking lot.

For Rockefeller SP [Northern Section]; From the intersection of Route 9 & 133 in Ossining travel south on Route 9 for 2.3 miles. Turn right on River Rd then left into the River Road parking lot.   

For the Sleepy Hollow Section [Central Section]; From the intersection of Route 9 & 448 in Sleepy Hollow head SW on Beekman Ave, across the RR tracks to River St where you'll find the Horan's Landing parking lot on your right. 

For the Tarrytown Section [Central Section]; From I-287 take exit 9.

Eastbound; Brings you to Route 9. Turn left to reach the Lyndhurst entrance which will be on your right.

Westbound; Brings you to Route 119. Turn left to reach Route 9, then left on Route 9. The Lyndhurst entrance will be along your right. 

For the Lyndhurst Loop & Old Croton Aqueduct Trail; Enter the grounds and take your first left up towards the Lyndhurst Welcome Center. Bear left to the Lyndhurst Welcome Center gravel parking lot

For the Westchester Riverwalk; Enter the grounds, traveling past the Lyndhurst Mansion and down past the Lyndhurst Welcome Center passing a small parking area (future continuation of the Westchester Riverwalk South from here) to a gravel parking lot overlooking the RR tracks and river.     

The Westchester Riverwalk is a planned 51.5-mile multi-faceted pathway paralleling the Hudson River in Westchester County. When completed, it will link village centers, historic sites, parks and river access points via a connection of trails, esplanades and boardwalks from Peekskill South to Yonkers. The trail currently consists of fragmented sections connected on-road or via the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail. I break down the completed sections by town starting from the North and heading South. The Northern & Southern Sections are divided by the Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge. For more information visit; WESTCHESTER RIVERWALK

Peekskill Section:

Northern End:

Starting from the Western End of the Annsville Creek Paddle Sport Center parking lot in Peekskill [Northern End]; This is part of Hudson Highlands SP

Note; Heading North the trail quickly ends at an overlook of Annsville Creek.

Follow the stone-dust Annsville Creek Walkway Southeast alongside Annsville Creek, past a boat launch and around a narrow piece of land jutting out into the creek. The trail then Loops you back past Hudson River Expeditions to the parking lot. Head right past this building out to Route 202. Caution; You need to utilize the narrow shoulder along this busy road. Not recommended for kids on bikes. As you approach the bridge over the mouth of the creek a pedestrian path is available, however, you'll need to lift your bike over the guard rail. 

 Note; In August, 2023, it appears as though they may be widening the path alongside the bridge.

If you continue Southeast along the guard rail which turns into a cement barrier, at the end of the barrier is a gap that leads to the path. Here the trail leads downhill, Southwest, away from the road bringing you to Annsville Creek Preserve Park parking lot at 0.7 miles.

Note; Heading right, Northeast, the stone-dust Annsville Creek Preserve Path takes you past a fishing dock and alongside the creek to just below the Route 202 Bridge after 0.25 miles.

Head Southeast, out of the parking lot, along Old Pemart Ave, a gravel/asphalt on-road (low traffic) connection that takes you alongside the RR tracks next to the Hudson River. You travel underneath a blue archway (Annsville Creek Preserve) where the on-road route continues (paved road). Continue straight along N Water St, then right along S Water St (places to eat...). Pass by the LINCOLN DEPOT MUSEUM on your right, across from the giant murals. Next pass by PEDAL PEEKSKILL where you can rent a bike before turning right on Hudson St and crossing the RR tracks to Riverfront Green Park. Parking lot on your right at 1.5 miles. 

Note; If you head right, North, through the parking area past a playground, restroom and picnic pavilion you'll come to two small bridges. Cross either one into Peekskill Landing Park. Here, the stone-dust Peekskill Landing Park Trail takes you past a wide pier along the river. The trail splits creating a Loop past a gazebo. Lots of sculptures and informational signs. Heading down the pier on the way back brings you to an arbor. Return after a 0.8 mile Loop.

Continue straight along the park road and spot a Westchester Riverwalk sign & Map Board. 

Note; Straight, past this sign, a cement path leads past sculptures to a promenade overlooking the river.

The Westchester Riverwalk continues left, South, along the sidewalk past the Firefighters Memorial. Along your left is the Peekskill Train Station. Past another parking lot you pick up the paved trail. Come to a gazebo where the trail splits then rejoins itself. You then parallel Hudson Ave past the Peekskill Yacht Club out to Travis Point where you'll find a picnic pavilion. Here you travel just above the river to a cantilevered boardwalk between the RR tracks and river at 2.2 miles. Return to the paved trail passing an overlook on your right before coming to the Charles Point Pier Park parking lot, where you'll find another Map Board. A wide sidewalk takes you through the park to an intersection and splits. 

