Last Updated:       July 12, 2021

Length:                 Albany-Hudson Electric Trail; 36.6 miles [From Kidd lane in Hudson to southern Ave in East Greenbush]

                               Albany-Hudson Electric Trail South; 21.2 miles (including on-road sections)

                               Albany-Hudson Electric Trail North; 15.4 miles (including on-road sections)

                               Annandale Path; 1.6 miles

                               Tivoli Bays WMA Trail; 1.2 miles

                               Mill Street/Harry Howard Ave Path; 1.4 miles

                               Albany-Rensselaer on-road Connector to Mohawk Hudson Bikeway; 3.3 miles

Difficulty:             Albany-Hudson Electric Trail South; Easy. Mostly flat stone-dust rail trail. 

                               Albany-Hudson Electric Trail North; Easy. Paved rail trail with some slight hills. 

                               Annandale Path; Easy. Mostly flat, paved trail.

                               Tivoli Bays WMA Trail; Moderate. Paved & stone-dust trail. Includes a steep hill both up & down.

                               Mill Street/Harry Howard Ave Path; Easy. Wide, paved trail w/one slight hill.

                               Albany-Rensselaer Connector; Moderate. Paved path but steep hill climb.


To Start from River Road in Annandale-On-Hudson [Annandale Path/Tivoli Bays WMA Trail]; From the intersection of Routes 9 & 199 in Red Hook travel west on Route 199 to Route 9G. Head right for less then a mile and turn left on Kelly Rd. Bear left on River Rd. Parking lot next to the old Annandale Hotel on your right.    

To Start from Kidd Lane parking lot in Tivoli [Annandale Path/Tivoli Bays WMA Trail]; From the intersection of Routes 9G & 78 in Tivoli travel south on Route 9G for 0.7 miles. Turn right on Kidd Lane and follow for 0.5 miles. Parking lot on your left.   

To Start from 2nd Ave & Mill Street in Hudson [Albany-Hudson Electric Trail-Southern End]; From the intersection of Route 9 & Columbia St in Hudson follow Columbia St west through Hudson to N Front St and head right. Follow to Dock St and head right. Come to 2nd Ave & Mill St. Parking lot on left. Additional parking down Mill St.    

To Start from the Clinton Street parking lot in Albany [Albany-Hudson Electric Trail-Northern End]; From I-90 take exit 9 to Route 4 south. At the traffic circle turn right on Red Mill Rd (Route 151). Travel 1.5 miles and turn left on Sherwood Ave. Follow to the Colombia Tnpk and turn left, then left again on Clinton St. Parking lot of the right. A short on-road section is required south along Southern Ave to reach the trail.

The Albany-Hudson Electric Trail follows the rail bed of the former Albany & Hudson Electric Railway, which was a 37 miles long electric railway that operated between Hudson & Albany. It operated from 1899 to 1929. The company was set-up in 1899 by merging the following three railways: Hudson Street Railway (Hudson), Kinderhook & Hudson Railway (a steam railroad between Hudson and Niverville) & Greenbush & Nassau Electric Railway (an electric railway from Kinderhook and Hudson to Rensselaer and Albany). The line was completed and inaugurated in November 1900 as the first third rail interurban line in the United States. The trolley was powered by electricity supplied by the Stuyvesant Falls hydro-electric power plant. The 12,000 volt output of the dam was converted to 600 volts at three substations located in the City of Hudson, North Chatham, and East Greenbush. For more information visit; ALBANY-HUDSON ELECTRIC TRAIL & COLUMBIA FRIENDS of the TRAIL .

The Albany-Hudson Electric Trail is part of the Empire State Trail , a continuous 750-mile route spanning the state from New York City to Canada and Buffalo to Albany, creating the longest multi-use state trail in the nation. The  Albany-Hudson Electric Trail starts just north of downtown Hudson. In Hudson the Empire State Trail is on-road through downtown before utilizing the Mill Street/Harry Howard Ave Path and on-road route to connect to the Southern End of the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail. South of Hudson the Empire State Trail is mostly on-road, except for Tivoli Bays WMA Trail in Tivoli & Annandale Path in Annandale-On-Hudson. South of Annandale-on-Hudson the Empire State Trail is all on-road before connecting to the Hudson River Brickyard Trail in Kingston. North in Rensselaer a 3.3 mile on-road route connects to the Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway portion of the Empire State Trail.

