Last Updated:       August 3, 2014

Length:                 Levee Loop Trail; 5 miles

Difficulty:             Moderate. Flat trail with multiple surfaces; paved, crushed gravel, hard packed dirt and grass.


To Start from Dansbury Park; 

From I-80 westbound take exit 308 to Prospect St and turn right. Travel 0.7 miles and turn left on Analomink St. Cross the RR tracks and take your second left on Route 209. Continue right on Washington St (Route 209) and immediately turn right on Day St. Turn left into Dansbury Park and park. You'll exit the way you came in to access the trailhead.

From I-80 eastbound take exit 307 to Park Ave and turn left. Take your first right onto Lenox St, then left on Broad St. Follow to Main St (Route 209) and turn right. After less then a mile turn left on Washington St (Route 209) and immediately turn right on Day St. Turn left into Dansbury Park and park. You'll exit the way you came in to access the trailhead.

The Levee Loop Trail forms a loop along the eastern and western banks of Brodhead Creek in the towns of Stroud and East Stroudsburg. Constructed in the deadly aftermath of deadly floods in the 1950s, the levee separates the residents of Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg from the torrential tendencies of Brodhead Creek. The trail encompasses Dansbury Park, Creekview Park and Yetter Park, as well as, East Stroudsburg HS. For more information visit; STROUD REGION TRAILS .

Starting from Dansbury Park; From the parking lot head back out to Day St and turn right. A dirt path to your right will take you up to the top of the Levee and the start of the trail. Follow the hard packed grass trail south out to Brodhead Creek where it then heads north above the east bank of the creek and park. Pass a picnic pavilion, playground, pool and ball fields before you come to a short paved section. Here you'll find a map board and a spur back into the park. Another parking lot here. The grass trail continues along the Levee. After a mile you'll leave the Levee (green arrows point the way). A crushed gravel trail take you under some power lines and out to a school road (East Stroudsburg HS). Head left on-road crossing Sambo Creek and passing by a parking area before coming to a sports field at 1.1 miles. A paved trail takes you around the fields where it returns to crushed gravel. Soon you are back atop the Levee. The trail then leaves the Levee and enters wooded Yetter Park. There are many intersecting paths as the trail passes through a Folf Course (Frisbee golf). Just continue along a straight line. After 2 miles you'll come to Mill Creek Rd. Head left on-road over Brodhead Creek. USE CAUTION; Narrow shoulder on bridge

The trail now begins it's loop back along the west bank of the creek. Head left on-road along Stokes Mill Rd (Residential). Just past Bonnie Dr to your right you'll pick a narrow, hard packed dirt trail along your left that travels south along the river. You'll pass by a spur trail on your right leading to Stokes Mill Parking lot at 2.4 miles. You then pass by a playground and come to a pavilion, where you'll need to bear left. Re-enter the woods. Caution: Some rocky and sandy sections; Mt bike recommended. After 3 miles you'll come to Creekview Park. Head left along a wide gravel road that encircles an open grassy area, playground and parking lot. Open views of the creek. Enter the woods along a wide, crushed gravel trail as you pass by the sports fields. Come to an intersection and the current end (as of 08-03-14) of the crushed gravel at 3.4 miles. I believe they are currently working on the next section which will take you past a small pond along your right and up to Serfass Lane at 3.5 miles. Bear left on Fables Fit (dirt residential road) and follow to a gravel trail which returns you atop the Levee at 3.8 miles. Follow the grass Levee above the creek out to Washington St. Head left via the sidewalk crossing back over the creek. Turn left to rejoin the Levee along the east bank of the creek heading north. You'll pass through the parking lot of the Salvation Army bearing right. Look left to spot the trailhead sign which leads to a bridge over a brook. Head right to the top of the Levee and follow back to Day St. Left returns you to Dansbury Park after a 5 mile loop.