Note; Straight leads to a long wooden fishing dock. 

Head left, past an overlook of the river, to a paved trail at 2.5 miles. The paved Westchester Riverwalk now continue Southeast around Charles Point. I haven't checked this section out yet. The trail travels above the river and past the waste-to-energy facility to the Charles Point Marina parking lot. It then continues East out to John Walsh Blvd where it turns South alongside the road. Cross Dickey Brook, past a Map Board and continue alongside Broadway. The trail then turns right into the Lents Cove parking lot in Buchanan. Continue straight through the parking lot where the paved trail leads to an overlook of the Hudson River at about 3.3 miles.

Buchanan-Verplanck-Montrose-Crugers Sections:

Northern Section:

I haven't checked out these sections yet.

This section includes a lot of on-road routes, with just a few, isolated, short Westchester Riverwalk sections. Veterans Park in Verplanck. RiverWalk at VA Hospital in Montrose

Croton-on-Hudson-Ossining-Briarcliff Manor Sections:

Northern Section:

Starting from Croton Landing Park parking lot [Center Section]; Restrooms located here. 

Heading North; The wide paved trail travels alongside the Hudson River. Trail splits, right travels through a saltwater marsh, before they rejoin. Large rail yard along your right and an artificial cove on your left created by boulders. The trail ends after 0.6 miles next to a 9/11 Memorial

Heading South; [Re-zeroing Mileage] The wide paved trail passes by a boat launch before paralleling Elliot Way. Pass by a pedestrian bridge over the RR tracks at 0.2 miles. Pass by the Croton Yacht Club, followed by the Senasqua Park parking lot (picnic tables, pavilion & playground) before coming to a tunnel on your left at 0.5 miles.

Note; This tunnel takes you underneath the road and RR tracks out to Half Moon Bay Drive.

Next you come to a Map Board next the Halfmoon Bay Marina parking lot at 0.7 miles. Here the trail detours around this complex. Head left across Elliot Way which travels underneath Half Moon Bay Dr between the Half Moon Bay complex and another rail yard. A sharp right turn and you'll cross Half Moon Bay Dr again where the trail parallels the road all the way to Croton Point Ave at 1.8 miles.

Note; Heading right, Southwest, takes you on-road into Croton Point Park where you'll find a beach, playgrounds, picnic tables, restrooms and hard packed dirt and grass trails. See; Croton Point Park Map Below.

Heading Left, North, on-road along Croton Point Ave (sidewalk available) brings you to the Route 9 Bike Path after 2.3 miles. Head right, up the ramp along the Route 9 Bike Path, which is separated by a barrier from Route 9 traffic. You cross the Croton River into Ossining after 2.8 miles and come to the intersection for Mystic Dr & Old Albany Post Rd after 3.2 miles.

Note; You have 2 Options from here: The Westchester Riverwalk utilizes the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail South from here.

1. You may continue South, on-road (narrow shoulder or sidewalk available; Not recommended for kids on bikes) to the intersection of Audubon Dr at [3.7 miles] where you'll utilize the hard packed dirt & grass Old Croton Aqueduct Trail which begins on your right. 

*2. You may head left, Northeast, on-road (low traffic) up Old Albany Post Rd and then turn right up a steep Ogden Rd where you'll pick up the hard packed dirt & grass Old Croton Aqueduct Trail on your right across from a green OCA post at 3.2 miles. You'll pass by Ventilation Shaft #7, where you have to climb up a short, but steep hill to a road crossing. Return to Route 9. Caution dangerous section. Travel left (narrow path along this busy road) a short distance to a crosswalk over Route 9 where you'll pick up the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail on your left [3.9 miles].

*2. Continuing South [Continuing Mileage; 3.9 miles] along the hard packed dirt & grass Old Croton Aqueduct Trail. The trail takes you over a wide grassy area, but just stay straight to remain on the trail. You reach a square stone building at 4.5 miles, that serves as an access point down to the aqueduct. You can feel the cool air emerging from the open bared door. Next, cross the road and head right where the trail veers left across a grassy median. Your now entering the more urban section of Ossining. Cross N Malcolm St at 4.8 miles where the trail enters a linear park. Follow the paved path up the hill and then down the steps on the other side. 