Empire State Trail; Kingston to Annandale-On-Hudson 8 mile on-road Section:

Starting from the end of the Hudson River Brickyard Trail in Kingston; Not recommended for novice bikers. From the John Street parking lot travel on-road uphill along John St (residential). BIKE SHARROWS. The route is well signed. Turn right on Main St (low traffic) and come to Route 32 after 1.1 miles. Head right along a BIKE LANE. Come to a traffic light after 2.1 miles and turn right along an on-ramp for Route 199 (BIKE LANE). There is also a narrow separated paved trail. You cross the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge over the Hudson River to Rhinecliff. Both the BIKE LANE and narrow paved trail continue. After 5 miles the paved trail ends where River Rd crosses. Head left on-road (narrow road, but low traffic). Pass by the entrance to POET'S WALK PARK at 5.6 miles. After 7.9 miles come to the old Annandale Hotel parking lot on your left. Just past this building the paved Annandale Path picks up on your left.

Empire State Trail; Annandale Path & Tivoli Bays WMA Trail Section:

Starting from the Annandale Hotel parking lot on River Road in Annandale-On-Hudson; Just past the old Annandale Hotel parking lot heading north you'll pick up the Annandale Path on your left. [Re-zeroing Mileage] This narrow, paved winding trail travels alongside River Rd. The path then follows Annandale Rd as you travel through Bard College. Scenic campus and buildings. Come to Cruger Island Rd after 1.1 miles. Straight ahead is the castle like Ward Manor Gatehouse. Bear right around this building and cross Robbins Rd. The trail now follows alongside Robbins Rd, crossing Manor Ave at 1.4 miles. Come to an intersection and head left around the stainless steel Fisher Center. Impressive. Continue alongside Robbins Rd to the Fisher Center parking lot. Travel right through the lower parking lot to a Map Board at 1.6 miles. This is the start of the Tivoli Bays WMA Trail. This stone-dust trail travels along fields before entering the woods at the start of a paved section. Here the trail descends down a steep, winding hill, which then requires a steep climb back up. Come to a stone-dust access road after 2.2 miles. 

Note; Left leads downhill to a boardwalk overlooking the Tivoli Bays WMA Marsh.

Continue right along the access road through the woods to the Kidd Lane parking lot at 2.8 miles. Map Board.

Empire State Trail; Tivoli to Hudson 21 mile on-road Section:

Starting from Kidd Lane parking lot in Tivoli; [Re-zeroing Mileage] Not recommended for novice bikers. From the parking lot head left on-road along Kidd Lane (low volume traffic). BIKE SHARROWS. Kidd Lane becomes Montgomery St which brings you to Broadway in Tivoli at 1.2 miles. Head left on-road (narrow shoulder). Turn right on Woods Rd (low traffic) at 1.5 miles and follow north. Pass by the entrance to CLERMONT STATE HISTORIC SITE at 3.1 miles before Woods Rd turns sharply right. Heads up. Don't continue straight, Woods Rd continues left. After 7.1 miles you'll come to Route 9G in Germantown. Travel left a short distance to Main St (narrow shoulder) and head right. Turn left on Hover Ave at 8.1 miles, then right on Dales Bridge Rd at 9.2 miles. This will bring you to Wire Rd at 10.9 miles. Head left and come to Route 10 at 12 miles. Head left, then keep right on White Birch Rd as Rout 10 heads left. Come to Greendale Rd at 14.6 miles and head right, then left on Middle Rd at 15.4 miles. Follow to Route 23 at 16.7 miles. Head left (fast traffic but wide shoulder). Come to Route 9G on your right at 17.4 miles. The on-road route continues right along Route 9G. The paved Route 23 Trail continues straight along both sides of Route 23.

