Last Updated:       September 28, 2023

Length:                 Providence River Trail; 3.8 mile Loop

                               Providence Spur; 1.8 mile Loop

                               Collier Point Park Spur; 1.6 mile Loop

                              India Point Loop Trail; 1.2 miles

Difficulty:             Providence River Trail; Easy. Mostly flat paved and brick trail. Providence Riverwalk; Cobblestone trail. 

                               Providence Spur; Moderate. Some hills and on-road sections.

                               Collier Point Park Spur; Moderate. On-road section not recommended for kids on bikes.

                              India Point Loop Trail; Easy. Paved flat trail.


Starting from the India Point Park parking lot [Southern End]; From I-195 eastbound take exit 1A. Turn left on Portugal Parkway (previously called India St) and the India Point Park parking lot will be on your right. From I-195 westbound take exit 1D. Turn left on Gano St and travel underneath I-195. Take your first left and follow India St to the India Point Park parking lot on your left.

The Providence River Trail is a series of paved paths that travel alongside the Providence River in Providence. It also includes the Providence Riverwalk, which allows biking, but is a narrow cobblestone path and can be crowded at times. Starting from India Point Park a paved trail brings you out to the southern end of the Providence River, then travels north along the Eastern Side of the river to downtown Providence. From there I've created a Loop path that will take you alongside the old Blackstone Canal, then past the Roger Williams National Memorial, State Capitol and Providence Place Mall (Access to the Woonasquatucket River Greenway). You'll then travel south along the Western Side of the river looping back to India Point Park. I've created another side excursion that will bring you out to Collier Point Park where you can check out the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier. From India Point Park you can also check out the India Point Park Loop Trail , Blackstone River Bikeway; RI and East Bay Bike Path .

The India Point Park Loop Trail is part of the EAST COAST GREENWAY , a planned biking & hiking route stretching 3,000 miles from Maine to Florida. When complete it will traverse 15 states with a mostly off-road path.

Starting from India Point Park in Providence; The starting point for both the Blackstone River Bikeway; RI & East Bay Bike Path begin just 0.1 miles west of the India Point Park parking lot

India Point Park Loop Trail:

Starting from the India Point Park parking lot; From the rear of the parking lot follow the paved trail South past several large granite blocks into the park. This quickly brings you to an intersection for the India Point Park Loop Trail. 

Note; Left takes you North along the Blackstone River Bikeway .

Continue straight through the park out to the Seekonk River. To your left is the Marston Boathouse. A promenade overlooks the Seekonk River. Informational and Map Board located here. Turn right and travel alongside the river. At the next informational signboard you can spot the old RR bridge across the river. Continue following the trail to the left West at each intersection and alongside the river. Travel past a large pier alongside Providence Harbor. Keep heading left where the trail becomes stone-dust. Pass a wooden dock and head right up to Portugal Parkway

Note; Straight brings you to the Community Boating Center

Turn right East along the sidewalk which soon renters the park along a wide paved trail. Bear left at the next intersection. This will bring you up to the India Point Park Bridge at 0.9 miles. 

Note; This is the start of the Providence River Trail. See Below

Continue straight alongside India St before coming to the starting point for both the Blackstone River Bikeway; RI & East Bay Bike Path at your next intersection. The East Bay Bike Path heads left (north) through the Portugal Parkway (previously called India St) Tunnel, while the Blackstone River Bikeway heads straight (east). Continue straight to an intersection and head left, returning to the spur for the India Point Park parking lot after a 1.2 mile Loop.

Providence River Trail:

Starting from the India Point Park Bridge [0.2 miles from the India Point Park parking lot] [Southern End]; [Re-zeroing Mileage] A ramp takes you up to the top of the India Point Park Bridge that crosses North over I-195. Nice views of Providence Harbor and the windmills further south. Cross the freeway and head left East via a wide sidewalk alongside George M Cohan Blvd. Pick up a paved trail on your left at 0.3 miles and follow it out along Benefit St. Beautiful stone church here. Come to Wickenden St and turn left crossing S Main St. At S Water St a cross-light will take you over Wickenden St to the start of the Providence River Trail; Eastern Side after 0.6 miles.