Across Ann St is the Ossining Weir Chamber. This is a National Park Service Historical Site. This large, square stone building accesses the old aqueduct below. There are tours that descend down into the huge brick lined tunnel of the aqueduct. Located along the trail at various locations, they were constructed to enable Overseers and Caretakers to control the flow of water through the Aqueduct for repairs, inspections or to completely drain the line. The Aqueduct here is elevated and travels along the stone Double Arch Bridge. You cross over the Sing Sing Kill (river) on top of the aqueduct along the Village of Ossining Linear Park. When you reach the other side, a path right takes you down to a viewing platform to see the Double Arch Bridge

Note; Heading left, stairs lead down to Leonard St and out to Broadway. Across the street is the Joseph Caputo Community Center. Head left to the lower parking lot. At the far left corner you'll find the SING SING KILL GREENWAY , a paved 0.5 mile trail along the Sing Sing Kill Gorge.  

Note; CLICK HERE for a visual description of the trail from the Ossining Weir Chamber in Ossining South to Gory Brook Road in Sleepy Hollow from SCENES FROM THE TRAIL

The trail here is brick lined as it brings you to Main St. Cross over Main St and continue along the brick path to Maple Place in Ossining at about 5.3 miles

Note; To check out another section of the Westchester Riverwalk take a right, West, on-road down Maple Pl to Spring St. Cross Spring St and travel straight through Municipal Lot #5 out to Main St and head left on-road. Bear left on Secor Rd and cross over the RR tracks to Westerly Rd. Head left up Westerly Rd and just past Harbor Square will be the paved Westchester Riverwalk on your left after 0.6 miles. Westerly Road On-Street parking here. Informational board. This is where the Sing Sing Kill enters the Hudson River. The narrow paved trail follows the Sing Sing Kill West out to the Hudson River where the trail now utilizes pavers as it travels South. Sculptures, pier along Henry Gourdine Park. Come to the Louis Engel Waterfront Park parking lot where you'll find restrooms and a playground. Follow the sidewalk past a grandstand where the trail is paved at 0.9 miles. You travel alongside the river past promenades before coming to the Louis Engel Playground and Splash Park before the trail ends after 1.1 miles at another promenade overlooking the river. Return to the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail at Maple Place for a 1.8 mile Loop.

From Maple Place continuing South along the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail brings you to Waller Ave. Short on-road detour from here. Head right to Spring St and turn left, South, on-road. Just before Everett Ave look left to spot Ventilator Shaft # 8

Note; If you continue along Spring St, then take a right on Lafayette St, which becomes State St, you'll come to the infamous Sing Sing Prison, which sits alongside the Hudson River.

After crossing Everett Ave head left, Southeast, through Nelson City Park along a paved path. Cross Washington St and head left to Nelson Park where a paved trail takes you either left or right around a ball field to a dirt path out to Albany Post Rd at 5.9 miles. This was as far as I traveled. Head right on-road then a quick left through the Highland Terrace Apartment parking lot where the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail picks up again at the rear of the lot in Briarcliff Manor. Heading South along this wooded section you'll pass by Ventilator Shaft # 9. Cross Scarborough Rd where the trail parallels it until you come to Long Hill Rd at 7.1 miles. Head right down to Scarborough Rd, then left, West, on-road down to Route 9. Caution: This next short, on-road section, is along busy Route 9 with no shoulders. See; Section C of Old Croton Aqueduct Map below for alternative route. Head left, South, on-road along Route 9 for 0.3 miles to River Rd and head right. Here you'll pick up the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail on your left at the River Road parking lot at 7.7 miles. Map Board. I've checked out this next section. Heading South, the hard packed dirt and gravel Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, follows a single track. Pass by Ventilator Shaft # 10. Cross a road and pick up the grass trail as it travels between two properties. Cross Country Club Rd at 0.4 miles utilizing the break in the medium. This section more isolated. Come to a wide crushed gravel trail and intersection at 8.5 miles.

Note; Right, South, leads to hiking only trails in Rockefeller State Park/Rockwood Hall. This was the site of the former summer home of William Rockefeller (1841-1922), brother of John D. Rockefeller. A Loop Trail follows carriage roads around this park. I haven't checked out this trail.