Note; The Route 23 Trail is part of the HUDSON RIVER SKYWALK , as well as, a link to the OLANA STATE HISTORIC SITE . Continuing west along the Route 23 Trail you'll come to the Rip Van Winkle Bridge and a series of crosswalks after 0.5 miles. To check out the Hudson River Skywalk (Pedestrian walkway) continue straight across Route 23 where a sidewalk takes you across the Hudson River via the Rip Van Winkle Bridge to the THOMAS COLE NHS in Catskill at 2 miles. See; HUDSON RIVER SKYWALK MAP . If you travel left across Route 23 via the crosswalks you'll come to the Hudson River Skywalk parking lot at 0.6 miles. Here the Route 23 Trail travels east back along the opposite side of Route 23. After 1.1 miles the trail ends. To your right is a green gate past which the North Carriage Road Path (Pedestrian only) travels 0.8 miles up to the Olana State Historic Site, where you find an amazing stone home along with sweeping views of the Hudson River. CLICK HERE FOR OLANA MAP

Continuing from the start of the Route 23 Trail & Route 9G; Travel on-road north along Route 9G (wide to narrow shoulders). Come to Allen St in Hudson at 20.1 miles. Head left through town streets to S Front St at 20.4 miles and turn right. 

Note; Left will bring you to the Hudson Train Station. Straight a bridge takes you over the RR tracks to Henry Hudson Riverfront Park.

Continuing north up S Front St you'll pass by a paved trail on your left that leads to Promenade Hill Park (scenic overlook of the Hudson River). S Front St become N Front St. Follow to Dock St and turn right. Come to N 2nd St and Mill St after 21 miles where you'll find the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail parking lot. Map Board & BIKE STATION

Albany-Hudson Electric Trail:

Southern Section:

[Mostly Stone-Dust]

To Start from the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail; N 2nd Street parking lot at Dock, Mill  & N 2nd Streets in Hudson [Southern End]; Follow Mill St a short distance to the start of the paved trail next to Charles Williams Park (more parking). The Mill Street Path section follows old Mill St through the woods up to Harry Howard Ave at 0.4 miles. Here you'll pick up the wide paved Harry Howard Ave Path as it follows the road. Pass by the MUSEUM OF FIREFIGHTING on your left. This is billed as the "Worlds largest firefighting museum". Pass by Hudson High School and head left along Joslen Blvd. The paved trail ends after 1.4 miles. Continue on-road along Joslen Blvd (narrow shoulder) before turning right on Livingston Pkwy (low traffic). Come to Route 9 at 2 miles. Travel left (narrow shoulder/busy road) before you pick up the paved Albany-Hudson Electric Trail after 2.2 miles (across from Delaware Ave). The paved Albany-Hudson Electric Trail turns off Route 9 and travels behind the commercial district following the old rail bed. Cross Pulcher Ave and pass by an informational sign (located all along the trail). Here the trail turns to stone-dust at 3 miles. This open trail follows the power lines. Not much shade along this trail. Cross light over Atlantic Ave in Stottville at 4.1 miles. Cross Loomworks Rd in Stockport at 5.7 miles. Here the old RR bridge over scenic Claverack Creek is missing. This is the start of a 2 mile on-road section. Continue straight down Urban Rd (low traffic) alongside the creek to Hudson Ave and continue right, crossing over the creek. Pass by where the power lines/rail bed pick up on your right at 4 miles (not sure why they couldn't utilize the old rail bed here) and come alongside Kinderhook Creek at 6.5 miles. Come to the Rossman Road Bridge at 7.3 miles and head left over the creek. You'll pick up the stone-dust (trail is paved where wash outs may occur) Albany-Hudson Electric Trail on your right at 7.7 miles. Some nice views of Kinderhook Creek along this section. Cross New St followed by Frisbee Lane at 9.6 miles.