Providence River Trail; Eastern Side:

[Continuing Mileage] Travel North along the Eastern Side of the Providence River. A wide Bike Path follows alongside S Water St or a paved trail follows alongside the river with a boardwalk section. Come to the Providence River Pedestrian Bridge after 0.8 miles.

The Providence River Pedestrian Bridge connects the East Side to the 195 District Park on the West Side utilizing the old I-195 piers where the highway used to cross the river. There are two levels with the lower level leading to a promenade overlooking the river. 

Informational boards and sculptures line the trail. The trail consists of boardwalk, paved surface or a wide brick lined sidewalk. Continuing north you pass by a boat launch and another short boardwalk. Pass by the South Water Street Pedestrian Bridge, which crosses the river and come to the S Water Street Bridge where you'll find a crosswalk over to a set of stairs leading into Memorial Park. If you bear right at the stairs you'll come to a ramp that leads into the park. A brick lined path takes you past water fountains, picnic tables, benches and all the Veteran Memorials. Cross College St past two pedestrian bridges and the College Street Bridge. Continue along the brick lined path with a lower level below. Cross Washington St and you'll come to Steeple St. A cross-light will take you diagonally over to the Steeple Street Bridge to a brick courtyard in front of *One Citizens Plaza at 1.5 miles. This is where the Moshassuck & Woonasquatucket Rivers meet to form the Providence River.

See; Providence Spur Below to take a detour to check out the old Blackstone Canal, Roger Williams National Memorial, State Capitol & Providence Place Mall, where you can access the Woonasquatucket River Greenway, before Looping back to One Citizens Plaza

From the front of *One Citizens Plaza [Continuing Mileage]; Follow the brick path past the left side of the building and down to the cobblestone Providence Riverwalk. The trail is narrow and not recommended during busy times. This is where the WATERFIRE takes place. Travel along the Northern Side of the river and underneath Exchange St and past a pedestrian bridge over the river and you'll come to Waterplace Park. Come to another pedestrian bridge (General Pershing Bridge) at 1.7 miles and cross over. Straight leads to a set of stairs that take you up to the Providence Place Mall. You'll need to head right, the left to access a ramp down to the Riverwalk. Travel back along the Southern Side of the Riverwalk, passing by a tunnel underneath Memorial Blvd to Union Plaza on your right. Travel underneath Exchange St again and you come to a paved trail that will take you out of the Riverwalk and up to Memorial Blvd. turn left over the Steeple Street Bridge and you'll return to *One Citizens Plaza at 2 miles. Retrace your route back along the East Side of the Providence River to the S Water St Bridge. Cross the South Water Street Pedestrian Bridge over the Providence River to the West Side at 2.3 miles. Spot the old granite Custom House straight ahead.

Providence River Trail; Western Side:

[Continuing Mileage] From the South Water Street Pedestrian Bridge travel South along the West Side of the river on a cement trail. Informational boards and picnic tables located here. Pass by the RI Irish Famine Memorial and a Butterfly Garden. Come to the 195 District Park. Here you'll find picnic tables, food trucks and paths traveling through an open park. 

Note; If you bear right it will bring you up to the Providence River Pedestrian Bridge at 2.6 miles where you can Loop back to the East Side of the river.

Continue straight underneath the Providence River Pedestrian Bridge and come to an intersection with a bridge. Head left over the bridge where the cement trail continues alongside the river past the electrical station and old brick Narragansett Electric Lighting Company. Come to Point St where a crosswalk takes you over to the Point Street Park. The trail ends just before the Dominion Energy Manchester Street Station and the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier at 2.9 miles. Return to Point Street at 3 miles.

Note; From Point Street you can cross the Point Street Bridge East over the river and Loop back to the start of the Providence River Trail; Eastern Side at 3.2 miles.

