Last Updated:     August 16, 2023

Length:               Kingston Rail Trail; 1.8 miles

                              Kingston Midtown Linear Trail; 0.8 miles

                              Kingston Point Rail Trail; 2.8 miles

                              Hudson River Brickyard Trail; 1.9 miles (including connection to Kingston Point Beach).

                              Waterfront Promenade; 0.6 miles

                              Broadway 2 -Way CYCLE TRACK; 0.7 miles

Difficulty:           Kingston Rail Trail; Moderate. Flat, narrow rail trail only partially developed.

                              Kingston Midtown Linear Trail; Easy. Flat, crushed gravel rail trail.

                              Kingston Point Rail Trail; Easy-Moderate. Paved & stone-dust rail trail. Long hill.

                              Hudson River Brickyard Trail; Easy. Wide paved trail w/some small hills.

                              Waterfront Promenade; Easy. Brick & pavers trail. 


To Start from Kingston Plaza (Western End); From the junction of I-587 and Albany Ave in Kingston follow Albany Ave west to Clinton Ave and turn right. Take your first right along Westbrook Ln. Cross the RR tracks and trailhead and park in Kingston Plaza.    

To Start from the John Street parking lot (Northern End); From the intersection of Routes 9W & 32 in Kingston travel north on Route 32. Take your 2nd right on Main St, the your 2nd left to John St. Follow south to the parking lot.

The Kingston Greenline is a series of interconnected trails in the city of Kingston and will serve as a regional hub for the growing system of rail trails throughout Ulster County. For more information visit; KINGSTON GREENLINE .

    Heading East: From the Kingston Rail Trail, which starts in Hurly at the northern end of the Hurly Rail Trail , travels east into Kingston (partially developed but slated for an upgrade in 2021). In the future it will continue east alongside the CATSKILL MOUNTAIN RR which utilizes part of the rail bed in Kingston. This will connect to the Kingston Midtown Linear Trail, which will connect (gap as of Oct 2020) to the Kingston Point Rail Trail & Waterfront Promenade

    Heading North: From Kingston Point in Kingston, the Hudson River Brickyards Trail travels north alongside the Hudson River from the end of the Kingston Point Rail Trail

    Heading West: From the Kingston Rail Trail in Kingston, the planned Catskill Mt Rail Trail will follow the old Ulster and Delaware RR west alongside the Catskill Mt RR. This will connect to the Ashokan Rail Trail which continues west alongside Ashokan Reservoir.

    Heading South: From Midtown Kingston, a future trail will connect south to the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail , part of the NY statewide Empire State Trail .

     Heading South: From the western end of the Kingston Rail Trail in Hurly you can connect to the Hurly Rail Trail & Marbletown O&W Rail Trail to Accord. From Accord south to Spring Glen, the Northern O&W Rail Trail contains numerous gaps in development. South of Spring Glen you enter Sullivan County with a gap to Phillipsport. Here the Central O&W Rail Trail-D&H Canal Trail, locally known as the D&H Canal Liner Park, continues south to Wurstboro. The main trail is along the D&H Canal Trail, with segments currently being developed along the O&W Rail Trail. South of Wurstboro sections of both the D&H Canal Trail and O&W Rail Trail travel through the Bashakill Wildlife Management Area

The Eastern End of the Kingston Greenline is part of the Empire State Trail , a continuous 750-mile route spanning the state from New York City to Canada and Buffalo to Albany, creating the longest multi-use state trail in the nation. To the south a 2.5 mile on-road route (future plans call for an off-road trail) connects to the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail . East along the Kingston Midtown Linear Trail connects to the Kingston Point Rail Trail heading north. The official Empire State Trail map shows the trail traveling north on-road along East Strand/North St, however, you may also continue along the Kingston Point Rail Trail to connect to the Hudson River Brickyards Trail. To connect to the next off-road section of the Empire State Trail requires a 7.9 mile on-road ride. See; Empire State Trail Map below. For more information visit; HUDSON RIVER BRICKYARD TRAIL and Albany-Hudson Electric Trail .