This next section utilizes the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail through the Rockefeller State Park. Continuing left, East, along the wide crushed gravel Old Croton Aqueduct Trail you soon cross over Route 9 via a pedestrian bridge and head South passing by Ventilator Shaft # 11 at 8.9 miles. You'll encounter a couple of small hills along this wooded section. Come to another pedestrian bridge over Route 117. After crossing continue right, Southwest, along the wide, crushed gravel Old Croton Aqueduct Trail at 9.5 miles. This was as far as I traveled. After about 9.9 miles you pass by a high stone wall and cross into Sleepy Hollow. Here the trail reverts to hard packed dirt & grass. As you travel past Sleepy Hollow Cemetery you pass by the Sleepy Hollow Weir Chamber. You cross the Pocantico River and after around 11 miles you cross Gory Brook Rd. You quickly pass by Ventilator Shaft # # 12. Come to Bedford Rd at 11.3 miles

Note; To connect to the next Westchester Riverwalk Section you'll need to travel on-road. Head right, West, along Bedford Rd. Not recommended for kids on bikes, as the shoulder is narrow or non-existent. Cross Broadway and continue West along Beekman Ave to a traffic circle. Turn left on River St and you'll pass by a Map Board before coming to the Horan's Landing parking lot in Sleepy Hollow after 0.9 miles. See Below.

Sleepy Hollow Section:

Central Section:

Starting from Horan's Landing parking lot in Sleepy Hollow; Small park. A Map Board is located next to River St. A paved trail circles around the park. Travel down to the wide promenade alongside the Hudson River.

Heading North; Follow the Westchester Riverwalk alongside the Hudson River past a gazebo and Ichabod's Landing. The Sleepy Hollow RiverWalk at Edge-on-Hudson continues North. Pass by the Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse at 0.5 miles. This was as far as I traveled, as the trail ended, but has now been extended. The trail continues through Kingsland Point County Park, as a hard packed dirt & grass trail. Picnic tables, picnic pavilion & Porto-Potty. Don't know the distance. 

Heading South; Follow the wide paved trail past a long pier jutting out into the river. Continue along the Scenic Hudson Riverwalk Park in Terrytown. The pavers trail continues alongside the river while a stone-dust trail travels through wild flowers. Informational signs. Come to Pillar Landing. Great views of the Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge. Travel alongside and around Pierson Park. Playground, Community Center, Splash Park, picnic pavilion and amphitheatre. Terrytown Marina along your right. Come to a small Bridge over Andre Brook and a Map Board at 0.6 miles before the trail ends at W Main St after 0.7 milesThis was as far as I traveled.

Note; Heading right across the Bridge takes you past some sports courts to Green St and the Terrytown Train Station. Head right on-road along Green St past the Terrytown Marina and you'll come to a sidewalk next to a parking lot. Follow this sidewalk out to the Marina where you'll pick up a paved trail heading South past Losee Park to the Washington Irving Boat Club after about 1 mile.

A gap exists between here and the next section in Terrytown. Construction has been funded to complete this gap. See; Rendering Below.

Tarrytown Section:

Central Section:

South of the Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge, overlooking the Hudson River in Tarrytown, is Lyndhurst, one of Americaís finest Gothic Revival mansions. The architectural brilliance of the residence, designed in 1838 by Alexander Jackson Davis, is complemented by the park-like landscape of the estate and a comprehensive collection of original decorative arts. Its noteworthy occupants included: former New York City mayor William Paulding, merchant George Merritt and railroad tycoon Jay Gould. The grounds at Lyndhurst survive as an outstanding example of 19th century landscape design. Elements include sweeping lawns accented with shrubs and specimen trees and the nationís first steel-framed conservatory. The rose garden and fernery are later additions. The Lyndhurst grounds are open to the public every day from dawn to dusk. For more information visit; LYNDHURST .

Lyndhurst Loop:

Starting from the Lyndhurst Welcome Center parking lot for the Lyndhurst Loop; Head back out to the entrance road and turn left, traveling on-road (low traffic) Check out the grand trees as you follow the road past the Lyndhurst Mansion at 0.3 miles. Be sure to walk around back where you'll find sweeping views of the Hudson River. Continue down the road past the Carriage House & Welcome Center. Just past the parking area along the road at 0.5 miles look to your left. 

Note; The paved Westchester Riverwalk continues South here.

Continue West down the road and you'll come to a gravel parking lot overlooking the RR tracks & river at 0.6 miles. This is the **Westchester Riverwalk parking lot. The road now travels North through the grounds with the Metro-North's Hudson Line and Hudson River down to your left. Informational signs scattered along the road and trail. Pass by the shingled Bowling Alley before the road turns right up a long steep hill at 0.8 miles.