Note; From Point Street [Re-zeroing mileage] you can access Collier Point Park via a short on-road detour. Not recommended for kids on bikes. Travel West on-road along Point St to Eddy St and head left South on-road to where the road splits. Bear left to Route 1A where you'll pick up a BIKE LANE. Travel underneath I-195. Just past the hurricane barriers turn left on Henderson St. Blue street lamps line this street. Follow to Collier Point Park where you'll find a lookout tower and four fishing piers. A paved trail travels from the tower, past the fishing piers and past several large pieces of old machinery displayed. An electric Trolley Line used to travel here. Picnic tables and benches overlooking the Providence Harbor, where the Providence & Seekonk Rivers meet. The trail turns to stone-dust and splits with both trails leading to a parking lot underneath I-195 at 0.8 miles. Views of the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier and the red tug boats across the harbor at Fox Point. Return to Point Street for a 1.6 mile Loop.

From Point Street [Continuing Mileage] travel East across the Point Street Bridge. Continue straight past Bridge St to S Water St and turn right South. Travel on-road (low traffic) to Tockwotton St (Just before I-195) and turn right. This will bring you to Bridge St where you'll find a small park alongside the river and Fox Point Hurricane Barrier. Map Board and informational signs. Head left on Bridge St underneath I-195 along a wide sidewalk and you'll pass by the Fox Point Observatory (check out the Tug Boats). Continue left East where a paved trail travels through the medium along Portugal Parkway before traveling on-road a short distance. Just past the Community Boating Center you'll pick up a wide paved trail on your right that returns you to India Point Park . Bear left and return to the India Point Park Bridge after a 3.8 mile Loop.

Providence Spur:

[Re-zeroing mileage] Starting from the right side of *One Citizens Plaza [Southern End]; The brick path travels North alongside the old Blackstone Canal (Moshassuck River). The brick path gives way to a short, narrow stone-dust path out to Park Row. Cross the road where a wide concrete path continues along the canal. This brings you to Smith St at 0.3 miles. Head right East across Canal St and up Smith St which will bring you to the Roger Williams National Memorial Visitor Center which fronts N Main St. Restrooms and water fountain located here. Now travel South through through the Roger Williams NM park along brick lined trails. Keep to the left through the park to Park Row, then follow the sidewalk right back to canal St and head North back through the park keeping to the left. This will return you to Canal & Smith Streets. Cross Canal St and follow a sidewalk West up Smith St (slight hill) crossing over the RR Line. Cross State St where you pick up a brick sidewalk. Reach the top of the hill next to the Dept of Transportation at 0.8 miles and a brick crosswalk will take you over to the north side of the State Capitol. If you wish to tour the Capitol this is the side you enter from. You can complete a circle around the Capitol with great views from the south side. After your visit head left East back down Smith St along the brick sidewalk, past a parking lot to Gaspee St and turn right South. Immediately to your right spot a narrow stone-dust path. Follow this path to a wide gravel path and continue left through the state grounds. Come to the intersection of Gaspee and Francis Streets. Head right up a wide brick path to the base of the south side of the State Capitol then head back to Gaspee and Francis Streets along the other wide brick path. Cross-light over Gaspee St where you follow the sidewalk along the left side of Francis St before quickly picking up a wide stone trail on your left. Follow this trail across an open area to a sidewalk and follow the sidewalk right out to Finance Way. Head right to a crosswalk over Finance Way where a set of stairs lead down to the Providence Riverwalk at 1.4 miles. 

Note; A crosswalk over Francis St brings you to the Providence Place Mall. If you head through the opening, where the Woonasquatucket River flows under the mall, it will bring you to the start of the Woonasquatucket River Greenway .

Head back along Finance St via a wide sidewalk and you come to a promenade on your right that overlooks Waterplace Park and the Providence Riverwalk. Continue on-road along Finance St, then take your first right down Exchange St and your next left along Stillman St. Finally take a right down Park Row to return to the short, narrow stone-dust path on your right before the Moshassuck River. This leads to the brick path that returns you to the Steeple Street Bridge and *One Citizens Plaza after a 1.8 mile Loop.