Catskill Mountain Rail Corridor, including the Ashokan Rail Trail (Regional Trail Project)

Kingston Greenline:

[Kingston Midtown Linear Trail]

Starting from Kingston Plaza (Western End); This is where the CATSKILL MOUNTAIN RR begins. Check out the train engine and cars.

Note; Heading West future plans call for building a trail alongside the tracks the Catskill Mt RR uses to Washington St. Here you'll be able to connect to the Kingston Rail Trail (Upgrade & paving approved Feb. 2023) which connects to the Hurly Rail Trail. The future Catskill Mt Rail Trail will continue west connecting to the Ashokan Rail Trail.

Heading East; The packed gravel Kingston Midtown Linear Trail travels past the train before heading through a tunnel underneath I-87. Map signs along the trail. At 0.3 miles, just before another tunnel look left to spot an iron pole that looks like half a T. I believe this used to be an old RR Brakeman's Pole (It would have had chains hanging off it to warn the brakeman atop the train of an oncoming tunnel). Travel under Albany Ave and along a sunken corridor. Travel under Elmendorf St before emerging at Downs St after 0.6 miles. I haven't checked out this next section. The trail continues another 0.2 miles crossing Oneil St and ending at Cornell Street after 0.8 miles

[Kingston Midtown Linear Trail to Kingston Point Rail Trail Connection]

From Cornell Street [Re-zeroing Mileage] head right on-road along Cornell St (low traffic) to Broadway. Here you'll come to the Broadway 2 -Way CYCLE TRACK.

Note; The Broadway 2 -Way CYCLE TRACK travels from the Albany Ave/Col Chandler Dr rotary east of here 0.7 miles to Prince St.

Head left along the Broadway 2 -Way CYCLE TRACK. Come to Prince & Grand Streets after 0.5 miles and turn left on Prince St. Take your 2nd right on Hasbrouck Ave (BIKE SHARROWS). Right on Foxhall Ave, first left on Jansen Ave (where the old rail bed was located) and you'll come to the start of the Kingston Point Rail Trail after 0.8 miles [1.6 miles total].

[Kingston Point Rail Trail]

Starting from East Chester Street [Western End]; [Re-zeroing Mileage] Map Board, picnic tables here. The paved Kingston Point Rail Trail travels East along the old rail bed along a sunken corridor and is mostly all downhill. You travel through a long tunnel underneath Delaware Ave before crossing Route 9W via an old RR bridge. Crosswalk over Delaware Ave where the trail travels through a residential corridor with residential road crossings. Cross light over Delaware Ave to a small pocket park with a Map Board and benches. Pass by Rondout Community Garden before crossing an old RR bridge at 1 mile. Here the trail follows a berm. 

Note; The old rail bed continues straight before veering left down to the TROLLEY MUSEUM OF NY . Phase 2 calls for continuing the trail along this route.

A ramp leads down to Route 9W and another Map board. Detour left along a narrow sidewalk. This brings you down to the Kingston Waterfront. Head left along the sidewalk and come to where the RR tracks cross the road at 1.5 miles. On your left is the TROLLEY MUSEUM OF NY .

Note; From here you can access the Waterfront Promenade. Turn right across Rondout Landing and the old RR tracks. Continue straight along the brick lined trail which quickly heads right alongside Rondout Creek. Boat docks all along this section. Informational signs along this trail. Trail consists of bricks and pavers. You'll quickly pass by the HUDSON RIVER MARITIME MUSEUM (Rondout Creek empties into the Hudson River) and some old ships before traveling underneath the Route 9W Bridge and past HUDSON RIVER CRUISES . Pass by T. R. Gallo West Strand Park (picnic tables) and a promenade on your right. Plenty of eateries. You then travel underneath the Wurts Street Bridge and come to Hideaway Marina where the trail turns out to Abeel St after 0.6 miles. 