Note; The paved Westchester Riverwalk trail continues straight, North, into the woods past the black gate from here. See Westchester Riverwalk Below

Continuing East up the steep road along the Lyndhurst Loop and you'll come to an intersection. Head left along the gravel road past the Rose Garden and turn into the drive to check out the Greenhouse. Exit the drive and continue left. You'll come to a dirt trail that crosses the road. This is part of the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail . Turn right and follow the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail South across the grounds back to the entrance road. Turn left, then right up the gravel road and back to the Lyndhurst Welcome Center parking lot for an 1.2 mile Loop.

Westchester Riverwalk-Old Croton Aqueduct Trail:

Starting from the **Westchester Riverwalk parking lot in Lyndhurst; 

Heading North; Follow the shared-road through the grounds with the Metro-North's Hudson Line and Hudson River down to your left. Informational signs scattered along the road and trail. Pass by the shingled Bowling Alley before the road turns right up a long steep hill at 0.2 miles. Continue straight past the black gate into the woods along the paved Westchester Riverwalk. The trail winds along the hillside and over a small stream gorge via a pedestrian bridge at 0.5 miles. The trail then opens up as it heads down alongside the RR tracks and up to an overlook where it ends after 0.8 miles next to Van Wart Ave. Great vistas of the Hudson River, Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge and even NY City if you look South. Future construction will connect the trail North to Sleepy Hollow. See; Rendering Above. 

Note; You can connect to both the Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge Path and Old Croton Aqueduct Trail from here. Follow Van Wart Ave East, on-road, out to Broadway and travel left, North, along a wide paved trail to the Broadway Bridge over I-87/287.

Note; In 2024, construction is underway to build a pedestrian bridge, next to Broadway Bridge, over I-87/287 to White Plains Rd. 

This is the start of the paved Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge Path which travels North. Small pocket park affording views of the Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge and informational signs. For the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail travel right, East, up White Plains Rd. The trailhead will be on your left after 0.5 miles

Heading South; I haven't checked out this section yet. Head East up the road and just before another parking lot you'll pick up the paved Westchester Riverwalk on your right. The trail travels South, then East, where it travels just below the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail traveling South. After about 0.3 miles you connect to the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail near the Southern Border of the Belvedere Estate. Past here the Westchester Riverwalk utilizes the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail in Irvington.

Irvington Section:

Central Section:

I haven't checked out this section yet.

The majority of the Westchester Riverwalk utilizes the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail through Irvington. A short Northern Section travels North through Matthiessen Park, but is then blocked by the RR Line. A Center Section travels South through Scenic Hudson Park, but is then blocked by the RR Line. Scenic Hudson Park does not allow bikes.

Dobbs Ferry Section:

Southern Section:

I haven't checked out this section yet.

The majority of the Westchester Riverwalk utilizes the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail through Dobbs Ferry. A short Center Section travels through Waterfront Park, but is isolated by the RR Line, with only one access point. 

Hastings on Hudson Section:

Southern Section:

I haven't checked out this section yet.

The Westchester Riverwalk utilizes the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail through Hastings on Hudson, as the RR Line travels alongside most of the river. There is one exception, in the Center Section, where a section of land is currently undeveloped, as of 2022, along the river and may be part of a future trail.

Yonkers Section Section:

Southern End:

I haven't checked out this section yet.

In Yonkers, the Northern Section mostly utilizes the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, as the RR Line travels alongside the river. Along this section is the short Yonkers Riverfront Promenade (Sidewalk along the river). Just South of the Yonkers Riverfront Promenade, from the intersection of Harriman Ave & Warburton Ave is the Yonkers North Hudson Promenade (double-wide sidewalk), which runs South alongside Warburton Ave for 0.5 miles to Otis Park

The Southern Section, South of Ashburton Ave, does not utilize the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail, as that trail turns East away from the Hudson River. Also, the RR Line travels more inland. From Ashburton Ave you can connect to the Westchester Riverwalk that travels alongside the Hudson River. As of 2022, it travels North a short distance and ends, however, the area past here is under construction and should include more of the trail. Heading South the trail ends at Alexander Crossing, which is also under construction and will include the trail. Next comes Habirshaw Park on the Hudson, which may or may not connect to the next section which you can access off Wells Ave. Here, the wide, cement Yonkers Esplanade continues South along the river for 0.7 miles. South of here is all industrial and RR track.