Last Updated:      August 3, 2010

Length:                Riverside Trail; 2.5 miles

                              Inside Trail; 2.5 miles

                              Old Front Street Spur Trail; 0.3 miles   

Difficulty:            Easy. Flat, paved trail.                            


To start from Otsiningo Park; From I-81 take exit 5 to Front St (Route 11) and travel south (left). Turn left on Bevier St and the park entrance is on your left. The trail starts off Bevier St but parking is in the park  

To start from Howell Drive parking lot; From I-81 take exit 5 to Front St (Route 11) and travel north (right). After passing under the interstate take your first right on Howell Dr and follow to the parking lot. Trail starts at end of road.

The Otsiningo Park Trails were built by the New York State Department of Transportation and leased, improved and maintained by Broome County Parks Department. Bicycle and pedestrian paths are combined with picnic areas and athletic fields on a unique area of wooded riverbank. If you check out the park map you'll see that the trails are color coded and represent different sections in the park. For my route I divided the park into two sections; a Riverside Trail that follows alongside the river from Bevier St out to Howell Drive and an Inside Trail that travels along the inner park from Howell Drive back to Bevier St creating a nice long loop. For more information visit; OTSININGO PARK .

Starting from Bevier Street; The paved trail starts off of Bevier St next to the entrance and can also be accessed from the southern side of the street via a trail that travels underneath Bevier St. 

Note; A 0.3 mile spur trail leads west from here across Front St (cross-light) to a pedestrian bridge over I-81 and out to Old Front St.

Note; An on-road detour from here will connect you to the Chenango River Trail. Travel east on Bevier St over the Chenango River via a bike lane to Chenango St and turn right. Travel on-road underneath I-81/86 & Route 17. Turn right on Truesdell St into Cheri Lindsey Park and join the paved Chenango River Trail next to the Chenango River after a 1/2 mile.

Enter the park along the Pond Loop Trail and pass by a spur trail on your right that takes you underneath and up to Bevier St. The trail splits ahead so bear right along my Riverside Trail Route. The Chenango River runs along your right as you travel through open mowed grass fields shaded by trees. Picnic tables are located throughout the park. Head past a small pond on your left before coming to an intersection at 0.4 miles for the Center Loop Trail. Keep right past a map board. Parking lots are located to the left. Come to an intersection after 3/4 miles for the River Trail and continue straight. Head straight past another intersection that bears left up to the park offices, restrooms and a pavilion. The trail now heads away from the main park and through some wooded flood plains. More isolated. When the trail splits you can head either way as it rejoins quickly. Here the trail utilizes an old road (New North Trail). Travel underneath I-88 at 1.7 miles. Porto-potty located here. This section of the park is narrow as you have the river along your right and I-81 up to your left. Pass by some soccer fields before coming to the Howell Drive parking lot at 2.5 miles. Restrooms and a map board are located here. 

Starting from the Howell Drive parking lot; Follow my Riverside Trail Route along the closed road past the soccer fields and into the wooded flood plains along New North Trail. This section of the park is narrow as you have the river along your left and I-81 up to your right. Travel underneath I-88 where you leave the interstate behind. When the trail splits you can head either way as it rejoins quickly. Your now following the River Trail. Continue straight  past a spur trail on the right that leads up to the park offices, restrooms and a pavilion at 1.6 miles before coming to a Y-intersection. Bear right. Your now following my Inside Trail Route along the Center Loop Trail. Cross the park road and into the center of the park. Parking lots and picnic tables are located along this section. You'll pass by a playground before crossing back over the park road and coming to a T-intersection. Head right along the Pond Loop Trail around the small pond. At your next intersection head right up to Bevier Street at 2.5 miles. A loop of 5 miles total.