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Length:                  Mosholu-Pelham Greenway; 10.5 miles

                                City Island Spur; 1.5 miles

                                Orchard Beach Spur; 1.3 miles

Difficulty:              Moderate. Paved trail with some hilly sections.   


You can access this trail from the Southern End of the Old Putnam Rail Trail or the Southern End of the Bronx River Greenway. For more information on accessing the trail from the Metro-North's Botanical Garden Station visit; Metro North Railroad . You may also access several sections of the trail via the NYC SUBWAY . For information concerning taking your bike on the Subway visit; NYC SUBWAY; BIKES .

The Mosholu-Pelham Greenway starts from Van Cortlandt Park, then travels south along the Mosholu Parkway to Bronx Park. It travels through the park, then east along the Pelham Parkway to Pelham Bay Park.  From there, you can go to either Orchard Beach, City Island, or both - as they're all within a short ride. For more information visit;  MOSHOLU-PELHAM GREENWAY

The Mosholu-Pelham Greenway is part of the EAST COAST GREENWAY , a planned biking & hiking route stretching 3,000 miles from Maine to Florida. When complete it will traverse 15 states with a mostly off-road path.

Starting from Van Cortlandt Park and the Old Putnam Rail Trail next to the Van Cortlandt Golf Course Clubhouse [Western End]; From the Old Putnam Rail Trail at the southern end of Van Cortlandt Lake, head left past the lake and past a granite post with a gold medallion to Van Cortlandt Park access road. Then head left past the Van Cortlandt Golf Course Club House. You'll pick up the paved Mosholu-Pelham Greenway on your left. There are green signs that read "Mosholu-Pelham Bay Bike Path" posted along the trail. You travel along the lake before turning right underneath an on-ramp. This brings you up to the on-ramp where you next travel underneath the Major Deegan Expressway. Travel up a descent sized hill. At 0.9 miles continue straight past a side trail on your right. This brings you to Van Cortlandt Park S. Head straight over the cross-walk, then travel left over Dickenson Ave and Mosholu Pkwy via a cross-light. The trail then follows alongside the Pkwy heading south. You'll travel underneath the NYC Subways Mosholu Pkwy Station via a 1910 tunnel. After crossing over Van Cortlandt Ave the trail widens and the Pkwy expands with a grassy medium dividing it. After crossing over Webster Ave at 2.1 miles, look to your left to spot a beautiful old brick building housing the PD. You then pass over the Metro-North rail line before coming to Dr Theodore Kazmiroff Blvd and the Bronx Park at 2.3 miles. 

Note; You can access the Metro-North's Botanical Garden Station, the NY BOTANICAL GARDEN and the BRONX ZOO by turning right along Dr Theodore Kazmiroff Blvd.

Turn left and follow the trail along Dr Theodore Kazmiroff Blvd to a trail junction at 2.4 miles. 

Note; Left is a 0.5 mile access trail to the Bronx River Greenway.

The Mosholu-Pelham Greenway continues straight, crossing over the Bronx River and coming to another junction at 2.7 miles.

Note; Heading left follows the Bronx River Greenway.

Turn right, using the cross-light (a tough intersection to cross) and travel south along the combined Bronx River/Mosholu-Pelham Greenways. After a little over 3 miles you'll pass by Waring Playground. Restrooms and a water fountain are located here. The paved trail briefly ends after another 0.3 miles, however, just continue straight alongside Bronx Park E and you'll return to the paved trail on your left as it travels east alongside Pelham Pkwy. You come to Boston Rd at 3.5 miles.

Note; The Bronx River Greenway continues south across Pelham Parkway. 

The Mosholu-Pelham Greenway continues east traveling underneath the rail line. A large expanse of green space is along your left, as well as a green median between the Pkwy. The trail is pretty level until you reach Williamsbridge Rd at 4.3 miles where you begin a gradual descent. When you reach Stillwell Ave, turn right and use the cross-light over the Pkwy, then turn left and cross the bridge over the RR tracks. This brings you to an on-ramp for the Hutchinson River Pkwy at 5.5 miles.

Note; The Southern Section of the Hutchinson River Greenway heads right (south) alongside the Pkwy.

Continue straight (east) alongside the Bronx & Pelham Pkwy and cross a pedestrian bridge over the Hutchinson River Pkwy. Cross a couple more on/off ramps before coming to another Trail intersection.

Note; Heading right will bring you to the NY Subway's Pelham Bay Station. This trail then Loops back to the Mosholu-Pelham Greenway

Continuing straight, the trail travels across on/off ramps and underneath I-95 where you’ll come to another Trail junction at 6 miles.

Note; Right the the Northern Section of the Hutchinson River Greenway heads up a ramp to I-95. 

Continue straight across a wide median and one last road crossing to another Trail intersection at 6.3 miles.

Note; Heading right brings you to Pelham Bay Park and the Bronx Victory Memorial Column as well as the NY Subway's Pelham Bay Station

Head left, passing by the old Bronx-Pelham Landfill along your right before traveling across the Pelham Bay Bridge over the mouth of the Hutchinson River as it flows into the East Chester Bay. A RR bridge crosses along your left. You'll come to the junction of Shore & City Island Roads at 7 miles.

Note; You have several options from here:

  1. If you continue straight, following the paved trail alongside Shore Rd, you'll come to Bartow Circle after 0.4 miles where the Northern Section of the Hutchinson River Greenway crosses. Again you have Two Options;

    1. Continue straight along Northern Section of the Hutchinson River Greenway  for another 1.5 miles to the end of the trail at Park Lane in Pelham.

    2. Head left and Loop back along the paved Hutchinson River Greenway through the Thomas Pell Wildlife Sanctuary to the Mosholu-Pelham Greenway  

  2. You can turn right and take the City Island Spur Trail. This paved trail follows along the Southern Side of City Island Road. This trail winds up through a wooded hill and passes by a cove before coming to City Island Circle. Travel around the circle and past the entrance for Rodman's Neck. Next, the trail narrows as you cross over a bridge to City Island, pass a marina and travel along a promenade. The trail ends after 1.5 miles. You can explore City Island on-road from here. It's about 1.5 miles to the southern tip. There are a lot of seafood restaurants located on the island and judging from the amount of backed up traffic trying to enter the island I'm guessing it's a very popular dinner destination. For more information visit; CITY ISLAND . There's a Dunkin Donuts located just as you enter the island if you need to refuel. You can retrace your route via another paved trail that follows along the Northern Side of City Island Road. This brings you back to City Island Circle and an intersection at Park Dr. You can return to Shore & City Island Roads along the Northern Side of City Island Road by crossing Park Dr and continuing west or 

  3. From City Island Circle continue straight (north) alongside Park Dr and the paved trail will bring you to Orchard Beach after 0.6 miles. Judging from the size of the parking lot (the last time I saw this big of a lot was in Disney World) this must be a very popular beach. A large pavilion and mile long promenade overlooks the beach. For more information visit; ORCHARD BEACH .