Last Updated:       September 19, 2023

Length:                 Tri-Community Greenway; 5.4 miles

                               Horn Pond Brook Bike Path (Part of Tri-Community Greenway); 1.2 miles

                               Horn Pond Loop; 2 mile Loop

Difficulty:             Easy. Flat paved rail trail with some on-road residential sections.


To Start from the Wedgemere Station parking lot [Southern End]; From the junction of Routes 2 & 3 (Alewife Brook Pkwy) travel north on Route 3 (Alewife Brook Pkwy):

To Start from the Wedgemere Station parking lot [Southern End]; (Fee; $1 per hr 7 am and 6 pm M-F, maximum charge $5 per day. Otherwise Free). 

The Tri-Community Greenway is a multi-use path connecting the three towns of Stoneham, Woburn and Winchester. The Horn Pond Bike Path is a separate trail that is part of the Greenway which leads to Horn Pond, where you can access a Loop Trail around the pond. The Stoneham portion of the trail starts from Recreation Park and follows the route of the old 1863 Stoneham Branch of the Boston & Lowell Railroad into Woburn. The Boston & Lowell RR route is currently used as the Lowell Line of the MBTA commuter rail which has stations in both Woburn and Winchester. For more information visit; TRI-COMMUNITY GREENWAY . You can also access the Mystic River Paths that follow the Mystic River south alongside the Mystic Valley Pkwy.

Tri-Community Greenway:

Starting from Wedgemere Station parking lot; Travel through the opening underneath the RR Station and tracks to the eastern side of the tracks where a paved trail takes you across Bacon St to the start of the Tri-Community Greenway. Granite O MILE MARKER located here. These Mile Markers are located at most street crossings. The paved trail travels through Ginn Field, past the Ginn Field parking lot and briefly on-road to the trail alongside Aberjona River. You'll pass by the Winchester Station and come to Waterfield Rd at 0.5 miles. The trail continues straight ahead (crosswalks located to both your right and left) following a narrow paved trail alongside the river out to and across Main St. A small dam forms Mill Pond here. Continue along a brick lined path that turns to pavement before bringing you out to Mt Vernon St. Head right across the river to a crosswalk over Mt Vernon St, then left back to the trailhead on your right. The paved trail continues north alongside the river, past Judkins Pond and across Skillings Rd. Here the trail follows the road past Winchester HS back to the rail line. The trail turns right below the rail line bringing you past a tunnel (under the rail line) at 1.1 miles.

Note; Through the tunnel leads to the Horn Pond Bike Path; SEE BELOW.

The trail continues out to Spruce St and the start of an on-road (residential) section. Bear right along Spruce St and take your first left up Holland St. At the end of Holland, use the crosswalk, head right, then left along Florence St out to Irving St. Turn left and you'll pick up the paved trail again on your right at 1.6 miles. The trail travels past the Muraco Elementary School and through its parking lot. You'll pass by Leonard Field on your right and the river on your left before coming to Cross St. Head left across the river, then right back along the trail. Come to Washington St at 2.5 miles and travel left along the wide sidewalk. The wide sidewalk ends at D St (next to Calvary Cemetery). Travel left on-road (low volume traffic) between the cemetery and turn right on Central St. Pass by Leland Park and just past Grape St you'll pick up the paved trail on your right. This travels east back out to and across Washington St at 3.4 miles where the trail continues. Cross over the Aberjona River, then travel underneath I-93 and across Maple St at 4 miles. The trail follows a ridge out to and across Montville Ave. A few more street crossings brings you out to Main St (commercial district). The old rail bed would have continued straight through a parking lot for a Plaza, but there is no crosswalk located here so I believe you'll need to head right of left to access one across this busy road. On the other side of the Plaza the trail continues across Central St alongside Railroad Way at 5 miles. Cross Pomworth St followed by Pleasant St before the trail ends at Gould St after 5.4 miles. The rail line continued straight out to Franklin & Pine St where you can still see the old Stoneham Depot on Pine St. Past the gate across Gould St leads to Recreation Park.

Horn Pond Bike Path:

Starting from the Tri-Community Greenway next to Winchester HS; Travel through the tunnel underneath the MBTA tracks to Ciarcia Field.

Note; A paved path circles the field.

Head left along the wide paved trail out to Skillings Rd and continue right. This brings you to the intersection of Skillings, Main and Lake St. Follow the crosswalk over to Lake St where you'll pick up the Horn Pond Bike Path on your right. Wide, paved, shaded corridor follows Horn Pond Brook out to a cul-de-sac. Travel on-road (residential) out to Middlesex St and continue right. Continue straight along Sylvester Ave to the end [MILE MARKER 2.2 (distance from the O MILE MARKER] where a short paved trail takes you out to Lake Terrace. This leads up to Lake Ave and Horn Pond Recreation Area at 1.2 miles. [Re-zeroing Mileage] Head left on-road (sidewalk available) and you'll come to the Horn Pond Boat Launch parking lot (restrooms) on your right. Just past the parking lot follow a wide cement path through a grove of trees to a paved trail that passes the Pumping Station. You'll pass by a map board and come to an intersection. Bear right to the next intersection at 1.5 miles [0.3 miles] and again bear right.

Note; Left the trail leads 0.3 miles out to Pond St.

The trail follows an old road north around the pond which is wooded. Side trails and spurs off the main road. Pass by Lions Park, with benches and a gazebo. Cross a causeway between the pond and The Lagoon then head right over a little red bridge at 2.4 miles [1.2 miles] . This is the top of the pond. Follow the sidewalk past Ice House Park and a boat launch where you'll pick up a wide dirt and gravel trail that travels south along the pond through Hudson Grove. After 2.8 miles [1.6 miles] you intersect Arlington Rd. Here you'll need to travel on-road (sidewalk available) back to Lake Terrace at 3.2 miles [2 mile Loop].