Note; Heading right down Frisbee Lane quickly brings you to Hudson Ave. Right then quickly brings you to the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail; Hudson Ave parking lot. Map Board. Views of Stuyvesant Falls here. If you continue along Hudson Ave across Kinderhook Creek to Stuyvesant Falls and take your first left you'll find the entrance to Stuyvesant Falls Park where you'll get a close up view of the dam. This was the power source for the Albany-Hudson Electric Railway

Continuing north, cross light over Hudson Ave. Some open fields along this section. Come to Sunnyside Rd at 11 miles. Here the old rail bed has been absorbed into the fields. Start of a short on-road section. Head right along this low traffic road out to Route 9 at 11.5 miles. Cross over to a separated sidewalk that heads north alongside Route 9. Come to Smith Rd at 11.8 miles where you'll pick up the wide paved Albany-Hudson Electric Trail as it follows Smith Rd west back to the old rail bed which heads north alongside Allen Circle before entering the woods at 12.1 miles. Here the trail reverts to stone-dust along this residential corridor. Cross Pin Oak Dr, Gaffney Lane and Eichybush Rd where the trail is paved as it passes by a playground, picnic pavilion and sports fields in Rothermel Park. Come to an informational board on your left at 13.3 miles.

Note; Left a paved trail enters the park bringing you to the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail; Rothermel Park parking lot in Kinderhook. Map Board &  BIKE STATION

The trail then turns left off the old rail bed bringing you out to Sunset Ave. Head right out to and across Albany Ave to Mills Park where the trail rejoins the old rail bed. Nice wild flowers. The paved trail then continues north to Route 9 at 14 miles. Start of a short on-road section. Head left (wide shoulder/sidewalk available) for 0.4 miles. Just before the Route 9H bridge pick up the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail on your right at 14.4 miles. Map Board.

Note; Just past the Route 9H bridge will be the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail; Route 9/9H parking lot in Valatie on your left.

The stone-dust trail starts out next to Kinderhook Creek as it travels underneath the Route 9H bridge. Pass by the VELO DOMESTIQUE BIKE SHOP on your left before crossing St Lukes Dr. Here you briefly share a town road. Cross River St and Main St in Valatie which brings you past the old Valatie Trolley Station at 15.2 miles. This section more isolated. Come alongside the Valatie Kill at 16.1 miles before crossing a bridge over the Kill at 16.5 miles. Just before crossing Route 28 at 17.3 miles you'll pass by the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail; Route 28/Main Street parking lot in Niverville on your left. The paved trail continues north traveling underneath a RR bridge and traveling alongside Route 203. Come alongside Kinderhook Lake at 18.1 miles. Cross East Shore Dr where you share Niagra Mohawk Rd (cottage road) out to Electric Park Rd. Trail reverts to stone-dust. Carosal Cove on your left. You then pull away from the lake crossing a bridge over Valatie Kill and crossing and Little Lake Rd at 19.6 miles. Pass by the old Chatham Depot and come to Route 32 after 20.6 miles in North Chatham. This is the start of another short on-road section to detour around I-90.

Note; Across Route 32 is the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail; Depot Street parking lot.

Head right on-road along Route 32 (narrow shoulder) and continue straight along Routes 32/203 before bearing left along Route 203. Travel underneath I-90 and pick up the paved Albany-Hudson Electric Trail on your left at 21.2 miles

Northern Section:

[All Paved]

