Last Updated:      August 1, 2015

Length:                 Mohawk River Trail:    

                                        From Bellamy Park; 4.1 miles

                                        From the Canalway Trail; 3.8 miles

                                        From Fort Stanwix NM; 3.1 miles

Difficulty:             Easy. Flat paved trail. Sidewalk from the Canalway Trail to Fort Stanwix.


To start from Bellamy Harbor Park; From I-90 take exit 31. After passing through the toll booth stay straight in the right lane. This will bring you around to N Genesee St. Turn right and travel underneath the interstate to Route 5 and turn right. Take the next right onto Route 49 west. Take the E Dominick St exit and head left (west) for 2 miles. Turn left on Harborway and follow to Mill St. Park is across the road. 

To Start from Fort Stanwix NM; From the junction of Routes 26, 49 & 365 follow Route 49 north to Rome to the junction of Routes 46 & 49. Continue on Route 49 taking your first right on S James St. Turn left on W Dominick St where you'll find parking. A wide brick crosswalk will bring you over to the Visitor Center.

To Start from Hazelton Wright Park; From the junction of Routes 26, 46 & 49 in Rome travel north for 1.2 miles along Routes 26 & 46. Turn right on Riverview Pkwy S, then left on Riverview Pkwy N. Travel 0.5 miles and turn left into the park. The trail begins at the north end of the park across a grass field.

The Mohawk River Trail begins from the Canalway Trail along the Erie Canal and heads north past Fort Stanwix NM before traveling alongside the Mohawk River up to Hazelton Wright Park. For more information visit; MOHAWK RIVER TRAIL .

Starting from Bellamy Harbor Park; Travel through the Park along the Canalway Trail and across a pedestrian bridge over the Mohawk River to Canal St. The trail travels underneath Route 49 and turns left at 0.3 miles. Look right across Canal St and spot a sidewalk. This is the start of the Mohawk River Trail

Starting from the Canalway Trail; [This section is not at all scenic or really worth traveling. I would suggest starting from Fort Stanwix NM] The Mohawk River Trail follows a sidewalk up to and alongside Route 49 (Erie Blvd) heading north. Cross the RR tracks and keep left crossing S James St. Head right across Route 49 continuing along S James St until you come to a wide brick walkway that takes you across the street to the FORT STANWIX NM VISITOR CENTER after 0.7 miles (1 mile from Bellamy Harbor Park).

Starting from Fort Stanwix NM Visitor Center; [Re-zeroing mileage] Fort Stanwix was built by the British in 1758, to protect the Oneida Carry area from French attack during the French & Indian War. It was named for British commander, Gen. John Stanwix. The original fort is long gone, however, this replica was built starting in 1973. After checking out the Visitor Center (restrooms and water fountain) head right towards the fort to a wide paved trail. Follow this trail right, past the Visitor Center on your right and the fort on your left, out to Black River Blvd (Routes 26 & 46). 

Note; Just before the sidewalk a paved trail on your left brings you to the fort's entrance where you can explore it (on foot/bike rack).

Follow the sidewalk left, passing by a paved trail on your left leading back along the fort.

Note; This paved trail circles the fort for a 0.5 mile loop.

Brown "Mohawk River Trail" signs point the way. Pass by a Firefighters Monument where a crosswalk over Court St brings you to a median. Here, turn right where another crosswalk takes you over Black River Blvd. Continue straight along Brook St to River St where you'll find the River Street parking lot at 0.5 miles. From here you'll follow a paved trail into the woods and alongside the Mohawk River. Cross a bridge and travel around George Upper Elementary School and out to E Bloomfield St. Head right to a crosswalk which will take you over to a sidewalk. Head right across the river then left along 6th St. You'll pick up the paved trail again on your left at 1.5 miles. The trail meanders through the woods and along the river. Cross Floyd Ave at 1.6 miles. Mohawk Valley Community College along your right. Pass by some ball fields and come out next to the dirt E Chestnut Street parking lot at 2.1 miles. Exit the parking lot and head left to rejoin the paved trail alongside E Chestnut St. Cross back over the river where the trail turns left. Come to an intersection and turn right.

Note; Heading left the paved trail travels underneath E Chestnut St and turns west, but abruptly ends at 3.1 miles. Future trail connection north?

The trail currently ends at a grass field across from the Hazelton Wright Park parking lot at 3.1 miles.