Last Updated:    August 2, 2010

Length:               O & W Rail Trail (Mountaindale to Woodbridge); 2.7 miles 

                       O & W Rail Trail (Woodbridge towards South Fallsburg); 1.8 miles  

                       O & W Rail Trail (South Fallsburg to Hurleyville); 3 miles  

Difficulty:           O & W Rail Trail (Mountaindale to Woodbridge); Easy. Flat, hard packed dirt, cinder & grass trail.

                             O & W Rail Trail (Woodbridge towards South Fallsburg); Moderate. Mostly flat, hard packed dirt, gravel & cinder rail trail.

                             O & W Rail Trail (South Fallsburg to Hurleyville); Moderate. Flat, hard packed dirt & grass rail trail. Not well maintained.


To start from South Fallsburg; From Route 17 take exit 105B to Route 42 north to downtown South Fallsburg. Turn left on Railroad Plaza and come to an intersection with Griff Rd. You may park on your left by the small playground. The trail starts further up Railroad Plaza behind an enclosed basketball court on the left alongside Water St.

To start from Woodridge/Mountaindale; From South Fallsburg continue north on Route 42. Turn right on Old Falls Rd (Route 53) and follow to Woodridge, now Roosevelt Ave. As you enter the town the northern section of the trail starts on your right by the small pavilion. Parking available on your left along Green Ave. Continue along Green Ave Exd (Route 53) through town. This is also part of the on-road detour for the trail to the southern section. You come to the southern section and small parking area straight ahead. Turn right up Greenfield Rd, then left onto Mountain Dale Rd (Route 54) and into Mountaindale. Turn left on Post Hill Rd and then left down Railroad Ave to the Mountaindale parking lotCinder Track Bikes is located here. Unable to find a web site however.   

The O & W Rail Trail runs along the former rail bed of the Ontario & Western Railroad. The O & W operated from 1868 until 1957 and ran from Weehawken, NJ to the shores of Lake Ontario, passing through the southern Catskills. Once completed, the O & W  Rail Trail will be a 24-mile multi-use trail that connects the Towns of Mamakating, Fallsburg & Liberty and travels through the Villages of Woodridge and Liberty. It will connect into the D & H Canal Linear Park and the Bashakill Wildlife Area. See; D & H Canal Linear Park . Currently 3 sections have undergone some development. From the south, a section from Mountaindale to Woodbridge has been developed (split in two by an on-road section), as well as, a section from South Fallsburg to Hurleyville. A third section has been developed in Liberty. See; Liberty Rail Trail . For more information visit; O & W Rail Trail (Sullivan County) .

Mountaindale to Woodridge:

From Mountaindale to Woodridge; From the old Mountaindale Train Station, now a visitor center with restrooms head past the parking lot and you'll come to a sign board for the Mountaindale O & W Linear Park. Head into the woods along a wide hard packed dirt, cinder & grass trail following alongside Sandburg Creek. Markers every half mile starting from the train station. Leave the stream behind after crossing Hatt Rd. Trail parallels Route 54 and crosses Quiat Rd at 1.2  miles where you'll find a small parking area. Here you'll find an original O & W RR Signal House that was moved to this location. Cross Silver Lake Rd at 1.7 miles and the trail becomes more isolated. Travel across a causeway between Silver Lake, then head back into the woods. Come to the end of the trail at 2.7 miles at the Greenfield Rd parking area. Woodridge Rail Trail sign overhead. 

Note; To reach the next section in Woodridge you'll need to travel on-road. Continue straight along Green Ave Exd (Route 53). You'll pass by a small RR park on your right that contains an old RR crossing sign, some tracks and a miniature train planter. Just past here at 0.2 miles is a crosswalk over Route 53 to a sidewalk. Wooden posts and flags guide you along this detour. You'll travel past a kiosk that explains the history of the O & W RR. Across the street is parking along Green Ave at 0.3 miles. You'll then come to Veteran's Memorial Park after a 1/2 mile and the start of the Woodridge-South Fallsburg section.

Woodridge towards South Fallsburg:

From Woodridge towards South Fallsburg; From the gazebo and sign board at Veteran's Memorial Park alongside Roosevelt Ave/Green Ave Exd (Route 53) the gravel based rail trail heads down a slight hill through the woods. 

Note; As of  August 2010, they were still working on a short section near the bottom of the hill after 0.2 miles. Detour right out to Tabaczynski Rd and head left. You can then rejoin the trail by turning left along the first dirt road you come to.

The trail follows an open gravel road with a few potholes and loose stones. Wooden mile marker on your left (3 miles). After a 1/2 mile you'll bear right and re-join the rail trail. Brown O & W sign marker. The trail heads into the woods along a hard packed dirt & cinder surface with the occasional root. Some ATV use apparent. Travel across a causeway at 1 mile through a marsh before re-entering the woods. The trail currently ends just above Avon Lodge Rd after 1.8 miles. The old RR bridge over the Neversink River is long gone and will need to be replaced in the future for the trail to connect to South Fallsburg.

South Fallsburg to Hurleyville:

From South Fallsburg to Hurleyville; The narrow, hard packed dirt & gravel rail trail begins behind the basketball court and travels through the woods. Cross La Vista Dr at a 1/2 mile and then travel alongside a small pond. Some washouts along this section. Cross over Westwood Dr at 0.9 miles. This heavily wooded section has a nice crushed gravel base but hasn't been maintained, so mind the roots. You'll catch glimpses of Alta Lake along your right. You come alongside Westwood Dr briefly before heading back into the woods along a moderate berm. Cross Westwood Dr at 1.8 miles and the trail continues to the right of the white gate. 

Note; On the return trip I utilized Westwood Dr which is a low volume road.

This next section is the most scenic. The trail widens as it returns to woods and you pass through a rock cut at 2.2 miles. A causeway at 2.5 miles takes you through a scenic marsh and over a culvert along a cinder & sand base. The East Mongaup River passes through the marsh. You come to Main St in Hurleyville at around 3 miles.

Note; The Center for Discovery and town of Fallsburg have plans to build a trailhead parking lot in Hurleyville, as well as, upgrade the rail trail from South Fallsburg, through Hurleyville and out to Route 17 near Liberty. The trail in Hurleyville has been paved south from Main St. Not sure how far, have not checked it out yet. May 2018.