The paved Albany-Hudson Electric Trail travels alongside I-90 back to the old rail bed, then turns right continuing north. Open trail follows the power lines. Cross Sweets Crossing Rd at 22.3 miles, informational signs. Pass by a marsh before crossing a bridge over Valatie Kill, followed by a second bridge at 23.3 miles. You then enter Nassau crossing Fairgrounds St and coming to the Village Commons Park parking lot at 23.8 miles. Picnic pavilion, Map Board. Travel through this small town crossing Albany Ave (Route 20) and another bridge over the river before crossing Route 7 at 24.4 miles leaving the town behind. You then come alongside Route 7 with several residential road crossings before you cross Route 7. Come the Schodack/Nassau Lake parking lot at 25.4 miles. Map Board &  BIKE STATIONNassau Lake across the road. Just past this parking lot on your left spot an old RR Mileage Marker B177. I believe the B stood for Boston. Must have been from a different RR Line then the Albany-Hudson. You quickly cross Long Branch Rd where you share Trolley Way (residential) a short distance. Here you'll encounter the first of several long upgrades and downgrades. More isolated. Cross Rice Rd at 27.1 miles. Come to E Hill Rd and a short on-road detour left along this residential road. Cross a bridge over Moordener Kill at 27.7 miles followed by East Schodack Rd (Route 150) in East Schodack. Travel through a small rock cut as you encounter another long upgrade and downgrade. A couple more road crossings along this isolated section brings you above I-90 at 30.3 miles. Here you again must detour around the interstate. Head right up a slight hill high above the highway, then down to Miller Rd. The paved trail continues left alongside Miller Rd traveling underneath I-90. A cross-light takes you over busy Miller Rd where the trail continues west. Places to grab some refreshments. You cross North Branch Moordener Kill and come to Old Miller Rd at 31.1 miles. Turn right for a 0.2 miles on-road route before picking up the old rail bed on your right and continuing north along the paved trail through East Greenbush. Cross Horizon View Dr and follow a residential corridor. Come to Greenwood Dr at 32.1 miles and another residential on-road detour (hilly). Head right then left down Tamarack lane. Turn left on Point View Dr and pick up the trail on your right at 32.7 miles. Several cross-light road crossings along this industrial/commercial corridor. Come to southern Ave after 36.6 miles

Empire State Trail; East Greenbush to Rensselaer 2.8 mile on-road Section:

Starting from Southern Ave in East Greenbush; [Continuing Mileage] Travel right on-road along Southern Ave (residential). Just before the road comes to Route 20, turn right before the Bruen Hose Co building out to Hampton Ave at 37 miles.

Note; Left brings you to Route 20. To your right is the Clinton Street parking lot

Head right along Hampton Ave and quickly turn left along Muriel Ave (residential). Turn right on Sherwood Ave (low traffic) and follow to Red Mill Rd (Route 151) at 37.8 miles. Head left (busy road/wide shoulder). After only 0.3 miles Red Mill Rd turns left off busy Route 151. Low traffic/narrow shoulder. Continue straight as Red Mill Rd becomes High St in Rensselaer bringing you out to 3rd Ave (Route 151) at 38.8 miles. Head left along this busy road. Cross over the RR tracks and come to Broadway at 39.3 miles. Head right and come to the Dunn Memorial Bridge pedestrian ramp/Riverfront Park on your left at 39.4 miles.

Note; From here you can do a short Loop around Riverfront Park. Straight underneath Route 20 leads to the Riverfront Park Loop. Head left along the narrow paved trail between the ball field and an inlet out alongside the Hudson River. You can spot the USS Slater across the river. Pass by a dock and river overlook, playground, picnic tables, sports courts and a restroom before coming to the Riverfront Park parking lot. Empire State Trail Map Board. You then travel past a gazebo and another playground before returning to Broadway. Right returns you to the Dunn Memorial Bridge ramp after a 0.5 mile Loop.

Note; Heading north from the Dunn Memorial Bridge ramp on-road along Broadway brings you to an intersection. Heading left along New Broadway brings you to a stone-dust path on your left. Follow this path down to the Hudson River where you'll pick up the paved Rensselaer Waterfront Esplanade after 0.5 miles This short 0.1 mile paved trail follows the river north. Nice views of Jennings Landing at the Corning Preserve in Albany across the river. Future plans call for continuing the trail north along the riverfront. Another paved trail will bring you back up to New Broadway.

Empire State Trail; Albany-Rensselaer Connector Section:

Starting from the Dunn Memorial Bridge pedestrian ramp/Riverfront Park in Rensselaer; [Continuing Mileage] Head up the pedestrian ramp along the Albany-Rensselaer Connector. An incline takes you up to the Dunn Memorial Bridge (Route 20). You then cross the Hudson River where a steep pedestrian ramp takes you down to Quay St. Cross over to the Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway at 40 miles.