Last Updated:      May 14, 2022

Length:                Connecticut River Bikeway-Springfield; 3.8 miles

                               Connecticut River Bikeway-Chicopee; 2.5 miles

                               Connecticut River Bikeway-Agawam; 1.9 miles

                               Connecticut River Bikeway-West Springfield; 1.5 miles

                              School Street Park Loop; 0.7 miles

Difficulty:            Easy. Flat, paved trail.


Connecticut River Bikeway-Springfield:

    From I-91 northbound; Take exit 7B to Route 20 W. Just before you cross over the river turn left into North Riverfront Park.

    From I-91 southbound; Take exit 8 to Birnie Ave. Turn right onto Route 20 W. Just before you cross over the river turn left into North Riverfront Park.

Connecticut River Bikeway-Chicopee: From I-391, take exit 3 to Route 116 N. Turn left on Wilson Ave after 1.5 miles. Turn left on Old Field Rd, right on Paderewski St, left on Grange St and right on Medina St. Follow to the parking lot at Medina Boat Launch.

Connecticut River Bikeway-Agawam; From I-91, take exit 3 to Agawam, Routes 5 & 57. After crossing over the South End Bridge, take the first exit, Route 57, to a rotary. Take the first right off the rotary to River Rd. Travel 2.5 miles south on River Rd to Borgatti Field on your right.

Connecticut River Bikeway-West Springfield; From I-91, take exit 10B to Route 5 S. Travel 1.2 miles and turn left into the Thomas Lagodich Riverfront Park parking lot.

You can rent bikes in Springfield. See; VALLEY BIKE SHARE for locations.

The Connecticut River Bikeway is a linear park along both sides of the Connecticut River planned to extend through the communities of Agawam, Chicopee, Springfield and West Springfield. For more information visit; CT RIVER BIKEWAY .

Connecticut River Bikeway-Springfield:

Starting from the North Riverfront Park parking lot; Picnic pavilion and Porto-Potty located here. Informational signs located along the trail.

Heading North; The paved Connecticut River Bikeway-Springfield comes to a cross-light over Route 20. A map board is located here. The trail continues north atop the Dyke. Pass by an exercise area. This section is more open with better views of the river. It currently ends after 1.3 miles next to Plainfield St. 

Note; Continuing north a gap currently exists between the Connecticut River Bikeway-Chicopee section as of May 2022.

Heading South; The paved Connecticut River Bikeway-Springfield travels atop the Dyke with the Connecticut River down along your right, partially obscured by the floodplain. After 0.6 miles you'll briefly share the road along Clinton St before ascending a long ramp up to a bridge over active RR tracks that cross the river. AS you descend from the bridge you'll have another set of RR tracks follow along your left. Travel underneath Memorial Bridge and come to Riverfront Park after 1.3 miles.

The trail travels through the park (play area, promenade overlooking the river...) bringing you to an intersection.

Note; Left takes you across the RR tracks, past a Springfield PD sub-station to Hall of Fame Ave. From here you can explore downtown Springfield or visit the MGM SPRINGFIELD CASINO  a short ride south. 

After 1.6 miles you'll come to a pedestrian bridge on your left.

Note; A ramp will take you up and over the railroad tracks to an elevator. If you go up it brings you to an observation platform. Good views of Springfield and the river. Down brings you to the old Basketball Hall of Fame. The new BASKETBALL HALL OF FAME is just next door. 

Continuing south the trail is more isolated as it follows the RR tracks. After passing two benches overlooking the river on your right the trail currently ends after 2.5 miles. 

Connecticut River Bikeway-Chicopee:

Starting from the Medina Boat Launch parking lot; The wide, paved Connecticut River Bikeway-Chicopee heads north traveling underneath I-90.

Note; Heading south a gap currently exists between the Connecticut River Bikeway-Springfield section as of May 2022.

The trail crosses a small bridge by a pump station bringing you to a spur trail on your right.

Note; The spur trail leads to the top of the dyke where you'll find a gravel path that follows atop the dyke. This also takes you out to Paderewski St.

The open bikeway travels below the dyke on your right and the Connecticut River on your left. After 1.4 miles pass another spur trail on your right.

Note; This spur trail leads to the top of the dyke and access to Jones Ferry Rd.

After 2.3 miles the paved trail continues north atop the dyke bringing you to Ferry St after 2.5 mils. Nash Field parking lot located here. Porto-Potty and picnic pavilion.

Connecticut River Bikeway-Agawam:

Starting from Borgatti Field; Exit the park to River Rd and head left along a paved path. A cross-walk will take you right over River Rd to the paved Connecticut River Bikeway-Agawam. The trail travels between the road and the Connecticut River. You'll travel past a Pumping Station and a river overlook at 0.3 miles. There are more benches located along the trail overlooking the river. Come to Pumping Station # 4 after 1.7 miles and use the cross-light over River Rd, then head right to a cross-walk over School St where the paved trail now follows School St. After 1.9 miles the trail turns right into School Street Park

Note; From here you can access the School Street Park Loop. Head into the park past an old red barn and parking lot and you'll come to an intersection. Head left across a pedestrian bridge to the West Side of the park and you'll come to sports fields. Head north (right) for a 0.5 mile loop and you'll come to another intersection. Note; Right takes you back to the East Side of the park. Continue straight and you'll travel between a splash park and picnic pavilion. Parking lot located here. The trail then heads south to another intersection. Continue right looping around the sports fields returning to the intersection for the pedestrian bridge. Head right back to School St for a total Loop of 0.7 miles.

Connecticut River Bikeway-West Springfield:

Starting from the Thomas Lagodich Riverfront Park parking lot; A wide paved trail heads from the parking lot to an intersection.

Note; Straight the gravel road leads to a canoe/kayak Launch with picnic tables.

The Connecticut River Bikeway-West Springfield continues left along the Dyke. Soon your traveling between the Dyke and the Connecticut River floodplain. Travel underneath I-91 after 0.9 miles. The trail then travels closer to the river, giving you a view. After 1.5 miles the trail currently ends. Here you'll find the Wayside/Ashley Ave parking lot.