Continuing along the Kingston Point Rail Trail you'll travel on-road along Rondout Landing (BIKE SHARROWS). Pass the old brick 1827 Cornell Steamboat Co building. Hold your nose, waste treatment plant along your left. The RR tracks cross the road again and follow alongside the road. At 1.8 miles, just before E Strand St, cross the tracks to a crushed gravel trail that parallels the tracks into the open woods. Pass by an old RR siding and switch. The trail then travels along a causeway with a marsh on your left and the Hudson River to your right. Spot the Rondout Lighthouse where Rondout Creek empties into the Hudson River. Very scenic view. Across the river is Rhinecliff. Cross a bridge, off the old rail bed which has been removed here and enter Kingston Point Rotary Park (picnic tables, pavilions, gazebo). Exit the Park to Delaware Ave and the  Kingston Point Rotary Park parking lot after 2.8 miles. 

Note; You can Loop back to the Kingston Waterfront on-road from here. Head left past the Kingston Point Rotary Park parking lot. Dog Park, sports fields, BMX, restrooms here. Take a quick detour right to check out Kingston Point Beach. Pavilion, Porto-potty. Great views of the Hudson River and Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge in the distance. To your left spot the old Hudson Brickworks factory. Continue along Delaware Ave (BIKE SHARROWS) to North St. Head left on North St up a slight hill. Keep right to E Strand St. Return to Rondout Landing and the Kingston Point Rail Trail after 3.8 miles.

[Hudson River Brickyard Trail]

From Delaware Ave/Kingston Point Rotary Park parking lot [Southern End]; [Re-zeroing Mileage] Head left along Delaware Ave. Dog Park, sports fields, BMX, restrooms on your left. Turn right into Kingston Point Beach. Pavilion, Porto-Potty. Great views of the Hudson River and Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge in the distance. From the far left Kingston Point Beach parking lot you'll spot a sign for the Hudson River Brickyard Trail. A grass/wood chip path heads towards Delaware Ave before turning right into the woods. Quickly come to North St. Travel right on-road a short distance to Hutton Brickyards complex and a gate after 0.3 miles. Map Board. A stone-dust path leads past the gate into the complex. Check out the fence posts filled with bricks from the old brickyard. The old brickyard is now the HUTTON BRICKYARD resort. The stone-dust trail ends, but continue along the gravel road. Come to the official start of the Hudson River Brickyard Trail after 0.6 miles. Here the wide, paved trail travels through open forest and includes some small hills. After 1.1 miles you spot the Hudson River. Come to an open area after 1.5 miles. This is the site of SOJOURNER TRUTH STATE PARK . A trail to the river will be constructed in 2023. See; SOJOURNER TRUTH SP CONSTRUCTION . Pass by an old brick building before coming to the John Street parking lot after 1.9 miles. Map Board & Bike Station

Note; To continue along the 7.9 mile on-road portion of the Empire State Trail continue straight uphill along John St (residential). SEE; Albany-Hudson Electric Trail for information. Not recommended for novice bikers

[Kingston Midtown Linear Trail to Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Connection]

Note; As of April 2023, this connection is only partially complete. 

[Northern End] From the Broadway 2 -Way CYCLE TRACK at Broadway & Thomas St. This is part of the Kingston Midtown Linear Trail to Kingston Point Rail Trail Connection. I haven't checked out this section. Follow a BIKE LANE up Thomas St and turn right on Fashion Ln which brings you to Railroad Ave. Turn right and cross a bridge over Broadway to Greenkill Ave. Here you should pick up the Greenkill Ave 2 -Way CYCLE TRACK which will bring you to Wall St & Route 32 after 0.8 miles. You'll then need to bear left on-road along Route 32 (High speed traffic. Not recommended for novice bikers). Pick up the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail on your right after 2.2 miles. The Rockwell lane parking lot  is located here.